Sunday Playlist – 10/14/07

Now because I had to stay for 3rd shift when my assistant called in sick, I didn’t have to go work during the day Sunday. Nice to get the day off!

Joe Lynn Turner – Second Hand Life (2007, Limited Edition): I just can’t get enough of this album! It’s a real solid Hard Rock feast! Look for a review soon…..

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon (2007): Another album that I can’t stop playing. It’s nice to hear the band return to form.

Icarus Witch – Songs For The Lost (2007): Icarus Witch has released two solid albums to start their career, they should be on everyone’s radar. A great blend of Traditional Metal and NWOBHM. Sounds like classic NWOBHM.

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007): Endeverafter is a great Hard Rock band that just hit the scene, I have been enjoying this album all weekend. Thanks to Tim at Razor & Tie Records for the CD. Check out the band at the Endeverafter MySpace page. Watch for an album review coming soon.

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007): Another band that I’ve recently discovered through the kindness of TVT Records. This album will be released on 10/30/07, just in time for Halloween. Look for a review coming soon and check out the Bobaflex MySpace page.

Vains Of Jenna – Lit Up/Let Down (2006): So far…..let down. I know that Vains Of Jenna is getting a ton of press, and they are supposed to be one of the best new Sleaze Glam bands, but I can’t get into this record. Not sure what it is because I’ve wanted to check this band out for a couple of years, I was really looking forward to hearing this record. Maybe it will grow on me. Check the band out at their official website.

3 comments on “Sunday Playlist – 10/14/07

  1. Love to read your playlists Steve.
    Anyway, i listen to those bands i didnt knew about (BOBAFLEX and ENDEVERAFTER). I didnt honestly not like BOBAFLEX at all. To modern, but ENDEVERAFTER are better. they have some old school parts in their songs, even some old DIAMOND HEAD riffs. Not bad but i am not passional about this bands like you STeve. Sorry but i tried it lol.
    If you like the new JOE LYNN TURNER so much you should buy the new STAN BUSH album too. Its also a very good melodic hard rock/aor album. CHECK IT OUT PLEASE.
    Check out this band Steve. A great new thrash metal band from the UK.

  2. Jay – I don’t get the hype on VOJ either. Is it because they are on Bam Magera’s label (he’s an overrated ass)? Is it because they take part of their name from Jenna Jameson? Is it because they are from Sweden where there is a strong glam movement? Or is it that they are good and we are missing it? I have a good ear so it must be everything else. Wig Wam from Norway blow them away!

    Rene – I dig Endeverafter and Bobaflex is taking more time to absorb. If I had to choose one, it would be Endeverafter. I have heard Evile before but I’ll have to check them out closer.

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