Reissue Report: Johnny Crash unreleased 2nd album, Unfinished Business, to be released by Suncity Records

From Suncity Records

Breaking News!!!

Suncity Records are very happy to announce we have snagged a deal with L.A. based Hard Rock group, Johnny Crash.

Johnny Crash

I think it would be fair to say the Johnny Crash are Suncity’s biggest signing to date. When I say biggest, Johnny Crash were signed to WTG/CBS Records in the early 90’s. Subsequently releasing their debut album entitled Neighbourhood Threat in 1990.

Johnny Crash - Neighbourhood Threat (1990)

It only took Johnny Crash a mere couple of months gigging on the L.A. circuit before landing the deal with WTG/CBS Records. The first single off Neighbourhood Threat – ‘Hey Kid’ saw the band shoot their first music video and in turn, earned regular playback on MTV. On the back of regular play of the ‘Hey Kid’ video, Johnny Crash managed to pick up some major tours with the likes of Pretty Maids, Bonham and rock giants Motley Crue.

The Johnny Crash story begins all the way back in 1978 when Christopher Stewart (Rhythm Guitar) met August Worchell (Lead Guitar) at reform school in North California. A drummer back then, Chris, August and Faster Pussycat’s Eric Stacy played blues covers in a band called Champagne. Champagne included their school principal on vocals which they claim was the only way they’d get out to play is if he was with them. Chris later played with August in Mandy Lion’s World War III and in Neighbourhood Threat with Danny Stag and Johnny B Frank (subsequently in Kingdom Come). August brought in an old buddy Andy Rodgers (Bass) and Chris met Vicki James Wright (Vocals) through Tracii Guns after Vicki auditioned for LA Guns.

From a large family in Bradford, Yorkshire in North England, Vicki got into rock ‘n’ roll to “to piss people off”, to get back at the people who said he couldn’t do it. He did it and found out he liked it. After recording 2 albums with British rockers Tokyo Blade, he moved to L.A. in December of ’85. Leaving England for the bright lights of Los Angeles. After finding his feet in the city of angels, two and a half years on, Vicki finally met Chris and the rest is history.

Stephen ‘Punkee’ Adamo (Drums) was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island and Poughside, NY. Moving to L.A. via Miami, FL in 1987 Steve met Chris and joined up with Johnny Crash after previously playing with another under-rated glam band Rock City Angels.

That’s where Suncity Records steps in. Like most Hard Rock bands in the transition period, Johnny Crash recorded a second unreleased album, this time without lead guitarist August. Instead featuring future Guns ‘N’ Roses members Matt Sorum (Drums) and Dizzy Reed (Guitar). It was heavily rumored after the recording of the second album that the real reason that it was never released was due to threats from Axel Rose. Apparently Axel told the guys that he would take legal action if Dizzy and Matt were used on anything other then the upcoming Guns ‘N’ Roses album. That very album had remained stored away collecting dust until now. Suncity Records will be releasing the 2nd unreleased album in its entirety that will be fittingly called ‘Unfinished Business’. I would expect Unfinished Business to be released before the year is out.

Johnny Crash simply disappeared after being dropped from WTG/CBS Records. In 1992, the band’s name was in the news again when Andy Rodgers tragically died of a heroin overdose. Post Johnny Crash saw August resurfaced shortly in American Heartbreak and go on to created a very successful tattoo ink company called Skin Candy.

As normal, featured below is a signature attitude driven, whiskey fuel rocker. Introducing ‘Ditch The Bitch’, the first single off the upcoming full length CD Unfinished Business.

