Tommy Lee quits Motley Crue


Los Angeles Superior Court Document No. BC372846, dated September 11, 2007, filed by attorneys for Mötley Crüe Inc., Red, White & Crue Inc., Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars reveals that Mötley Crüe had four members: Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee. Lee recently informed Sixx and Mars, the shareholders of MCI, that he was resigning from the band and his resignation was accepted.

This comes as a direct result of the plaintiffs demanding a jury trial to resolve actions brought against the defendants, citing breach of fiduciary duty and constructive fraud. Specifically, Tommy Lee’s manager, Carl Stubner, is accused of orchestrating, devising and implementing a self-serving scheme promoting Lee’s solo activities to the harm and detriment of the band. During the times relevant to this action, band members Lee and Neil were employees and/or agents of MCI.

Additionally, following the Red, White & Crüe album and 2005 tour, Mötley Crüe entered into a deal with Wal Mart. Wal Mart paid Mötley Crüe a $900,000 advance to record a new studio album, of which $300,000 was dispersed to the band and $600,000 kept for the production of the album. The new album was scheduled to be recorded in 2006 for release in 2007. An international tour in support of the new album was also planned. This deal with Wal Mart was designed to generate a new album and result in higher album, ticket and merchandise revenue. It is the band’s first full-length studio album with all-new material in ten years.

Ultimately, because Defendants influenced and persuaded Lee to engage in individual projects and not perform with the band, Mötley Crüe was forced to cancel its Southeast Asia tour in August 2006. Mötley Crüe was also forced to miss numerous dates on the band’s tour with Aerosmith from September through December 2006. As a result, Mötley Crüe lost over $8,000,000 in ticket, merchandise and album sales associated with those tour dates.

Despite continuous requests from other band members to “get Tommy into the studio” to record the new album, Defendants withheld his services. Defendants convinced Lee to refrain from recording the new album as part of their extortive scheme to obtain more money from their other fiduciary, Mötley Crüe. These actions by Defendants have significantly delayed the release of the band’s new album resulting in more than $1,500,000 in lost album sales. Additionally, Mötley Crüe was forced to pay taxes on Wal Mart’s $600,000 album advance because the money was not used for recording the new album.


If you didn’t see this one coming, then you haven’t been paying attention. I’ve been to every Motley Crue tour since GENERATION SWINE (1997) and the writing on the wall has become clearer every tour about Tommy’s involvement. The guy has given 100% at each show but he’s also tried to incorporate his passions for DJing and Hip-Hop into his Crue performances. Tommy’s left once already (replaced by the late Randy Castillo) to pursue his current musical interests… wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped. I can’t fault the guy for wanting to do something he enjoys but, when you add in all these legal details, it’s obvious a split needs to happen for Tommy and the band to continue forward.

BTW, isn’t it the Motley Crue/Wal-Mart pairing a little odd? One of the most notorious Hard Rock bands of all time partnered with a retail outlet that prides itself on family values?

— Steve

12 comments on “Tommy Lee quits Motley Crue

  1. I posted a similar article at HRH before I read yours. You know, its funny about Tommy Lee, but I am over his shenanigans. I am hopeful that the Crue will sign up Zoltan Chaney quickly, and carry on without Tommy.

    Tommy’s drum sound is so huge, I can’t imagine another drummer recording with the Crue. I didn’t really care for Randy Castillo’s work on New Tattoo. Zoltan Chaney is an animal behind the skin’s though. Best new drummer I have seen in a long time.

  2. Zoltan has paid his dues in blood, sweat and tears for over 20 years. If anyone deserves a shot at stardom, its this multi-talented guy! He’s the real deal, never used drugs, drank, or smoked. A fine specimen of a human being fueled only by his love of drumming and dedication to God. My vote goes to the Z-man!

  3. Rob & Benjovi – I haven’t had the chance to see Zoltan live but the reports are stellar. Either way, if Tommy doesn’t want to be in the band, then he should be replaced. They did it with Randy Castillo and they made a good record in NEW TATTOO. If a new drummer means a new record, I’m all for it.

