Confirmed release dates for new album by Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard

From Bravewords:

Release dates for Japan and North American have been confirmed for Red Planet Boulevard, the new album from LANA LANE.

As previously reported, Frontiers Records will release Red Planet Boulevard, the new album from LANA LANE, on December 7th 2007 in Europe.

The album will also be available in Japan on November 23rd on the Avalon label, and in North America on January 29th on Think Tank Media distributed by ProgRock Records.

All versions contain the identical track listing – there are no bonus tracks on any edition.


Nice to finally have a release date for this new album. Unfortunately, the U.S. & Canada have to wait close to 2 months before we can get our hands on it. My suggestion is to order the album from places like NEH Records, Sentinel Steel, and other reputable mail order stores for December 7th. Lana Lane has made a habit out of not having bonus tracks on different versions, especially on the last few albums. She’s giving her loyal fans a break and not killing their wallets! This is going to be a great record, Lana’s track record is superb.

— Steve

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