Sample clip: Ditch The Bitch

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007)

Bobalflex - Tales From Dirt Town (2007)

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007, TVT Records)

  1. Sellout
  2. Born Again
  3. That Old Speed
  4. Satisfied
  5. Need A Drink
  6. Savior
  7. Be With You
  8. I Still Believe
  9. Goodbye
  10. One Bad Day
  11. Paranoid
  12. Home


Band Lineup:
Marty McCoy – Vocals, Guitars
Shaun McCoy – Vocals, Guitars
Jerod Mankin – Vocals, Bass
Mike Steele – Guitars
Tommy Johnson – Drums

Producer: Russ T. Cobb (Sevendust)

Total Time – 45:00

Bobaflex official website
Bobaflex @ MySpace
TVT Records

I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I put this disc in. Bobaflex looked like a band that I wouldn’t be interested in but, when I sat back and hit PLAY, I was immeadiately assaulted with pummelling riffs, in your face vocals, double bass drums, and screams! The band definitely got my attention.

I would describe this West Virginian quintet as a hybrid of Black Label Society, Sevendust, Disturbed, Godsmack, Alice In Chains, hardcore and punk all rolled into one. It’s hard to deny the band’s more modern vibe, something I have a hard time getting into, but the way the music is delivered is extremely intense. There is power and aggression mixed with melody, it’s not all new generation Metal but something unique.

Opening track ‘Sellout’ immeadiately kicks the album into high gear with a thrashy riff and delivery but then it slows down slightly come the chorus. It’s a fast aggressive song that you can immeadiately draw the comparisons with Sevendust. ‘Born Again’ continues the immeadiate pummelling but settles into a less frantic Metal groove. It’s still a fast song and the main riff gets the fists pumping.

‘That Old Speed’ continues Bobaflex’s assault on the ears but does manage to slow down for the chorus, which is very melodic. The drumming on this song is almost frantic, trying to keep up with the guitars, cymbals crashing everywhere. I like the gritty vocal, I can envision veins popping out of necks. I was surprised by ‘Satisfied’. The song starts out very slow and haunting and turns into a melodic mid-tempo, almost ballad-ish at times. The vocal has that bite to it but it becomes very melodic when the background vocals come in, this song is very Alice In Chains like to my ears. So far, this is my favorite song of the record.

Black Label tendencies come out in ‘Need A Drink’ but what a better song to do it in? This is another hard charging track that I can see throngs of concertgoers hurling themselves around to. The guitars and drums just drive the song and I’m waiting for the singer’s throat to fall out. The vocal is just powerful. After getting smacked by ‘Need A Drink’, ‘Savior’ starts out acoustic with a very mellow vocal that kicks to a mid-tempo melodic crusher. This is definitely a Rock radio track and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a single at some point.

I hear a Nickelback/Puddle Of Mudd influence on ‘Be With You’, for me that’s not good as I can’t stand either band. It’s mostly in the guitar lines because the vocal sets the song, and band, from these media darlings. It’s not a bad song, just average, like something that’s already on the radio. A quiet acoustic and percussion arrangement opens ‘I Still Believe’ that reminds me of Alice In Chains Unplugged but that quickly fades as the bridge and chorus follow with a heavy guitar and a drum sound that sounds similar to Roger Taylor’s ‘We Will Rock You’. I find that I enjoy the quieter moments on this song. ‘Goodbye’ returns to the carnage of the previous headstompers but I feel like I’ve heard it before although I do like the guitar drone and the layered guitar squeal. There is a trend building here with a quiet, or softer, line or two and then the song kicks back in. ‘Goodbye’ has it, so does ‘I Still Believe’ and ‘Savior’.

‘One Bad Day’ has a bad ass guitar riff and a chanting chorus that drives the song but there are a few of the “quiet” interludes again. Just a line or two but everything that makes the song powerful is taken out. In this case, it makes the song a bit manic and leans a bit towards the BLS side of things. ‘Paranoid’ is mid-tempo and strong but I’m not feeling it, sounds to much like Nickelback again. That may appeal to fans of more mainstream Rock but I’m more Traditional Metal in my tastes. The guitar tone is very good and the vocal is intense.

