CD Scavenger Hunt – Pre-orders & New Release Tuesday – 8/28/07

Warning! This is going to be a long installment of CD Scavenger Hunt.

I actually started the hunt last week when I read that Ted Nugent and Joe Lynn Turner were having pre-orders for the U.S. release of their new albums and was taking pre-orders for their 10th Anniversary CD.

Joe Lynn Turner – Second Hand Life (2007) – $13 pre-orderJoe Lynn Turner’s new album was already released this past April for Europe and Japan so I’m a few months behind. SECOND HAND LIFE is officially released today (August 28) in the U.S. with a nice surprise of two bonus tracks: ‘Two Lights’ from the European version and ‘Off The Hook’ from the Japanese import. Just to make it worthwhile, JLT also decided to add a new song, ‘Freedom’s Wings’, in for good measure. Instead of 11 songs, you get 13, including all the bonus tracks for $13. I ordered this CD last Thursday and it was in my mailbox Monday. The price breakdown was: $11 CD + $2 shipping = $13.

Ted Nugent – Love Grenade (2007) – $20.50 pre-order: Ted Nugent also has a new album coming on September 4 and his online store also had a pre-order. No bonus tracks on this one but the artwork is limited edition for pre-orders only. I figured I’d order it same day as JLT and I’d have it before the release date. So far nothing yet. The only thing I don’t like about this pre-order is the high shipping ($7.50). Price breakdown: $13 CD + $7.50 shipping = $20.50. Volume 4 – Melodic Still Rocks (1997-2007) – $20 pre-order: Andrew McNeice at has always had an excellent website and I am proud to have been a daily reader since 1998. The site has really grown into an industry force and is an excellent source of information on all genres of AOR, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal. Andrew has put out three superb compilations featuring Melodic Rock acts and many unreleased songs. I already have the first three volumes so Vol. 4 was always a definite. You get two discs with 17 songs each featuring songs that have already been released, are bonus tracks, or are unreleased and used exclusively for this album. Pre-ordering also gets you a special link to a download page with 7 more exclusive bonus tracks. 41 songs for $20…..I’ll take it! Price breakdown for the U.S.: $17 CD + $3 shipping = $20. This CD is officially released September 10, the pre-order is still going and their are still copies of Volumes 2 & 3 available with discount pricing.

Online Total = $53.50


Today was New Release Tuesday and I had the kids in the car for the 10am store openings because I still had birthday money to spend. Best Buy was first…..

Scorpions – Humanity Hour 1 (2007) – $8 (Best Buy exclusive): Advertised for $7.99 in the Sunday newspaper and includes an exclusive bonus track, ‘Cold’. A must have! Like JLT, this CD has been out for a few months around the world but I never got to buying it, I’m glad I waited. When I went to Newbury Comics five minutes later, this CD was $2 more and didn’t have ‘Cold’.

Heaven & Hell – Live From Radio City Music Hall DVD (2007) – $12: Another must have and $3 cheaper than Newbury Comics. I caught the tour in May and it was a really solid show.

Newbury Comics (my favorite record store) was next…..

Heaven & Hell – Live From Radio City Music Hall (2 CD) (2007) – $15: If you have the DVD, why not buy the CD as well? Rhino Records could have made life easier by making the pre-order for the limited edition box set available earlier but I’m not going to complain. I got both sets $40 cheaper than the box set pre-order price.

Queensryche – Sign Of The Time (The Best Of Queensryche) 2 CD set (2007) – $20: I’m a sucker for bonus tracks and, even though CD 1 is basically a carbon copy of 2000’s GREATEST HITS, I still snagged the limited edition package. 32 songs for $20…..the completist in me had to have it and technically it was a birthday gift.

Black Majesty – Tomorrowland (2007) – $12: I’ve heard one or two Black Majesty tunes so I’ve had them on my list for awhile. Couldn’t pass up the price especially since the other four copies didn’t have a sale tag and were $16.99 regular price!

3 Inches Of Blood – Fire Up The Blades (2007) – $14: Another band I’ve been wanting to check out for some time now. I’ve heard a few songs and read some good reviews but I also made this purchase on the high recommendation from Rene, who really enjoys this column. Thanks Rene! It sounds fantastic.

