More KISSology 3 DVD information – Q&A session with Fontana Distribution V.P. Ken Gullic Sr.


KISSONLINE Q &A with Ken Gullic Sr. – VP for Fontana. Fontana distributes the KISSOLOGY DVD series. (Ken is pictured here with Gene)

Gene Simmons & Ken Gullic Sr.

KOL: Will there be three bonus discs, as there have been on the first two volumes?

KG: Yes! Three in total, on initial pressings only. 1) The KROQ Weenie Roast/Irvine, CA 6/15/96 (first reunion performance in make up) [58 minutes]; 2) Madison Square Garden/Reunion Tour 7/27/96 [1 hour, 42 minutes]; 3) Sao Paulo Brazil 8/27/94 (Revenge/Alive III tour with Sphinx stage) [1 hour, 34 minutes] Sao Paulo is my fave of the three actually. Intense performance, they look fresh… different and classic tunes. Though the Weenie Roast is a trip to see again. RETAILERS AND COMPLETE SET LISTS PER SHOW T.B.A.

KOL: Will there be any limited edition bonus goodies (like the back stage pass in Vol. 1, or the Phantom ticket in Vol. 2)?

KG: Yes, and no. The Coventry show (12/22/73) replaces any bonus goodies this time out, and will be available only on initial pressings, as well. There will be a cool full color booklet with comments again, of course.

KOL: Easter eggs?

KG: Yes, this may still be in play, but I believe there will be three of them. Besides the amazing/surprising coolness of the Carnival of Souls studio footage, one other that I know of will be a soundcheck song (w/o make up) before the Brooklyn Bridge/MTV awards taping. Not sure which song, but safe to assume it ain’t “The Oath” or “Always Near You/Nowhere to Hide”… sorry kids!

KOL: Don’t we already have THE PALACE ’92 performance on KISS KONFIDENTIAL?

KG: Nope. The footage on Konfidential, as cool as it may be, was a bit of a mash up between different shows, put to the Alive III audio only. I was lucky enough to see this footage in the editing studio w/Roger and Alex Coletti. It’s crystal clear, and I felt I had seen very little of it. It’s the pure Detroit audio/video… untouched/affected like Konfidential was. Though they did point out where a mic had cut out here and there, and other vox had to be flown in. It’s cool that “War Machine” made it, obviously. As well as “Parasite”.

KOL: Have we seen the Behind the Scenes for “Unplugged”?

KG: Very little of it. What I have seen so far was super cool stuff, mostly narrated by Alex Coletti (Kissology and Unplugged producer). It’s very cool that he is shedding some light on his experiences (especially since he is such a fan and was clearly living a dream)… there’s riveting stuff. Ace and Peter almost back out of Unplugged, at the last minute… so songs like “2,000 Man” are rehearsed w/o them on the actual Unplugged stage (If I remember correctly, Paul takes a crack at it!) and THE highlight for me was when Alex sneaks behind the piano during the 6 man rehearsal of “Nothin’ To Lose” (at SIR) and plays the piano part. Peter smiles from ear to ear when it happens. Awesome!

KOL: Don’t we have Dodger Stadium in bootleg circles?

KG: Nope… not this edit. This version is special because Alex and Roger and his crew unearthed the single camera feeds from each member and have constructed their own edit of the entire show. Conspiracy theorists unite, though, as Peter’s solo feed did not materialize… so the men (and women) behind the curtains admitted that they had to use dress rehearsal footage to fill in Peter whenever possible. This was not a Gene directive, kids, so relax!

KOL: Commentary?

KG: Yes, though I didn’t witness any of it, I know that Gene, Paul, Bruce and Tommy worked long and hard one day to get this all done. They did this right after we did our trophy presentation and all were in GREAT spirits. I do believe they all four did some stuff together where it made sense (e.g. convention/unplugged footage). Bruce later told me he heard and participated in some classic stories, as well as some all together new ones, with Gene and Paul. Sadly Eric Singer was on tour and couldn’t make it the one day this session was scheduled.

KOL: Will there be a KISSOLOGY 3 special on VH1 like there were for the first two?

