WANTED: W.A.S.P. – Dying For The World (2002)



WASP - Dying For The World (2002)

W.A.S.P. – Dying For The World (2002)

W.A.S.P.’s DYING FOR THE WORLD has been one of those albums that I always look at when I’m shopping for CDs but I usually put back in the rack. W.A.S.P. has been a favorite of mine since the very beginning in 1984, a couple of my favorite records is the s/t debut in ’84 and 1985’s THE LAST COMMAND. Unfortunately, recent albums have soured me on the band and the main man, Blackie Lawless.

I was impressed with STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH (1995) that really should have been a Blackie solo record. I was on board for the darker KILL, FUCK,  DIE (1997) and the excellent live album DOUBLE LIVE ASSASSINS (1998) but it was the “return to the classic W.A.S.P. sound” on HELLDORADO (1999) that started my declining interest in the band. HELLDORADO was bad. It was full of late ’80s Metal clichés and patterns that made it seem like a bad rip-off of the first three records.  After HELLDORADO, I kept an eye on Lawless and company, I even saw them in concert, but I approached new material with apprehension.

I have every W.A.S.P. album up to this one but for some reason I never pull the trigger. The price is usually right, somewhere around $7.99 – $9.99 used, and it’s readily available in the stores, on Ebay, and online stores. One of the other reasons I usually pass is that I mix this album up with 2001’s UNHOLY TERROR. I own that CD but, for some strange reason, I always think I own DYING and need UNHOLY. I’ve added this to my ever-growing list of CDs I need/want, maybe I will pick it up soon.

4 comments on “WANTED: W.A.S.P. – Dying For The World (2002)

  1. DYING FOR THE WORLD is a dark album but with many great songs. Its realy a album you need to buy soon Steve and you will be angry with your self for not buying it when it came out. Believe me.
    I already told you at a different part of your blog but i repeat it again. LOVE THE WAY YOUR BLOG LOOKS NOW. You know i liked the original version a lot. Later you did an other that i didnt realy like but now, ITS THE BEST BLOG EVER and this is not a joke. Realy love it!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAIL TO YOU STEVE FOR DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS, ITS SO SPECIAL. hail and keep the flag of heavy metal burning forever.

  2. Rene – I just haven’t gotten around to buying Dying For The World yet but it is at the top of the list now.

    As for the new look, thanks for the kind words. This new theme came up Tuesday and I jumped on it. I’m not very good at CSS or HTML so the WordPress themes help. I originally wanted to use the theme that Rob from Hard Rock Hideout has but I didn’t want to be a clone of his site, which looks awesome BTW!

    I’m keeping this theme for a long time, I am very happy with it.

  3. Yes, you should keep this theme maybe forever, till the end of our days. That would be cool because i dont think you can make anything better then this. Its so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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