Scorpions – A Savage Crazy World DVD (2002)

Scorpions - A Savage Crazy World DVD (2002)

Scorpions – A Savage Crazy World DVD (2002)

Live Material:

  1. Bad Boys Running Wild
  2. Hit Between The Eyes
  3. I Can’t Explain
  4. The Zoo
  5. Rhythm Of Love
  6. Crazy World
  7. Can’t Live Without You
  8. Blackout
  9. Dynamite
  10. Lust Or Love
  11. Big City Nights
  12. Rock You Like A Hurricane

Music Videos:

  1. Rhythm Of Love (uncensored version)
  2. Believe In Love (Russian version)
  3. Walking On The Edge (Russian version)
  4. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Russian & Original versions)
  5. Still Loving You
  6. Passion Rules The Game (Uncensored version)
  7. Tease Me Please Me
  8. Don’t Believe Her
  9. Send Me An Angel
  10. Wind Of Change

Bonus Music Videos:

  1. Alien Nation
  2. Holiday
  3. No One Like You
  4. I’m Leaving You

Easter Eggs (Hidden Videos):

  1. Big City Nights (live version from World Wide Live)
  2. No One Like You (live version from World Wide Live)

(Region 0, NTSC, Running Time = 116 mins)

Scorpions official website

A SAVAGE CRAZY WORLD is a nice DVD package that brings together all of the Scorpions music videos plus a live concert that was only released on VHS called CRAZY WORLD TOUR LIVE…..BERLIN 1991.

The Live Material section is the Berlin 1991 concert from the original VHS. At the time, the band was at the height of their popularity and success after the blockbuster album CRAZY WORLD and the worldwide hit single ‘Wind Of Change’. The performance is top notch, classic Scorpions. The video and audio are superb. My only complaint is that this is not the full show from the original VHS. The missing songs from the set are: ‘Tease Me Please Me’, ‘Don’t Believe Her’, ‘Send Me An Angel’, and ‘Wind Of Change’. There is no explanation online as to why these songs were left off this DVD release, I can only speculate that it was due to time constraints in making the DVD. Too bad because all four songs are excellent and an integral part of the 1991 concert as all four were off the album the video is promoting!

The Music Video section consists of all the Scorpions videos that were popular on MTV. There are a few uncensored videos and Russian versions but they are basically the same as you remember them. The only video that is different is ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’: you can watch the Russian version with live footage or you can enjoy the original concept video by pressing the ANGLE button on your DVD remote.

The Bonus Video Section is basically the same deal as the Music Video section: four music videos by the band that were popular on channels like MTV. Not sure why there has to be a “bonus”, maybe these could have been put with the other videos and we could have gotten some additional live footage or an interview?

There are two Easter Eggs on this DVD: ‘Big City Nights (live)’ & ‘No One Like You (live)’. Both videos promoted the WORLD WIDE LIVE album and VHS and were very popular back in the mid-80s so I’m not really sure why they aren’t included in the regular Music Video section.

To access ‘Big City Nights (live)’:
At the Main Menu, select the ‘Special Features’ option.
At the next screen, there will be a jagged yellow line under Dolby Digutal 2.0. Press LEFT twice. A blue scorpion appears on the globe left of the audio options. Press ENTER. A video for “Big City Nights” begins playing.

To access ‘No One Like You (live)’:
At the Main Menu, select LIVE.
At the next screen, select NEXT in the lower right hand corner.
At the next screen, there will be a yellow target icon next to Song 7 (Can’t Live Without You). Press LEFT twice. A blue scorpion will appear on the revolving film reel left of the song menu. Hit ENTER. A video for “No One Like You” will begin playing. It is different than the one listed in the Bonus Vidoes section.

Bottom Line:
A nice DVD package of all the band’s videos and a classic live concert from 1991, a really good retrospective on the band’s career from 1982 through 1991. My only complaint is about the four songs missing from the Berlin 1991 show. With this show released on this DVD, a separate release is highly unlikely. This forces the completist in my to seek out a mint VHS copy or DVD copy of the VHS.

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  2. I have this dvd too and didnt know about those secret video clips. I will check that out STeve, thanks.
    about TORCH, i know you like them. They are back together(increible, ¿no? and are going to play at a festival in holland in november. This are all the bands that are going to play that day:
    # RAVEN
    # TORCH

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