CD Scavenger Hunt – 9/11/07 & 9/26/07

It’s been quiet since the previous hunt was so big. All the pre-ordered CDs have come in and I’ve been going through the latest releases I’ve picked up.

I had no time to run to the record store but I did the next best thing: I sent my wife! I gave her a very detailed list, including where in the store they would be. I wrote the CDs down, drew a makeshift map of the store (she’s been there hundreds of times), and sent her off…..

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon Pt.1 (2007) – $12.88: I have been in the Iced Earth camp since 1996’s THE DARK SAGA. I have been loyal and I have been waiting for a decent album of original material. In my opinion, the band hasn’t released a decent album since SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (1998). I thought HORROR SHOW (2001) was a step down and THE GLORIOUS BURDEN (2004) was awful even though Tim “Ripper” Owens was at the mic. I’m hoping the band can return to a concept almost a decade old and re-kindle some fire.

Icarus Witch – Songs For The Lost (2007) – $12.88: I bought the hype back in ’05 when Icarus Witch released the ROSES ON WHITE LACE E.P., I got into their old school vibe. I reviewed their debut full-length, CAPTURE THE MAGICK (2005), back in Jan ’06 and it was a solid album. If this new record is as good as the rest, Icarus Witch will have a top album of 2007.

I’ve had the flu since Sunday. It’s been passed from my wife and kids, to me, and back to my oldest daughter in a matter of a week. I’ve been out of commission since Sunday night but the weekly email from the record store made me feel a little better…..

Halford – Metal God Essentials Vol.1 (2007, Limited Edition) – $35: Rob Halford is one of my favorite Metal vocalists and Judas Priest is my second favorite band. Anything Rob or Priest does is bought right away. This release was available as a digital download initially via but Frontiers Records picked it up and made a nice package. Two CDs, a bonus DVD, 20 page booklet, autographed insert by Rob, a beautiful digipak, and numbered (only 5000 made worldwide). I had to have it but I was too sick to run out Tuesday morning. I wasn’t sending out my wife again because I was afraid she would bring home the single disc version,  so I called the store Wednesday evening and they had one in stock.

I did what anyone else would do: I went. I was a mess, imagine this: I’m in my pajamas (AC/DC cotton shorts & a ripped Alice Cooper shirt from the Dragontown Tour), sandals, my UFO hat, sunglasses, and I smell of Halls cough drops and Vicks VapoRub. I hadn’t showered yet so I must have been a really bad sight! I was in the store 10 minutes after I called so I knew it was there. I’m a regular at the record store so they recognized me (sort of) and pointed me toward the Halford display…..only one left! I handed the cashier my credit card, scribbled what looked like my signature, and left for the sanctuary of my car…..I left the CD at the counter! I figured it out before I left the store, retrieved the CD, and drove home.

Two week Total = $61

Favorite Pick & Best Value: The Halford set (2 CDs, bonus DVD, and limited edition packaging & inserts) for $35…’s selling for $50+ across the Net.

6 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – 9/11/07 & 9/26/07

  1. I thought The Glorious Burden was a fine album! For me they stepped up a level when Tim Owens joined and Framing Armageddon could potentially see them go global. I’m only basing my opinion on the 4 track promo at the moment though as I haven’t found a copy local to me in the UK yet.

    Get well soon btw!

  2. That was a funny read. You have a great wife, realy great.
    Anway, about that HALFORD compilation, i only have the normal cd with dvd but in a nice digipack. I even didnt know about that special two cd´s edition.
    About ICED EARTH, my girlfriend was a big fan till RIPPER OWENS came in. We are no fan of the guy after watching him live at a concert in south of Spain with JUDAS PRIEST.
    Anyway, we saw ICED EARTH two times live, ones in germany at THE DARK SAGA tour and ones with HORROR SHOW. The dark saga tour was better. I personaly never been a big fan but i liked their debut, NIGHT OF THE STORMRIDER and their first demo a lot.
    Great post Steve. Have a great weekend.

  3. Mark – All better!

    Bill – I prefer the Matt Barlow era of Iced Earth. Nothing against Ripper, he’s actually a good fit but it’s a different vocal style altogether. The Glorious Burden just didn’t click for me. I’m hoping the new record does.

    Rene – Yeah, Sarah is a great wife, especially because she puts up with all the Metal!

  4. Thats great STeve. I am lucky too. Their are so many girlfriends and wifes that doesnt respect people like you and me but we are lucky and we can be with them and fight for heavy metal, our movement without any home problems. HAIL TO OUR WOMAN.

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