KG: Yes, but this is for the band to reveal, I can say it will be very different, definitely bigger (like Volume 3 as a whole); some very cool surprises in store… I believe it will air LIVE at least a few weeks before KISSMASS! And that’s a wrap! (sorry.)

Ebay Madness – Stryper, Metallica, Pretty Wicked, Tempest, Warrior, & Twisted Sister

Stryper – The Yellow & Black Attack (Japanese import) CD sells for $899!

Stryper - The Yellow & Black Attack CD sells for $899.
I understand the need to have this CD for the diehard Stryper fan and for the serious collector: First, this is the original artwork. Second, the tracklisting is different. $899 is very steep and I hope the lone bidder enjoys the CD.

Metallica – …And Justice For All (1988) sealed longbox CD sells for $291.98!

Metallica - …And Justice For All (1988) longbox CD sells for 291.98
The sealed longbox CD craze is in high gear and people are paying very expensive prices. I understand the need to have this classic album in your collection but why sealed in a longbox? Aren’t you going to listen to it? If you have one already, do you need one sealed in a longbox for safekeeping? This nonsense makes me want to go out and look for these types of discs and start putting them to auction. Almost $300 for a CD that’s going for $10 used at the local record shop!

Pretty Wicked – s/t (1992) sells for 281.69!

Pretty Wicked - s/t (1992) sells for 281.69
This one is a repeat offender and it’s gone up in price! Last time I featured this CD, it went for $199.99 with BUY IT NOW. It’s up almost $82! I hope it’s good…..

Tempest – Hard Night CD goes for $185.50!

Tempest - Hard Night
I know nothing about Tempest and I didn’t find much online. I can vouch for the seller though, a major player in the collector’s circuit. I’d be interested in hearing this one, I like the cover art, and I would like to know what year this was released.

Warrior – Fighting For The Earth (1985) Japanese CD pressing ends at $152.50!

Warrior - Fighting For The Earth (1985) Japan import for $152.50
I have this! I paid a lot less but I have it! The seller is one that is also reputable and I have dealt with him in the past, always a good selection and good shipping to the U.S. There were 17 bids on this one, it’s a hard CD to find.

Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry CD for $150!

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (1984)
This is a joke right? $150 for a CD I can buy at any retailer? $150 for an album that is a used bin classic? Notice the seller on this one is new (Rating = 0) and the buyer had a negative rating (-1). Sounds fishy to me! Still, why would anyone list this CD for $150 and who would even bid on it at that price?

Press Release: KISSology 3 due 12/18/07, tracklisting, photos and details available


KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 1992-2000 in stores DECEMBER 18th!

KISSology 3 DVD

This is the biggest…the baddest…the most incredible of them all…

The third installment of the multi-platinum, hugely successful KISSOLOGY Series. KISS is back with their biggest statement to date – nearly TEN hours of KISS live on stage.

KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 also features – MTV’s UNPLUGGED performance, including songs that didn’t make it into the broadcast or CD version! Plus, a behind the scenes documentary shot during rehearsals and back stage – Never before seen!

And we teased this on KISSOLOGY VOL. 1 – the much heralded Queens, NY Coventry Show from December, 1973 – the band’s first ever concert filmed in make up in its entirety!

KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 1992-2000 has been super-expanded to four DVD’s – nearly TEN HOURS of KISS live and on stage! Includes over 100 live performances, commentary from Paul, Gene, Bruce Kulick & Tommy Thayer as well as a 20 page full color booklet!

FIVE CONCERTS included : DETROIT – 1992, DETROIT – 1996, LOS ANGELES – 1998, NEW JERSEY – 2000 and QUEENS, NY – 1973.

One version of the release will feature a FIFTH BONUS DISC of KISS’ performance at the KROQ WEENIE ROAST on June 15, 1996. Tracks include: “Deuce”, “Love Gun”, “Calling Dr. Love”, “Firehouse”, “Shock Me”, “100,000 Years”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Black Diamond” and “Rock and Roll All Nite”.

Pictured is the KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 Sales sheet from Fontana Distribution.

KISSology 3 sales sheet

New Tooth Tunes commercial featuring KISS

Can Paul and Gene whore themselves out anymore?

