More KISSology 3 DVD information – Q&A session with Fontana Distribution V.P. Ken Gullic Sr.


KISSONLINE Q &A with Ken Gullic Sr. – VP for Fontana. Fontana distributes the KISSOLOGY DVD series. (Ken is pictured here with Gene)

Gene Simmons & Ken Gullic Sr.

KOL: Will there be three bonus discs, as there have been on the first two volumes?

KG: Yes! Three in total, on initial pressings only. 1) The KROQ Weenie Roast/Irvine, CA 6/15/96 (first reunion performance in make up) [58 minutes]; 2) Madison Square Garden/Reunion Tour 7/27/96 [1 hour, 42 minutes]; 3) Sao Paulo Brazil 8/27/94 (Revenge/Alive III tour with Sphinx stage) [1 hour, 34 minutes] Sao Paulo is my fave of the three actually. Intense performance, they look fresh… different and classic tunes. Though the Weenie Roast is a trip to see again. RETAILERS AND COMPLETE SET LISTS PER SHOW T.B.A.

KOL: Will there be any limited edition bonus goodies (like the back stage pass in Vol. 1, or the Phantom ticket in Vol. 2)?

KG: Yes, and no. The Coventry show (12/22/73) replaces any bonus goodies this time out, and will be available only on initial pressings, as well. There will be a cool full color booklet with comments again, of course.

KOL: Easter eggs?

KG: Yes, this may still be in play, but I believe there will be three of them. Besides the amazing/surprising coolness of the Carnival of Souls studio footage, one other that I know of will be a soundcheck song (w/o make up) before the Brooklyn Bridge/MTV awards taping. Not sure which song, but safe to assume it ain’t “The Oath” or “Always Near You/Nowhere to Hide”… sorry kids!

KOL: Don’t we already have THE PALACE ’92 performance on KISS KONFIDENTIAL?

KG: Nope. The footage on Konfidential, as cool as it may be, was a bit of a mash up between different shows, put to the Alive III audio only. I was lucky enough to see this footage in the editing studio w/Roger and Alex Coletti. It’s crystal clear, and I felt I had seen very little of it. It’s the pure Detroit audio/video… untouched/affected like Konfidential was. Though they did point out where a mic had cut out here and there, and other vox had to be flown in. It’s cool that “War Machine” made it, obviously. As well as “Parasite”.

KOL: Have we seen the Behind the Scenes for “Unplugged”?

KG: Very little of it. What I have seen so far was super cool stuff, mostly narrated by Alex Coletti (Kissology and Unplugged producer). It’s very cool that he is shedding some light on his experiences (especially since he is such a fan and was clearly living a dream)… there’s riveting stuff. Ace and Peter almost back out of Unplugged, at the last minute… so songs like “2,000 Man” are rehearsed w/o them on the actual Unplugged stage (If I remember correctly, Paul takes a crack at it!) and THE highlight for me was when Alex sneaks behind the piano during the 6 man rehearsal of “Nothin’ To Lose” (at SIR) and plays the piano part. Peter smiles from ear to ear when it happens. Awesome!

KOL: Don’t we have Dodger Stadium in bootleg circles?

KG: Nope… not this edit. This version is special because Alex and Roger and his crew unearthed the single camera feeds from each member and have constructed their own edit of the entire show. Conspiracy theorists unite, though, as Peter’s solo feed did not materialize… so the men (and women) behind the curtains admitted that they had to use dress rehearsal footage to fill in Peter whenever possible. This was not a Gene directive, kids, so relax!

KOL: Commentary?

KG: Yes, though I didn’t witness any of it, I know that Gene, Paul, Bruce and Tommy worked long and hard one day to get this all done. They did this right after we did our trophy presentation and all were in GREAT spirits. I do believe they all four did some stuff together where it made sense (e.g. convention/unplugged footage). Bruce later told me he heard and participated in some classic stories, as well as some all together new ones, with Gene and Paul. Sadly Eric Singer was on tour and couldn’t make it the one day this session was scheduled.

KOL: Will there be a KISSOLOGY 3 special on VH1 like there were for the first two?

KG: Yes, but this is for the band to reveal, I can say it will be very different, definitely bigger (like Volume 3 as a whole); some very cool surprises in store… I believe it will air LIVE at least a few weeks before KISSMASS! And that’s a wrap! (sorry.)

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