Vains Of Jenna – Lit Up/Let Down (2006) – $13: Another band I’ve been meaning to check out…..see a trend here? I’ve read great reviews from trusted websites so I’ve been looking forward to this album. The problem has been price…’s never been in local stores so the online pricing ranges from $17-$22 depending on where you surf. $13 is a bargain!

House Of Lords – World Upside Down (2007) – $10: I’ve been waiting for a U.S. release on this CD for about a year now because the import prices are too high, about the same as the Vains Of Jenna record. WORLD UPSIDE DOWN was originally released in 2006 on Frontiers Records but this U.S. release is licenced by Locomotive Records, who seem to be getting more and more of these European released titles for the States. Can’t beat 10 bucks!

House Of Lords – Live In The U.K. (2007) – $10: If you’re going to buy the latest studio album, why not buy the new live album at the same time? At 10 bucks you can’t beat that! This was also released earlier (January 2007) on Frontiers Records and is now licenced to Locomotive Records.

Megadeth – United Abominations (2007) – $10 used: I missed the sale price when this came out earlier this year but I kept it on the want list, especially after I saw the band open up for Heaven & Hell in May. Finding this CD used was a great find.

Store Total = $144


Final Total = $193.50

  • Favorite pick: Heaven & Hell – Live From Radio City Music Hall (the 2 CD set and the DVD)
  • Best Value: Scorpions – Humanity Hour 1 ($8 and I got a bonus track)

A very lucrative week for my collection…..I crossed more than a few new albums off my want list at decent prices.

13 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – Pre-orders & New Release Tuesday – 8/28/07

  1. The new Megadeth is very good. The new 3 inches of blood is kind of like Painkiller era Judas Priest crossed with early speed metal. Vains of Jenna is good, but nothing new. I like the Scorpions, but have not bought anything they have put out in the last ten years.

  2. Mike – Go get the Scorpions album, it’s good. I’ll review the Queensryche compared to Greatest Hits (2000) so people will know what the differences are.

    Rob – I used to do $50-75 a week, then I had two kids, bought a house and a dog. Money got tighter. Every once and awhile I go all out, I think my highest ever in one day was $500 and that was years ago.

    Mark – Thanks for the quick reviews, I know about all the albums a little except the Vains, thats the “wild card”.

  3. Rob,
    I remember looking for Unbreakable when it came out and it had a high price tag. I bought the new one last night at Wal-mart for under $10 and it’s very good. I don’t have a Best Buy close.

  4. Good haul! I like the new Megadeth and 3 inches of Blood. I have 3 Inches’s… earlier work to which is pretty good, but the new album is very well done.

  5. Hail Steve. Very very nice read like always and i realy got shocked when i saw my name at your 3 INCHES OF BLOOD coment. I am happy you are liking it. Do you know MUNICIPAL WASTE?? Also a great aggressive band.
    Anyway, you bought some increible cd´s. I realy like that SCORPIONS album. I have the euro edition with a bonus dvd but the price you paied is increible. I also have the JOE LYNN TURNER album but not with those bonus tracks ahhhggg lol.
    I also like the new MEGADETH cd, some good songs. I didnt listen to the new TED NUGENT cd yet but i am not a very big fan of him to be honest.
    I think right now i am going to order the new dvd and cd by HEAVEN&HELL. Thanks for the tip.
    I am so happy you bought so many increible cd´s. For shore you will have a great time listening to them. Here are some of the cds i bought last week friday at a shop:
    UDO:MASTERCUTOR his new album.
    DORO:ALL WE ARE-THE FIGHT- great release, 5 songs+5 video tracks. Realy cool.
    KING DIAMOND:GIVE ME YOUR SOUL…PLEASE. New cd by this master of horror.
    MANOWAR:GODS OF WAR LIVE. New double live cd by the kings of metal.
    DANZIG:THE LOST TRACKS OF DANZIG. two cd´s in a great digipack box.
    AEROSMITH:YOU GOTTA MOVE LIVE dvd+cd from 2004. Increible energetic concert.

  6. Today i got some more cds STeve. Some 80s underground and some thrash classics:

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