The first proper single off TALES FROM DIRT TOWN is ‘Home’. Pretty ballsy for a band to make their first single the last song on the album, most of the time it’s right up front. I’m a sucker for acoustic guitars and they are right here at the beginning of the song and the vocal is not as aggressive as previous songs, it’s more melodic. There’s a grand/epic quality to the music, you can hear the guitar layers, you can feel the emotion. It’s simple, clean, and well done… will appeal to a wide range of Rock fans.

Bottom Line:
Like I mentioned at the beginning, I wasn’t expecting much from this album. You get these new bands, no matter the genre, and all the do is copy each other. There is only a few original ideas and the rest is all copycat. What I like is that Bobaflex takes the current styles and adds an aggresion, a power, that you don’t hear from the current top dogs of Rock radio. The band uses it’s influences but still creates their own identity. Overall, a solid album and I am definitely going to check out the band’s previous work. Favorite songs here: ‘Home’, ‘Sellout’, ‘Satisfied’, and ‘Savior’.

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007)

Endeverafter - Kiss Or Kill (2007)

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007, Razor & Tie Records)

  1. I Wanna Be Your Man
  2. Baby Baby Baby
  3. Gotta Get Out
  4. Poison
  5. Next Best Thing
  6. Tip Of My Tongue
  7. Road To Destruction
  8. All Night
  9. Slave
  10. From The Ashes Of Sin
  11. Long Way Home

Endeverafter Endeverafter (pic 2)

Band Lineup:
Michael Grant – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Kristan Mallory – Rhythm Guitar
Tommi Andrews – Bass
Eric Humbert – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Butch Walker – guest vocals on ‘Next Best Thing’
Grace Sims – guest vocals on ‘Long Way Home’
Jessica Catron – Cello on ‘Next Best Thing’ & ‘Long Way Home’

Producer: Stacy Jones (American Hi-Fi)

Total Time – 48:00

Endeverafter @ MySpace
Razor & Tie Records

When Poison and Cinderella came around New England in the summer of 2006, the opening act was Endeverafter. I remember thinking at the time that I would only go to the show if they had a “proper”, or well-known, opener. To me, a band I had never heard of before didn’t warrant me buying a ticket to another Poison summer show. I missed out on something really good!

Endeverafter have been around for a few years, releasing an E.P. (BLOOD ON THE STAGE) in 2005, and touring with major Hard Rock acts like KISS, Poison, & Cinderella. The band has started to build a national following after taking the Sacremento and L.A. scenes by storm.  You can hear the influences of AC/DC, Skid Row, Guns’n’Roses, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue in the music but the band still retains their own identity.

Opening song, and first single and video, ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, gets the party started  with a machine gun guitar riff, kind of like a speeding Rolling Stones/GnR collaboration. Guitars everywhere, just how good Hard Rock should be. ‘Baby Baby Baby’ (second single and video) follows up with a mono opening and kicks into a gritty groove that Axl Rose should take note of. Guitars alive, hooks all over, you just can’t help raising your fist and singing along. Listen for the guitar solos, the band knows how to incorporate three guitarists into the overall sound, it makes it heavier and thicker. The end of the song is one ’80s style solo that makes you feel like the band is playing live in your face. Right off the bat you’ve got Hard Rock music that’s fun and exciting.

The party doesn’t stop after two songs, ‘Gotta Get Out’ is a single waiting to happen. The song is one big melodic hook with a big guitar sound and, what I like to call “AC/DC drums” – not overbearing but doing the job well. The chorus is simple but made for radio sing-a-longs. I’m surprised this isn’t a lead single because it’s very catchy. The opening guitars and main riff of ‘Poison’ just screams Motley Crue! That ain’t a bad thing at all for Hard Rock fans! The solo mid-way though sounds Malmsteen-esque but not wanking like the great Yngwie is prone to do. I really like this song too, it just drives you.

After four solid rockers, you need to slow it down a little. Ballad time ensues with ‘Next Best Thing’ and it sounds really good. I’m a sucker for a song with acoustic guitars supplementing the sound, Endeverafter making good use of all the guitars again along with another solid solo. Get the lighters out for this one. ‘Tip Of My Tongue’ kicks the album back into high gear with another speedy riff and catchy chorus and ‘Road To Destruction’ gives off a pounding drum sound and the underlying riffs just keep going and going.

