Led Zeppelin reunion news

From Bravewords:

LED ZEPPELIN will reform for a one-off show at the O2 arena in London it was confirmed today (September 12th).

The band will reunite for the show on November 26th, topping a bill that also includes PETE TOWNSHEND, FOREIGNER and PAULO NUTINI with BILL WYMAN AND THE RHYTHM KINGS backing those three acts as well as playing themselves.

The show is being held to raise money for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund, which pays for university scholarships in the UK, US and Turkey.

The fund was created in honour of Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun who died last year. He worked helped further the career of a host of acts including Led Zeppelin.

“During the Zeppelin years, Ahmet Ertegun was a major foundation of solidarity and accord. For us he was Atlantic Records and remained a close friend and conspirator,” explained Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant of the band’s decision to reform. “This performance stands alone as our tribute to the work and the life of our long standing friend.”

Tickets for the show cost £125 each and they are limited to two per person and will be distributed by ballot only.

Those wishing to go must register on Ahmettribute.com to be in the ballot. Registration closes on Monday (September 17th), while any tickets that appear on online auction sites afterwards will be immediately cancelled.

A big after show for the gig is set to take place on the night at the O2’s Indigo venue.

Led Zeppelin will feature original members Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, while Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham, will play with the band.

The band will also release a new best of compilation, Mothership, on November 13th.

Promoter Harvey Goldsmith said at the moment the band “have no plans to tour but hopes they will”. He added they were enjoying working together again and were currently planning a two hour for the gig.

Led Zeppelin’s three original members – singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones – will be joined by Jason Bonham, son of the late drummer John Bonham.


The inevitable has happened! This is the only reunion, aside from any Beatles configuration, that everyone has been waiting for. Ever since the Live Aid performance in 1985, fans have been hoping for Led Zep to take the stage.

I’ve never been a huge Zeppelin fan. I know all the songs, I know the band history, but they have never been at the top of my favorites list. I like the band and I’m glad that I will be able to catch a glimpse of Rock history (when they release the DVD that has to be coming) but I really hope they do a one-off and not a full tour. There has always been a mystery to Led Zeppelin, and an anticipation, that only adds to their legacy. I’d hate to see that tarnished.

—- Steve

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