    Have fun DJing Tommy!

  4. hells yeah!!!get ZOLTAN in there, he’s a hundred times better than tommy lee, he doesn’t need to play upside down to impress!!!ZOLTAN would breathe new life into the crue!

  5. Zoltan, you deserve every second of this. I watched so many people give up here in Nashville but you stuck with it and deserve every ounce of this deal. You are the real deal and I’m proud to know you. You are the most entertaining and best rock drummer I know.

  6. Z,
    For you it’s not about the stardom, but the exposure: Not of you, but the one that’s in you. You’ve been blessed with a great gift and talent, and if it is meant to be, I think the world would be impressed to know about the fuel that feeds your fire! God Bless you brother! J


  8. I would never go see crue live again without Tommy….unless Zoltan plays for them. Then I would go 10 times. He would kick those guys in the ass so hard that you would feel like you were watching them in 1986 in Hollywood when they were poor, hungry and top of their game. Go see Zoltan!! He’s worth the admission price alone!!

  9. hey i play drums pretty much couse of tommy lee and i didnt even care when motley recorded the album with randy castillo eventhough he is great but tommy had a lost magic that zoltan is the only guy in the plannet who can fulfill tommys shoes and still better i consider my self a big fan of motley n tommy and zoltan is the only i d allow to hit those drums , tommy is good but he just changed and he is xperimenting new stuff , i was very disappointed at the reunion tour when we all were waiting for his drum solo and he just started playing over a sequence and then a lousy solo on an industrial kit , drums plays a very important part in motley. n tommy is very stock and zoltan have the total attitud and skills to be the most important drummer of the plannet these days.
    i only knew one guy who could beat tommy and is a drummer from orlando fl named matthew he used to play for a band called THE ACTION and then changed name to GETTING RED he is the same as zoltan since he was 22 and i lerned a lot of that guy since he used to play at my towns hard rock cafe every single nite for long seasons , and i hadnt seen anybody like mathew until zoltan , im sure they have bumped into eachother as they seem to have the same formation and influences im pretty sure tommy actually influenced them , theres one more guy who plays in the most famous mexican band MANÁ , the drummer is alex gonzalez and is impresive in concert check him out in youtube there are plenty of solos of him. look this guy matthew from hard rock was one of the first drummers that uses 2 bass drums n just 1 tom between and im pretty sure tommy saw him somewere and now he set it up like that and now zoltan does too , i mean i use it like that since 10 years ago as this guy let my jam with his band and i liked it .
    hey many of us just know zoltan is the only one for that job , i mean they could hire marco minnemann or bisonnette or lars ulrich but motley needs a killer drummer and zoltan needs a that big band to let the world know about him , or maybe they just can stay still like they are now, i mean little by little the vince band will become in motley , he only have to give zoltan a shot for only one tour with motley and then he and zoltan will make it together as vinces solo band , im very glad vince have the vision and the balls of hireing a so talented guy who sometimes steals the show for a while i m sure that has been an issue for zoltan in other famous bands , they use to be very proud and jelous of drummers like that , i can tell u as im a drummer who throw sticks and sometimes i notice people is staring me and the rest of the band seems to not be ok with that so i have to tell them to do some show too to complete the show , and thats great from vince to allow zoltan express himself , but lets see what sixx says as tommy is a noisy drummer but zoltan is crazy on stage . hey if somebody know about a zoltan video clinic please let me know, this is my e mail

    and dont forget we put our eyes on zoltan becouse of tommy lee as tommy put drummers in the map and made crazy people become drummers , he is and will always be a legend and i just missed the old tommy lee and thats what i found in zoltan n dont blame me im pretty sure tommy influenced zoltan sometime in his life too.

    somebody let motley know we dont like the rellies they have used before i mean theres no place for a drummer-girl there or for a jazzist or and old veteran dinosaur, its not about skills its about magic

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