This toothbrush has been out for months as part of the brand’s initial run with versions by Queen, Hilary Duff, The Cheetah Girls, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, etc. I don’t have a problem with the actual toothbrush itself but did Gene & Paul have to put KISSology 2 and themselves in the commercial. I know it’s all about the money but when is it enough. I expected better from Paul.

By the way, I’ve had one for months and I’ve used it too. I almost bought the Queen one too but I didn’t because my oldest daughter had to have the Hilary Duff and Cheetah Girls versions.

DVD Scavenger Hunt: “AC/DC – Plug Me In DVD” Edition – 10/16/07

A small hunt today, AC/DC’s new DVD was really the only thing I wanted.

AC/DC – Plug Me In (3 DVD set) – $35: I went to the local Newbury Comics to pick this set up. It was advertised at $39.99 but I’ve found that the price is sometimes lower than advertised the first day of the sale. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case today. I decided to head to the Best Buy up the road because they had it in the Sunday paper for $34.99. Walked in…..grabbed it…..and then I remembered……

AC/DC – Plug Me In (Bonus CD) – $2: I was researching the prices for the 3 DVD set online early this morning and I noticed that Best Buy has a limited edition CD to promote the upcoming DVD. Basically, you get three audio tracks from the DVD set and an exclusive Best Buy coupon for $3 off the DVD set. The three tunes are: ‘Rock’n’Roll Damnation’ (Bon Scott, 1978), ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ (Brian Johnson, 1983), and ‘Thunderstruck’ (Brian Johnson, 2003). Granted, this is a sampler but this is already going for $15 on Ebay! I bought two… for my collection… to put to auction eventually.

Total – $39

WANTED: W.A.S.P. – Dying For The World (2002)



WASP - Dying For The World (2002)

W.A.S.P. – Dying For The World (2002)

W.A.S.P.’s DYING FOR THE WORLD has been one of those albums that I always look at when I’m shopping for CDs but I usually put back in the rack. W.A.S.P. has been a favorite of mine since the very beginning in 1984, a couple of my favorite records is the s/t debut in ’84 and 1985’s THE LAST COMMAND. Unfortunately, recent albums have soured me on the band and the main man, Blackie Lawless.

I was impressed with STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH (1995) that really should have been a Blackie solo record. I was on board for the darker KILL, FUCK,  DIE (1997) and the excellent live album DOUBLE LIVE ASSASSINS (1998) but it was the “return to the classic W.A.S.P. sound” on HELLDORADO (1999) that started my declining interest in the band. HELLDORADO was bad. It was full of late ’80s Metal clichés and patterns that made it seem like a bad rip-off of the first three records.  After HELLDORADO, I kept an eye on Lawless and company, I even saw them in concert, but I approached new material with apprehension.

I have every W.A.S.P. album up to this one but for some reason I never pull the trigger. The price is usually right, somewhere around $7.99 – $9.99 used, and it’s readily available in the stores, on Ebay, and online stores. One of the other reasons I usually pass is that I mix this album up with 2001’s UNHOLY TERROR. I own that CD but, for some strange reason, I always think I own DYING and need UNHOLY. I’ve added this to my ever-growing list of CDs I need/want, maybe I will pick it up soon.

Sunday Playlist – 10/14/07

Now because I had to stay for 3rd shift when my assistant called in sick, I didn’t have to go work during the day Sunday. Nice to get the day off!

Joe Lynn Turner – Second Hand Life (2007, Limited Edition): I just can’t get enough of this album! It’s a real solid Hard Rock feast! Look for a review soon…..

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon (2007): Another album that I can’t stop playing. It’s nice to hear the band return to form.

Icarus Witch – Songs For The Lost (2007): Icarus Witch has released two solid albums to start their career, they should be on everyone’s radar. A great blend of Traditional Metal and NWOBHM. Sounds like classic NWOBHM.

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007): Endeverafter is a great Hard Rock band that just hit the scene, I have been enjoying this album all weekend. Thanks to Tim at Razor & Tie Records for the CD. Check out the band at the Endeverafter MySpace page. Watch for an album review coming soon.

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007): Another band that I’ve recently discovered through the kindness of TVT Records. This album will be released on 10/30/07, just in time for Halloween. Look for a review coming soon and check out the Bobaflex MySpace page.