Just like ‘Gotta Get Out’, how ‘All Night’ is not a Rock radio single is beyond me. I’m going to take a lot of criticism for this comparison but this sounds like a Hard Rock Rick Springfield! I could see Rick doing a lighter, early ’80s version of this song. ‘All Night’ grabs hold of the listener and gets them singing, maybe even dancing? It’s a radio friendly tune and it’s very good, one of my favorites on the record. I get a Green Day vibe with ‘Slave’ but, when the chorus kicks in, it goes away. I like the quick falsetto in the chorus for a couple of words, it adds dimension.

‘From The Ashes Of Sin’ is not speedy like the rest of the rockers on the album, it’s more mid-tempo but retains power. Again, the triple guitar attack really thickens the sound, kind of like Iron Maiden did on 2000’s BRAVE NEW WORLD. This isn’t Maiden of course but when each guitar joins in the main riff one at a time, you can’t help but think it. ‘Long Way Home’ is a complete about face/change of pace from the in your face Hard Rock the album delivers. Acoustic guitars abound and the cello! It’s almost country, maybe Eagles? It’s got that laid back California feel to it. Definitely Ballad #2 and definitely a winner.

Just one last thought….. I have listened to this CD for the better part of two weeks and I have been trying to figure out the vocals. Michael Grant has a sound and style I’ve heard before but I’ve been trying to figure out a comparison. I think I’ve finally found it! If you listen to the first two songs, tell me that Grant doesn’t sound similar to Jaime St. James from Black ‘n Blue! Back in the day, Jaime could belt it out and Michael proves he can too in a similar style.

Bottom Line:
I’ve listened to my fair share of new Hard Rock bands in the last few years and I have to say that Endeverafter delivers the goods. They take different influences from the last two decades, incorporate it with the three guitars, and add their own swagger. Favorite songs here: ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, ‘Baby Baby Baby’, ‘Gotta Get Out’, ‘All Night’, and ‘Long Way Home’. I like the whole album, not a bad song there but I really think the hidden gems are ‘Gotta Get Out’, ‘All night’, and ‘Long Way Home’. KISS OR KILL has become an instant favorite and a late entry for my Top 10 of 2007. If you’re a Hard Rock fan, go out and buy this album, it’s released today.

Release date confirmed for U.D.O. – Metallized: 20 Years Of Metal

A release date for U.D.O.’s new compilation, METALLIZED – 20 YEARS OF METAL, has been confirmed as November 30th through AFM Records. Not sure if this release date is only for Europe or if it’s worldwide, more information as I get it.

For more information on this release, please click here.

2007 Heavy Metal Halloween Top 10

Halloween Pumpkin

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My favorite time of year is here……HALLOWEEN!

In conjunction with other Hard Rock/Heavy Metal blogs (see links below) I have compiled my personal Top 10 Heavy Metal songs for Halloween 2007. It took me a few days to search through my collection and see which songs fit, I had so many off the top of my head I could have easily done a Top 20.

Here’s the list in no particular order except #1:

  1. Black Sabbath – ‘Black Sabbath’
  2. Alice Cooper – ‘The Ballad Of Dwight Fry’
  3. Alice Cooper – ‘Dead Babies’
  4. Alice Cooper – ‘I Love The Dead’
  5. Halloween – ‘Halloween Night’
  6. Fastway – ‘Trick Or Treat’
  7. Iron Maiden – ‘Fear Of The Dark’
  8. Diamond Head – ‘Am I Evil?’
  9. Helloween – ‘Mr. Torture’
  10. Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Bark At The Moon’

Bonus Track: Alice Cooper – ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)’

You can check out some other Halloween Top 10 lists at the following blogs, enter if you dare!

