Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007)

Endeverafter - Kiss Or Kill (2007)

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007, Razor & Tie Records)

  1. I Wanna Be Your Man
  2. Baby Baby Baby
  3. Gotta Get Out
  4. Poison
  5. Next Best Thing
  6. Tip Of My Tongue
  7. Road To Destruction
  8. All Night
  9. Slave
  10. From The Ashes Of Sin
  11. Long Way Home

Endeverafter Endeverafter (pic 2)

Band Lineup:
Michael Grant – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Kristan Mallory – Rhythm Guitar
Tommi Andrews – Bass
Eric Humbert – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Butch Walker – guest vocals on ‘Next Best Thing’
Grace Sims – guest vocals on ‘Long Way Home’
Jessica Catron – Cello on ‘Next Best Thing’ & ‘Long Way Home’

Producer: Stacy Jones (American Hi-Fi)

Total Time – 48:00

Endeverafter @ MySpace
Razor & Tie Records

When Poison and Cinderella came around New England in the summer of 2006, the opening act was Endeverafter. I remember thinking at the time that I would only go to the show if they had a “proper”, or well-known, opener. To me, a band I had never heard of before didn’t warrant me buying a ticket to another Poison summer show. I missed out on something really good!

Endeverafter have been around for a few years, releasing an E.P. (BLOOD ON THE STAGE) in 2005, and touring with major Hard Rock acts like KISS, Poison, & Cinderella. The band has started to build a national following after taking the Sacremento and L.A. scenes by storm.  You can hear the influences of AC/DC, Skid Row, Guns’n’Roses, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue in the music but the band still retains their own identity.

Opening song, and first single and video, ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, gets the party started  with a machine gun guitar riff, kind of like a speeding Rolling Stones/GnR collaboration. Guitars everywhere, just how good Hard Rock should be. ‘Baby Baby Baby’ (second single and video) follows up with a mono opening and kicks into a gritty groove that Axl Rose should take note of. Guitars alive, hooks all over, you just can’t help raising your fist and singing along. Listen for the guitar solos, the band knows how to incorporate three guitarists into the overall sound, it makes it heavier and thicker. The end of the song is one ’80s style solo that makes you feel like the band is playing live in your face. Right off the bat you’ve got Hard Rock music that’s fun and exciting.

The party doesn’t stop after two songs, ‘Gotta Get Out’ is a single waiting to happen. The song is one big melodic hook with a big guitar sound and, what I like to call “AC/DC drums” – not overbearing but doing the job well. The chorus is simple but made for radio sing-a-longs. I’m surprised this isn’t a lead single because it’s very catchy. The opening guitars and main riff of ‘Poison’ just screams Motley Crue! That ain’t a bad thing at all for Hard Rock fans! The solo mid-way though sounds Malmsteen-esque but not wanking like the great Yngwie is prone to do. I really like this song too, it just drives you.

After four solid rockers, you need to slow it down a little. Ballad time ensues with ‘Next Best Thing’ and it sounds really good. I’m a sucker for a song with acoustic guitars supplementing the sound, Endeverafter making good use of all the guitars again along with another solid solo. Get the lighters out for this one. ‘Tip Of My Tongue’ kicks the album back into high gear with another speedy riff and catchy chorus and ‘Road To Destruction’ gives off a pounding drum sound and the underlying riffs just keep going and going.

Just like ‘Gotta Get Out’, how ‘All Night’ is not a Rock radio single is beyond me. I’m going to take a lot of criticism for this comparison but this sounds like a Hard Rock Rick Springfield! I could see Rick doing a lighter, early ’80s version of this song. ‘All Night’ grabs hold of the listener and gets them singing, maybe even dancing? It’s a radio friendly tune and it’s very good, one of my favorites on the record. I get a Green Day vibe with ‘Slave’ but, when the chorus kicks in, it goes away. I like the quick falsetto in the chorus for a couple of words, it adds dimension.

‘From The Ashes Of Sin’ is not speedy like the rest of the rockers on the album, it’s more mid-tempo but retains power. Again, the triple guitar attack really thickens the sound, kind of like Iron Maiden did on 2000’s BRAVE NEW WORLD. This isn’t Maiden of course but when each guitar joins in the main riff one at a time, you can’t help but think it. ‘Long Way Home’ is a complete about face/change of pace from the in your face Hard Rock the album delivers. Acoustic guitars abound and the cello! It’s almost country, maybe Eagles? It’s got that laid back California feel to it. Definitely Ballad #2 and definitely a winner.

Just one last thought….. I have listened to this CD for the better part of two weeks and I have been trying to figure out the vocals. Michael Grant has a sound and style I’ve heard before but I’ve been trying to figure out a comparison. I think I’ve finally found it! If you listen to the first two songs, tell me that Grant doesn’t sound similar to Jaime St. James from Black ‘n Blue! Back in the day, Jaime could belt it out and Michael proves he can too in a similar style.

Bottom Line:
I’ve listened to my fair share of new Hard Rock bands in the last few years and I have to say that Endeverafter delivers the goods. They take different influences from the last two decades, incorporate it with the three guitars, and add their own swagger. Favorite songs here: ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, ‘Baby Baby Baby’, ‘Gotta Get Out’, ‘All Night’, and ‘Long Way Home’. I like the whole album, not a bad song there but I really think the hidden gems are ‘Gotta Get Out’, ‘All night’, and ‘Long Way Home’. KISS OR KILL has become an instant favorite and a late entry for my Top 10 of 2007. If you’re a Hard Rock fan, go out and buy this album, it’s released today.

15 comments on “Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007)

  1. I think it’s great that you mentioned that they opened the Poison tour. I wanted to check them out also, but with such a rash of dissappointing bands lately I didn’t go either. Bands that get pushed and buzzed around the internet and in magazines are usually not as good as they are made out to be. Take Veins of Jenna, I’m not sure how you feel about them, but their music didn’t live anywhere up to the hype that was thrown at them. Endeverafter is completely different, these guys are really talented. Love your new layout BTW!!

  2. Mark – Solid album, I think you’ll dig it.

    Rob – I read your review, we do have similar takes. Its easy to agree that this band/album rocks!

    Jay – Its so hard nowadays to really get a handle on new bands, a lot are just mediocre, in all genres. Thats why I think blogs like Hard Rock Hideout, The Metal Minute, Heavy Metal Time Machine, Bring Back Glam, and this one really help in discovering new gems. MySpace helps for samples and contact too. Whenever I hear a band mentioned, I write the name down and Google…..I have a notebook full of research and names of bands I want to check out. So many bands, so little time!

  3. These guys are amazing had the opportunity tc chat with them in Myrtle Beach at house of Blues. Great CD, great swagger, great musicianship. Truely a no hold barred balls to the wall rock band. Can’t wait to see them again soon. Did see them with Poison and Cinderella. They are awesome see them if you get the chance.

  4. yeah, just saw these guys in concert, music is okay, but they need to work on their image, come off as upper middle class cocky guys who dont know how real rock n roll works

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  6. i first got a taste of these guys from a wrestling music cd my eldest son bought. the track was no more words and they had something different about their style that i enjoyed. once the album came out i bought it wondering if the big debut would let me and the band down. how wrong i was. this is an amazing debut album and should be snapped up by the big labels as these and another new us band rev theory are the next big thing. get ya asses across the pond and head to the north east of the uk. your album is requested weekly on our localrock station and i will be there to meet you guys

  7. I’ve been aware of the band for awhile, but had it in my mind they were a part of the bland post-grunge scene. After reading some high praise from Classic Rock magazine’s website and sampling them there as well, I plan on buying this one very soon.

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