Today’s playlist – 8/21/07

Here’s what’s spinning today:

  • Danger Danger – s/t (1989): Something about late ’80s Hard Rock still sounds fresh. Danger Danger came on the scene late but still managed a solid debut.
  • Torch – Fireraiser E.P. (1982): Only five songs on this debut but a nice trip to Metal’s past. Loud and fast from Sweden.
  • Thunder – Giving The Game Away (1999): Not the hardest rocking album from Thunder, who also came in towards the end of the ’80s. A solid band with a solid back catalog.
  • Frehley’s Comet – s/t (1987): A good debut by the Ace. I remember buying this the day it came out, I still get excited listening to this album.
  • Van Halen – VH III (1998): It’s still not Gary Cherone’s fault.
  • Def Leppard – High ‘n’ Dry (1981): Still can’t get the show from two weeks ago out of my head. This record is a classic.
  • Westworld – s/t (1998): Tony Harnell (from TNT), Bruno Ravel (from Danger Danger), and the great Mark Reale (from Riot) form to create an album of superb Melodic Hard Rock. A lost classic from the late ’90s.
  • KISS – Lick It Up (1983): Gotta have my daily dose of my favorite band.
  • Scorpions – Eye II Eye (1999): If you saw this tour, then you know that these songs are much better live. There are good songs here, especially the ballads, you just have to get by some of the samples and beats.

5 comments on “Today’s playlist – 8/21/07

  1. Steve, like always you are listening to great records(and some weaker ones lol)
    I also like DANGER DANGER debut album, and second album.
    Never realy carred about THUNDER.
    Love FREHLEY´S COMET debut and everything ACE have done beside KISS, (not much but still good).
    Never carred about III by VAN HALEN.
    HIGH´N´DRY is my fave DEF LEPPARD album.
    I dont have WESTWORLD debut album but i have CYBERDREAMS thats not bad.
    Love LICK IT UP of course.
    Never carred about EYE II EYE.
    Anyway, i am happy you had so much time to listen to it.
    I am listening to some great lp´s and cd´s to today:
    ABIGAIL/BARBATOS split lp:SEXUAL METAL HOLOCAUST. This are two Japanish bands. ABIGAIL play BLACK METAL with some NWOBHM influences and BARBATOS are more BLACK/PUNK METAL, bought bands with a very primative sound and attitude.
    VANDAMNE:NIGHCRIMES(1995), great melodic hard rock/metal cd with ex-DEALER(UK) members.
    STEEL PROPHET:BEWARE(2004), realy great cd by this band, with ex-LONDON on vocals.
    TRANSMETAL:MUERTO EN LA CRUZ on vinyl. One of the most extreme metal band from MEXICO from the late 80s. A classic.
    SACRED REICH:IGNORANCE&SURF NICARAGUA EP i just bought this box set, 2 cd´s+dvd. Very cool Steve if you like this band because beside their debut lp and ep(that i already had on vinyl) you get demo songs, rare songs+a cool dvd recorded at DYNAMO OPEN AIR FESTIVAL in the laste 80’s. totaly cult.
    Hail steve, hail.

  2. I agree totally with what you said about 80s rock still sounding fresh. Also – I think Gary Cherone is talented but VH3 really sucked. I think Fire in the Hole was good but that’s about it.

  3. Hi Steve,
    Welcome back! Surprised to see that EYE to EYE on your playlist. I just picked up a cheap copy of that recently. ( I am slowly working on finishing my Scorpions collection.) I still haven’t listed to that yet, but I haven’t heard many good things about it though.

  4. Rene – You’ve got a great playlist going too!

    Jay – Remember, Eddie did the bulk of the writing on VH3 with Gary. Sam and Dave did most of the writing in their eras.

    Rob – Eye II Eye is a good album if you can get past the techno aspects. I saw it live so I can appreciate it more. Its a grower.

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