Vains Of Jenna – Lit Up/Let Down (2006): So far…..let down. I know that Vains Of Jenna is getting a ton of press, and they are supposed to be one of the best new Sleaze Glam bands, but I can’t get into this record. Not sure what it is because I’ve wanted to check this band out for a couple of years, I was really looking forward to hearing this record. Maybe it will grow on me. Check the band out at their official website.

Sunday Shuffle – 10/14/07

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
3689 songs (309 full albums)

I work second shift on Saturdays (4pm-12am), it’s one of those unfortunate results of being a boss. When the clock strikes midnight, my assistant takes over for third shift. At 11:55pm, my assistant called in sick, so I had to stay and pull a double shift. These things happen but it’s easier to do an extra eight hours when you have your MP3 player, here are the first twenty songs (band-song-year):

  1. Vinnie Vincent Invasion – ‘Animal’ – 1986
  2. Frehley’s Comet – ‘Rock Soldiers’ – 1987
  3. Iron Maiden – ‘Powerslave’ – 1984
  4. Dio – ‘Holy Diver’ – 1983
  5. KISS – ‘Jungle’ – 1997
  6. Saxon – ‘Where The Lightning Strikes’ – 1988
  7. Iron Maiden – ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ – 1982
  8. Royal Hunt – ‘Flight’ – 1993
  9. Saxon – ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ – 1980
  10. Scorpions – ‘Mysterious’ – 1999
  11. Alice Cooper – ‘Trash’ – 1989
  12. Def Leppard – ‘Heaven Is’ – 1992
  13. Krokus – ‘Streamer’ – 1980
  14. Iron Maiden – ‘Blood Brothers’ – 2000
  15. Judas Priest – ‘Worth Fighting For’ – 2005
  16. Jag Panzer – ‘Burning Heart’ – 1998
  17. Dio – ‘Pain’ – 1993
  18. Saxon – ‘The Preacher’ – 1997
  19. Alice Cooper – ‘Killer’ – 1971
  20. Autograph – ‘Crazy World’ – 1985

Bonus Track: Ozzy Osbourne – ‘You Said It All’ – 1980

Motley Crue – ‘Hell on High Heels’ (uncensored video, 2000) & ‘Fake’ (unofficial video, 2000)

Motley Crue – ‘Hell On High Heels’

Haven’t seen this video in quite some time. This is an official video and is uncensored so the are some breast shots…..wouldn’t be a Crue video without them!

Motley Crue – ‘Fake’

This is a video made by a fan but it is the original song from the album.

Motley Crue – New Tattoo (2000)

Motley Crue - New Tattoo (2000)

Motley Crue – New Tattoo (2000, Motley Records/Beyond)

  1. Hell On High Heels
  2. Treat Me Like The Dog I Am
  3. New Tattoo
  4. Dragstrip Superstar
  5. 1st Band On The Moon
  6. She Needs Rock ‘N Roll
  7. Punched In The Teeth By Love
  8. Hollywood Ending
  9. Fake
  10. Porno Star
  11. White Punks On Dope

Band Lineup:
Vince Neil – Vocals
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Mick Mars – Guitars
Randy Castillo – Drums

Producer: Mike Clink

Total Time – 43:27

Motley Crue official website

After reuniting in 1997 and releasing GENERATION SWINE, an album that was more modern and industrial, Motley Crue decides to return to their Sleaze Glam roots on NEW TATTOO. The return to the old sound is a positive move but the move that took fans by storm was the change at the drum stool: Tommy Lee quits and Randy Castillo is in.

Kickstarting the album is the lead single, ‘Hell On High Heels’. The song sounds like old school Crue circa 1987, this tune would fit in perfectly on GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS. Mick Mars is right up front in the mix but you can hear a bit of age on Vince. The song hooks you in and gets you singing right along, this is the Crue song we were waiting for with the reunion.

