Free Heaven & Hell tickets…..sort of

They always say that nothing in life is free so, when I received an email from Live Nation last week stating I was entitled to two free tickets to see Heaven & Hell, I was skeptical.

I went to the Heaven & Hell tour stop at Mohegan Sun Casino in May. It was an excellent show with all three bands (Megadeth and Machine Head opened) performing extremely well. I had such a great time that I was definitely in for the second leg of the tour…..until I saw the prices and charges. I don’t mind paying $66 for a ticket to see H&H, Alice Cooper, & Queensryche but I couldn’t stomach the extra $22 in Ticketmaster fees…..that’s a third of the ticket price. The tour stops at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA this coming Sunday (9/9/07) and, as of last week, I wasn’t attending. Then the email arrived with an offer for two “free” tickets…..

I get all the Live Nation emails because I fill out all the venue surveys they send. When I saw the Extreme reunion a year ago, I filled out a survey at the venue…..I’ve received Rolling Stone magazine for free ever since. Now I fill them all out.

So this email states that I am able to receive two free general admission lawn seats for the Heaven & Hell show as long as I pay the ticket fees of $7 per ticket. So it’s not entirely free but $14 for two lawn tix is better than the $174 I would have paid for two seats under the pavilion roof. I figure it’s a bargain I can’t pass up for a better show lineup than the one I saw already. The tickets are printed and I am going Sunday! Free is always for me…..well almost free!

7 comments on “Free Heaven & Hell tickets…..sort of

  1. I’ve gone to a free show before thanks to their “complementary” tickets, I saw a Hendrix cover band which was pretty good. I was also offered free tickets to see Nugent but I didn’t feel like making the trip to go and see him.

  2. I’ll be doing some major time on Saturday and Sunday:

    I go to work 4pm-12am Saturday and I have to stay 12am to 7am as a favor to my assistant (he’s seeing Jimmy Buffet that nite).

    After I cover his overnight shift, I have to catnap and then my daughter’s birthday party is at 11:30am.

    I’m leaving for the show at 5:30, my wife is going to Boston for Barry Manilow at the same time and the kids are at my in-laws.

    Show over around 11pm, get the kids, get settled, wait for the wife. I figure I’ll be cooked by Monday AM.

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