Scorpions Playlist – 9/16/07

With the release of HUMANITY HOUR 1 (2007) in North America a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been on a major Scorpions binge. I don’t have every single Scorpions album but I have most. Here’s the albums I’ve been spinning:

  • Tokyo Tapes (1978) – One of the best live albums that no one ever mentions. If you want to hear early Scorpions, this is the album to put on.
  • Blackout (1982) – My first introduction to the band with the early MTV video for ‘No One Like You’ but my favorite here is ‘Can’t Live Without You’.
  • Savage Amusement (1988) – This is the “lost” Scorpions album. It’s sandwiched between the two blockbusters LOVE AT FIRST STING (1984) and CRAZY WORLD (1990). No one ever talks about this record.
  • Crazy World (1990) – There is more to this album than ‘Wind Of Change’. The better ballad is ‘Send Me An Angel’ and there are some underrated rockers.
  • Eye II Eye (1999) – The most controversial album by the band due to the change in sound and image. The songs were better live and the album is a grower.
  • Humanity Hour 1 (2007) – This is a Top 10 of 2007 selection, a solid album that I am really enjoying.

6 comments on “Scorpions Playlist – 9/16/07

  1. The Tokyo Tapes used to always get mentions when guitar mags did lists of the top live albums. I always thought that Savage Amusement was merely good and kinf of ended a great run that stretched from about 77-84.

  2. I have a copy of Savage Amusement as well. I had it on cassette, and replaced it on CD. It is a good disc.

    Have you checked out Unbreakable? If you like Humanity Hour 1, you are going to like that one too!

  3. Tokyo Tapes should read “One of the best live albums full stop”

    Savage Amusement was actually the first Scorpions vinyl I went for when I started buying LPs up again. A decent album I reckon and one I’d reach for before Crazy World anyday. I originally bought it on release in ’88 as well…

  4. Metal Mark – Tokyo Tapes gets the mention in guiatr mags because Uli Jon Roth is a maestro, a superb player. Upon further listens, Savage Amusement falls a bit short like you said, “ending a great run”. What I find interesting is that this album didn’t do as well as LOVE AT FIRST STING and then CRAZY WORLD blew up. Usually when a band starts a slide, they keep going.

    Mike – I like Savage Amusement too, I just think it gets lost in the shuffle.

    Rob – I bought Unbreakable the day it came out, actually I pre-ordered it. I was going to review that album this week but I figured that EYE II EYE deserved a new look.

    Rockofages – I don’t reach for Crazy World much either. I think Savage Amusement is a better album but Crazy World got the benefit of hype.

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