The high tempo continues with ‘Treat Me Like The Dog I Am’, probably the fastest song by the Crue in a long time. It’s catchy, you want to sing along at the chorus, and Mick’s guitar is solid, another nice intro to establish that this is a guitar record…..problem is the lyrics. It just seems like Nikki is trying too hard to be glam and punk at the same time. No matter, the song works. I like the breakdown mid-song where it slows down a bit and cruises into the guitar solo. Listen to Castillo’s drumming with all the crashing cymbals, makes you kind of forget about Mr. Lee.

The title track is a well done ballad. You can hear Vince go a bit out of tune here but that’s always been the charm of his studio vocals. Of course, he was out of tune completely live when I saw the tour! Acoustic guitars mixed with the electric and an easy chorus, it’s another classic ’80s Crue tune that seems to have jumped 10-15 years. The drums are mixed a little too far up front but it’s a minor complaint on a great song.

‘Dragstrip Superstar’ oozes sleaze from the olden days and is another hard charging song. I’m not digging the drum sound on the chorus, sounds like Lars Ulrich on St. Anger years later. Again, a minor complaint on a good song.

‘1st Band On the Moon’ continues the fast Mick Mars’ guitar slinging and Castillo cymbal crashing. Another standout track that could have easily fit on any release from THEATRE OF PAIN to DR. FEELGOOD. The lyrics are a little dumbed-down (mostly about chicks), so the seasoned Hard Rock fan might find the song juvenile but it’s really more retro than anything. The Crue was never that thought provoking with their lyrics anyway, it’s all about the party.

The band gets sleazy again for ‘She Needs Rock ‘N Roll’, one of the underrated tracks on the album. There’s a mid-tempo groove that pushes the song along with a pulsating guitar that incorporates old school with the GENERATION SWINE sound. Perfect vocals from Vince, this is the type of song where it’s supposed to be a bit out of tune. I could do without the breakdown just before the solo, I think it should be cut and the solo should kick right in. The song would have more power that way. Another minor complaint.

Six songs in, halfway through, and the band has delivered a kick ass album so far…..until…..

‘Punched In The Teeth By Love’ just sounds like filler. It’s uptempo with decent guitar but the lyrics and chorus. Remember all the songs that weren’t singles from THEATRE OF PAIN or GIRLS X 3? You get the idea. For me, this song is a waste of solid guitar and the worst original on the album. It does have one good line: ‘If there’s meat on the bone, she’ll wag her tail’…..priceless!

Gotta have another ballad to break things up and ‘Hollywood Ending’ delivers. Much like ‘New Tattoo’, ‘Hollywood Ending’ uses the acoustics prominently to supplement the overall guitar sound but the drums are perfectly blended this time. Again, Vince’s charm is that the guy has a unique delivery. His raspy vocals shine here and reminds me of the old days. One of the best songs on the record.

‘Fake’ is another guitar driven track that tells the tale of debauchery and deceit the band wove for close to two decades. I like this tune, it grows on you. Vince is a bit subdued but that could also be the mix. It’s a solid track.

Would it be a true Motley Crue album if there were no songs involving strippers or porn stars? Probably not so the boys put together ‘Porno Star’, basically a autobiographical song. Haven’t these guys been with enough strippers and porn stars over the years?  It’s a songwriting topic the band can always use and be trademark Crue. This song is the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ of the album content wise but the song is pure filler. I can do without all the “na-na-na’s” in the chours and the ganged background vocals at the end.

Cover song alert! Nothing I hate worse than an album of solid material tainted by a cover song. Why not use your own ideas? Much like ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’ from a few years previous, ‘White Punks On Dope’ lets the band have a little fun and get a possible concert staple. Motley Crue’s version of the Tubes’ original isn’t that bad but I just find it unnecessary like ‘Anarchy’. More filler.

Bottom Line:
Overall a solid Hard Rock record with only a couple of fillers. This could easily have been the follow-up to Dr. Feelgood if there wasn’t a lineup change with Vince. The band sounds tight: Mick plays extremely well and is still underrated in guitar circles and Randy Castillo makes you forget about Tommy Lee. Vince sounds like old Vince, not the GENERATION SWINE Vince (that material was originally written for John Corabi and then they changed singers again). Best songs on the album: ‘Hell On High Heels’, ‘New Tattoo’, ‘She Needs Rock ‘N Roll’, ‘Fake’, and ‘Hollywood Ending’.

