Weekend Playlist – 10/27 & 10/28/07

This is a very busy weekend for me.

First, I start vacation Sunday…..this is my last one of the year. I always save one week for Halloween and my daughter’s birthday but this vacation is the calm before the storm. If you work in retail, you know what I mean.

Second, it’s a huge sports weekend here in New England: the Red Sox play World Series games 3 & 4 and the Patriots are playing the Redskins. I’m a Patriots season ticket holder (since 1992) so my Sunday day is tied up.

There is always good music to listen to though, here is what I’m listening to this weekend:

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007): Thanks to the label, I’ve been enjoying this record for a couple of weeks. A fine Hard Rock album that I might have missed on my own with my busy schedule. Look for a review this week.

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007): Another album I would have overlooked if it wasn’t for their label giving me a head’s up and sending me a copy. Bobaflex plays a style I’m not usually into but I was pleasantly surprised. Look for a review this week.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970): What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than listen to Sabbath’s first album? Listen to the title track, it just screams “Halloween”.

Helloween – The Dark Ride (2000): I got back into Helloween with 1998’s BETTER THAN RAW, which was more akin to the classic Helloween style. THE DARK RIDE is, well, darker. It’s not as frantic and speedy, although it has it’s moments. A change for the Weenies but one I thought was terrific. Look for a review this week.

KISS – Gene Simmons (1978): I just finished reading KISS Album Focus Vol.1 – Kings Of The Nighttime World by Julian Gill of KISSFAQ. I’ve been listening to each KISS record with each chapter (thru 1982) and I keep going to the Gene Simmons solo album to see if it’s as bad as I think it is.

Krokus – Metal Rendez-vous (1980), Hardware (1981), and One Vice At A Time (1982): Krokus is one of those bands that I followed from the beginning and I’m still loyal to. Sure they sound like a Euro AC/DC but who cares? I’ve been enjoying these three albums that were really the first three Krokus LPs released properly in the U.S. even though there were three albums released overseas before METAL RENDEZ-VOUS.


Now Viewing:

AC/DC – Plug Me In (3 DVD set) (2007): I bought this when it came out and I am really enjoying this DVD. Buy the 3 DVD limited edition, it’s worth it! Great to have both AC/DC eras documented…..Bon Scott was the man!

Twisted Sister – A Twisted Christmas Live DVD (2007): The DVD companion to the Xmas CD released last year. This DVD is a lot of fun and, well, Xmas is right around the corner! Look for a review this week.

4 comments on “Weekend Playlist – 10/27 & 10/28/07

  1. I think Helloween’s The Dark Ride is a superb album. Always been a favourite of mine since release. I’ve just reviewed their new album on Rock Of Ages and have a copy to give away this week….

  2. hail Steve. Some cool stuff on your playlist like HELLOWEEN, BLACK SABBATH, KISS and KROKUS. KROKUS are also one of my fave bands ever and they still release increible albums today.

  3. Rogerrabbit – I’ve been into Krokus since One Vice At A Time (1982) and I went backwards. I remember when Headhunter came out in ’83 and they were starting to break in the U.S., it was a good time to be a Krokus fan. Then they released The Blitz and started pandering to MTV and radio. They have done well overall.

    Rockofages – Yeah, I dig The Dark Ride too, solid record and not that much of a departure from the signature sound. I just broke the cellophane on my copy of Gambling With The Devil, I’m going to review it after I fully absorb it.

    Rene – You always have some great playlists too. Hail!

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