Press Release: U.D.O. – Metallized: 20 Years Of Metal artwork & tracklisting


U.D.O., the German band led by former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider, has set Metallized – 20 Years Of Metal as the title of its upcoming best-of album, due in December via AFM Records. The CD booklet will be filled with photos from the last 20 years and and will include liner notes written by Metal Hammer journalist Andreas Schöwe. The first 12 songs on the collection were chosen by fans via the official U.D.O. web site, while tracks 13 to 16 will consist of two unreleased songs, an acoustic version of the ACCEPT classic Balls to the Wall, and a live version of The Bullet and the Bomb.

UDO - Metallized: 20 Years Of Metal (2007)

Metallized – 20 Years Of Metal track listing:

01. Holy
02. Heart of Gold
03. Animal House
04. Cut Me Out
05. They Want War
06. Cry Soldier Cry
07. In the Darkness
08. Man and Machine
09. 24/7
10. Trainride to Russia
11. Independence Day
12. Thunderball
13. Shadow Maker (prev. unreleased song)
14. Terror in Paradise (prev. unreleased song)
15. Balls to the Wall (acoustic version)
16. Bullet and the Bomb (live from St. Petersburg)

4 comments on “Press Release: U.D.O. – Metallized: 20 Years Of Metal artwork & tracklisting

  1. The cover looks great, like most of UDO albums(NO LIMITS and THUNDERBALL had not so great covers, and HOLY and SOLID are two of my faves). I am always happy when this god of metal release something but i am not sure if i am going to buy this because its not a double best of and he deserve a double best of, thats for shore. I think HAMMERFALL´s double best of is better done.

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  3. One thing i been wating for is a acoustic version of Accept. Now, they have recorded Balls to the Wall (in a acoustic version) i hope they will do a tour of old Accept songs in acoustic form/setup. I think that will be the last thing in my Accept life to end with.

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