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R.I.P. – Ricky Parent

Ricky Parent

Ricky Parent (1966-2007)

On Saturday, October 27, 2007, Enuff Z’nuff drummer Ricky Parent lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the young age of 41. My sympathies to Ricky’s family and friends, may they find strength at this sad time.


It’s with a heavy heart that I report that Enuff Z’nuff drummer Ricky Parent passed away on Saturday after a long battle with cancer. Normally you would now find some biographical information but I knew Ricky and would like to first say a few words.

The one thing I will always remember about Ricky is that unfailing smile. There could be some of the usual rock n roll drama going on around him but that smile would never fail. Aside from that smile, he always impressed me because he honestly did live for the stage. He could be playing for thousands of people or a couple hundred and you could always see the excitement in his face as he sat behind his drum kit. I remember seeing the band during the “Tweaked” tour and Ricky was sounding amazing as usual only to find out after the show that he was playing with a broken foot. But that was just the kind of guy he was, he wouldn’t let a little thing like a broken foot keep him off the stage and playing for his fans.

And I know it does sound cliché but he truly did love his fans. As Chip once told me, “they were like oxygen to him.” At every show you always knew where you could find Ricky before and after the show and that was out with his extended family, the fans.

You can never really convey what someone meant to the people that love him with a few written words. Those that knew him were blessed and really did have their life enriched by having him in it. That goes beyond all the BS in the world of rock n roll, Ricky was a rarity in the cynical business of music, a genuine man on and off the stage. While the rigors of the quest for rockstardom turn many jaded, Ricky never lost his love for the music.

Ricky Parent was born in Passaic, New Jersey. His spent his childhood in New Jersey and New York before he headed to Los Angeles to follow his rock n’ roll dream. According to Enuff Z’nuff fansite EZNExpress, Ricky was just 5-years-old when realized his love for the drums. One day he was in the yard playing football when he heard a marching band playing down the street. Mesmerized by the sound he found himself following it to discover what was creating that beat. Once he found out, he was hooked and like many young aspiring drummers he first turned to the ready made drum set in any household; pots and pans. Seeing the young drummer in the making he was giving his first drum set, a Mickey Mouse toy set which fueled his dream for a short while before he destroyed it. He then graduated to a Del Ray set that was covered in black contact paper but had cymbals and a snare. From there he pursued his passion with a vengeance, learning his craft from a combination of lessons, drum clinics, but primarily learning from records and songs on the radio.

“My main influence is probably John Bonham,” Ricky wrote on his Myspace page. “But I’ve gone through a bunch of phases from jazz Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, etc. Progressive Rock Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips to Ringo to Ansley Dunbar, etc pretty much listened with an open mind soaking up what I admired and working it into my own.”

Like many of his generation when the time came to follow his muse in rock n’ roll he headed to Los Angeles. He was quickly established as world class drummer and got his first high profile gig with War & Peace, a band fronted by Jeff Pilson after he left Dokken that also featured Tommy Henricksen (P.O.L.) and Russ Parrish (Halford, Fight). The band was short-lived and disbanded after grunge revolution made it hard for them to get noticed. When Vince Neil left Motley Crue, Ricky was called on to lay down some drum tracks for Vince’s solo project. Ironically, Neil would soon hire away Enuff Z’nuff drummer Vikki Foxx.

At the time Ricky was playing in a jam band with Paul Gilbert and when word went out that Enuff Z’nuff were looking for a new drummer, Gilbert and Mike Varney the head of War & Peace’s label Shrapnel Records, recommended Ricky to the band. He soon after relocated to the band’s home base of Chicago becoming an official member in 1992 where he was a mainstay of the group on stage and in the studio until 2004 when he took a leave of absence after being diagnosed with cancer.

Over the years Ricky was involved in other bands and projects including a brief stint with Alice Cooper as well as playing with Sass Jordan and Tod Howarth (Frehley’s Comet).

At press time the details about a memorial were not known. Enuff Z’nuff plan to release a statement within a few days so we should know more later in the week.
Enuff Z’nuff official website

Weekend Playlist – 10/27 & 10/28/07

This is a very busy weekend for me.

