DVD Scavenger Hunt: “AC/DC – Plug Me In DVD” Edition – 10/16/07

A small hunt today, AC/DC’s new DVD was really the only thing I wanted.

AC/DC – Plug Me In (3 DVD set) – $35: I went to the local Newbury Comics to pick this set up. It was advertised at $39.99 but I’ve found that the price is sometimes lower than advertised the first day of the sale. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case today. I decided to head to the Best Buy up the road because they had it in the Sunday paper for $34.99. Walked in…..grabbed it…..and then I remembered……

AC/DC – Plug Me In (Bonus CD) – $2: I was researching the prices for the 3 DVD set online early this morning and I noticed that Best Buy has a limited edition CD to promote the upcoming DVD. Basically, you get three audio tracks from the DVD set and an exclusive Best Buy coupon for $3 off the DVD set. The three tunes are: ‘Rock’n’Roll Damnation’ (Bon Scott, 1978), ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ (Brian Johnson, 1983), and ‘Thunderstruck’ (Brian Johnson, 2003). Granted, this is a sampler but this is already going for $15 on Ebay! I bought two…..one for my collection…..one to put to auction eventually.

Total – $39

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