Current Playlist – 10/6/07

It’s been an extremely long week at work and I’ve been so stressed from it that I’ve had a hard time relaxing. Nothing says “relaxation” than a good slice of Metal!

Joe Lynn Turner – Second Hand Life (2007, Limited Edition): 13 songs of pure Melodic Rock by one of the smoothest singers in all of Rock. This album is automatically in my Top 5 of 2007 without question. 

Halford – Metal God Essentials Vol.1 (2007, Limited Edition): Rob Halford = Heavy Metal. An essential release for Rob Halford fans.

Halford – Resurrection (2000): One of the best “comeback” albums ever, Halford proving that he is the Metal God and that Judas Priest needed Rob more than he needed Priest.

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon (2007): I was so disappointed in 2004’s THE GLORIUS BURDEN that I didn’t have high expectations for this album. So far, I’m pleasantly surprised. It seems that Tim Owens has found his voice within the Iced Earth framework.

Motley Crue – New Tattoo (2000): Very underrated record by the Crue, probably the record they should have made instead of GENERATION SWINE (1997). Who cares if Tommy Lee is on drums?

Melodica – Love Metal (2001): A fine album of solid AOR/Melodic Hard Rock from Ted Poley (Danger Danger).

Ted Nugent – Love Grenade (2007): I’m still trying to get into Ted’s new record but it just hasn’t been getting the spins.

Icarus Witch – Songs For The Lost (2007): One of my favorite new bands. This latest album is good but I really haven’t given it proper spins because of it’s place in line with all the new releases.

6 comments on “Current Playlist – 10/6/07

  1. Yeah, the new JOE LYNN TURNER album is great. Their is one song, SWEET OBSESSION done by BONFIRE many many years ago. Great song.
    Relax Steve, relax and have a great time.

  2. I’ve heard that Melodica was good but I never got a chance to listen to them. Now we can make way for the return of Danger Danger I suppose…

  3. That JOE LYNN TURNER one was such a surprise when I heard it. So much better than I expected. His tenure with Rainbow doesn’t do much for me so I didn’t fancy it but its a real good melodic rock album.

  4. I have found the new Iced Earth to be incredibly disappointing (and I am traditionally one of their biggest fans). I don’t understand why this thing is getting such rave reviews. To each their own I guess.

  5. Rene – Is the Bonfire song the same as the JLT? What album is it on? The JLT album is one of the best of the year!

    Jay – Melodica is a softer Danger Danger. More pop than Metal, but it’s good. I always liked Ted Poley.

    Bill – I prefer Dio-era Rainbow, and the Graham Bonnet album, to JLT’s tenure but his solo work is very good. This new record is one of the best melodic rock releases this year.

    Warglory – Any album Iced Earth released this year had to be better than HORROR SHOW and THE GLORIOUS BURDEN. I though HS was a decent concept but you could tell the band was fragmenting, at least that Matt Barlow was leaving. I thought TGB absolutely sucked!

    Yes, RESURRECTION is a great Metal record but Halford’s CRUCIBLE is excellent too. Looking forward to future Halford band recordings.

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