First, I start vacation Sunday…..this is my last one of the year. I always save one week for Halloween and my daughter’s birthday but this vacation is the calm before the storm. If you work in retail, you know what I mean.

Second, it’s a huge sports weekend here in New England: the Red Sox play World Series games 3 & 4 and the Patriots are playing the Redskins. I’m a Patriots season ticket holder (since 1992) so my Sunday day is tied up.

There is always good music to listen to though, here is what I’m listening to this weekend:

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007): Thanks to the label, I’ve been enjoying this record for a couple of weeks. A fine Hard Rock album that I might have missed on my own with my busy schedule. Look for a review this week.

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007): Another album I would have overlooked if it wasn’t for their label giving me a head’s up and sending me a copy. Bobaflex plays a style I’m not usually into but I was pleasantly surprised. Look for a review this week.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970): What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than listen to Sabbath’s first album? Listen to the title track, it just screams “Halloween”.

Helloween – The Dark Ride (2000): I got back into Helloween with 1998’s BETTER THAN RAW, which was more akin to the classic Helloween style. THE DARK RIDE is, well, darker. It’s not as frantic and speedy, although it has it’s moments. A change for the Weenies but one I thought was terrific. Look for a review this week.

KISS – Gene Simmons (1978): I just finished reading KISS Album Focus Vol.1 – Kings Of The Nighttime World by Julian Gill of KISSFAQ. I’ve been listening to each KISS record with each chapter (thru 1982) and I keep going to the Gene Simmons solo album to see if it’s as bad as I think it is.

Krokus – Metal Rendez-vous (1980), Hardware (1981), and One Vice At A Time (1982): Krokus is one of those bands that I followed from the beginning and I’m still loyal to. Sure they sound like a Euro AC/DC but who cares? I’ve been enjoying these three albums that were really the first three Krokus LPs released properly in the U.S. even though there were three albums released overseas before METAL RENDEZ-VOUS.


Now Viewing:

AC/DC – Plug Me In (3 DVD set) (2007): I bought this when it came out and I am really enjoying this DVD. Buy the 3 DVD limited edition, it’s worth it! Great to have both AC/DC eras documented…..Bon Scott was the man!

Twisted Sister – A Twisted Christmas Live DVD (2007): The DVD companion to the Xmas CD released last year. This DVD is a lot of fun and, well, Xmas is right around the corner! Look for a review this week.

Press Release: Heaven & Hell to release new album in 2008!

Huge news from!

Holy shit! New Heaven & Hell album in 2008!

This is a complete 100% about face from everything I’ve been told. Since this project was started, I’ve been told not to expect anything past the tour, which ends in November. It was all about Dio going to do a new Magica album, etc, etc, etc… Well, spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska – it looks like we’re getting a new Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell album in 2008, from Dio / Iommi / Butler / Appice. Normally I wouldn’t update sites on my anniversary, but this news was too hot to hold back. :)

I was just sent this press release and was told to post it – it will go out in England on Monday.

For Immediate Release –

There’s been much speculation of a forthcoming Black Sabbath reunion with the original line-up with Ozzy Osbourne at the helm, but founding member Geezer Butler has adamantly denied such rumors.

“Heaven and Hell are currently in discussions with various record labels about recording a brand new studio album in 2008,” says Butler.

Black Sabbath’s recent incarnation as Heaven & Hell- fronted by Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals, sees the seminal heavy metal band undertaking a major UK arena tour this November. The band’s moniker is taken after Black Sabbath’s critically acclaimed 1980 studio album “Heaven and Hell” featuring the title track and the breakout hit “Neon Nights”. Ronnie James Dio replaced Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath in 1980 and the band went on to release four albums including 1980’s “Heaven & Hell”, 1981’s “Mob Rules”, and the 1982 live album “Live Evil”, as well as the highly under rated “Dehumanizer” in June 1992.

Legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow) shares the spotlight on lead vocals, original Black Sabbath members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, plus drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) as they embark on a major 11-date UK arena tour starting at Newcastle Metro Arena on Sunday 4th November.

The “Heaven and Hell” UK tour continues at the Glasgow SECC (Nov 6), Sheffield Arena (Nov 7), Manchester MEN Arena (Nov 9), London Wembley Arena (Nov 10), Brighton Centre (Nov 11), Birmingham NEC (Nov 13), Cardiff Arena (Nov 14), Nottingham Arena (Nov 15), Plymouth Pavilions (Nov 17), Bournemouth BIC (Nov 18).

Click here for the UK press release.

Press Release: Night Ranger- Live In Japan 2007 (2 CD set) due on December 26th.


For the first time in their long and rich history, Night Ranger will release a double live CD, recorded on their 2007 Japanese tour.

Live In Japan 2007 was recorded during the band’s June, 2006 show at the C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo and will feature the following track listing:

CD1: ‘This Boy Needs To Rock’, ‘Tell Your Vision’, ‘Sing Me Away’, ‘Touch Of Madness’, ‘Drama Queen’, ‘Rumors In The Air’, ‘Seven Wishes’, ‘Secret Of My Success’, ‘There Is Life’, ‘Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight’, ‘Sentimental Street’.

CD2: ‘Forever All Over Again’, ‘High Enough’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘Whatever Happened’, ‘Four In The Morning’, ‘When You Close Your Eyes’, ‘Don’t Tell Me You Love Me’, ‘Sister Christian’, ‘Your Gonna Hear From Me’, ‘(You Can Still) Rock In America’.

The line-up for this tour was Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis, Reb Beach and Christian Cullen.

The 2CD set is released December 26th.

The band’s latest studio album, Hole In The Sun, gets a US domestic release in January, 2008, via VH1 Classics.

Press Release: U.D.O. – Metallized: 20 Years Of Metal artwork & tracklisting


U.D.O., the German band led by former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider, has set Metallized – 20 Years Of Metal as the title of its upcoming best-of album, due in December via AFM Records. The CD booklet will be filled with photos from the last 20 years and and will include liner notes written by Metal Hammer journalist Andreas Schöwe. The first 12 songs on the collection were chosen by fans via the official U.D.O. web site, while tracks 13 to 16 will consist of two unreleased songs, an acoustic version of the ACCEPT classic Balls to the Wall, and a live version of The Bullet and the Bomb.

UDO - Metallized: 20 Years Of Metal (2007)

Metallized – 20 Years Of Metal track listing:

01. Holy
02. Heart of Gold
03. Animal House
04. Cut Me Out
05. They Want War
06. Cry Soldier Cry
07. In the Darkness
08. Man and Machine
09. 24/7
10. Trainride to Russia
11. Independence Day
12. Thunderball
13. Shadow Maker (prev. unreleased song)
14. Terror in Paradise (prev. unreleased song)
15. Balls to the Wall (acoustic version)
16. Bullet and the Bomb (live from St. Petersburg)

Confirmed release dates for new album by Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard

From Bravewords:

Release dates for Japan and North American have been confirmed for Red Planet Boulevard, the new album from LANA LANE.

As previously reported, Frontiers Records will release Red Planet Boulevard, the new album from LANA LANE, on December 7th 2007 in Europe.

The album will also be available in Japan on November 23rd on the Avalon label, and in North America on January 29th on Think Tank Media distributed by ProgRock Records.

All versions contain the identical track listing – there are no bonus tracks on any edition.


Nice to finally have a release date for this new album. Unfortunately, the U.S. & Canada have to wait close to 2 months before we can get our hands on it. My suggestion is to order the album from places like NEH Records, Sentinel Steel, and other reputable mail order stores for December 7th. Lana Lane has made a habit out of not having bonus tracks on different versions, especially on the last few albums. She’s giving her loyal fans a break and not killing their wallets! This is going to be a great record, Lana’s track record is superb.

— Steve