Reissue Report: Metal Mind to reissue the first two Lillian Axe albums

From Metal Mind Productions: 

Lillian Axe – two albums in a new remastered edition 

Metal Mind Productions proudly presents re-release of two Lillian Axe albums: Lillian Axe and Love And War. Lillian Axe is one of those bands that managed to gather a truly loyal following during their career, but never really got the credit they deserved from the media. But despite the lack of commercial success, the band kept making new albums and continued their musical journey, only to become a cult act nowadays. Their latest offering “Waters Rising” proves that Lillian Axe haven’t lost their touch in delivering brilliant songwriting backed with a handful of catchy melodies.

Lillian Axe – the debut album from 1988 – includes 10 electrifying compositions, showcasing a variety of emotions, gathered in heavy rocking tracks as well as in beautiful ballads. It’s follow up, the album Love And War from 1989, is considered as one of the band’s best offerings to date. With these reissues you can now hear some of the best songs ever written by the group. These tracks cannot be ignored by any melodic metal enthusiast! This classic material taken from MCA archives will be available in a new digipak edition, released on golden discs, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process and limited to numerated 2000 copies. Both titles will be released on 19th November 2007 in Europe and on 22nd January 2008 in USA (via MVD).
Lillian Axe
“Lillian Axe” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1076 DG
Barcode: 5907785030923
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre:  melodic metal
Release date: 19.11.2007 Europe / 22.01.2008 USA

1. Dream of a lifetime
2. Inside out
3. Vision in the night
4. Picture Perfect
5. The more that you get
6. Misery loves company
7. Nobody knows
8. Hard luck
9. Waiting in the dark
10. Laughing in your face

Lillian Axe
“Love And War” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1077 DG
Barcode: 5907785030930
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre:  melodic metal
Release date: 19.11.2007 Europe / 22.01.2008 USA

1. All’s fair in love and war
2. She likes it on top
3. Diana
4. Down on you
5. The world stopped turning
6. Ghost of winter
7. My number
8. Show a little love
9. Fool’s paradise
10. Letters in the rain


Metal Mind has been reissuing some long lost classics in all genres of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the last year or so. I’ve picked up a couple of releases and they are top notch products. In my research, I found that all the licences for the albums were acquired legally through the proper labels. For fans that can find these out of print records, this is seriously good news.

— Steve

Press Release: Lana Lane to release Red Planet Boulevard 12/7/07 on Froniters Records

From Frontiers Records:

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Red Planet Boulevard, LANA LANE’s new studio album on December 7th 2007.

Lana Lane - Red Planet Boulevard artwork

The new album is a melodic rock feast that showcases Lana’s legendary vocals with timeless songwriting, all produced in a modern symphonic rock environment. The atmosphere of the album is both spacious and grand, soaring melodies and intimate phrases play against lush arrangements of guitar and keyboards, all intertwining in a compelling tango of orchestration that is pure Lana Lane.

Recorded in The Netherlands and in San Francisco, California, Red Planet Boulevard combines the feeling of European precision and old world mystery with the Bay Area’s legendary style and mood that is pure Northern California magic. The melange of locations shows in the album’s production that is both bombastic and moody, clear and heavy, intimate and extroverted. Producer/keyboardist Erik Norlander took on bass guitar duties as well for this release continuing in the role he played on the 2007 Lady Macbeth tour. Long time collaborators, Dutchmen Peer Verschuren (guitar) and Ernst Van Ee (drums), complete the instrumental trio in what Norlander calls “a sort of ‘Led Zeppelin’ instrumentation where we have guitar, drums and a bass playing keyboardist.”

Lana Lane (2007)

The Red Planet Boulevard musician line-up is indeed the most compact to appear on a Lana Lane album, but the trio does not falter in creating the massive Symphonic Rock sound for which Lana Lane is so well known. Walls of guitars, landscapes of keyboards and tectonic plates of bass and drums drive the arrangements with the energy and exuberance of a band that indeed went straight from the road into the studio. That touring seasoning shows in the subtle complexities of Red Planet Boulevard. This is a band that is experienced and skilled in their craft all supporting a legendary vocalist who is at the top of her game.

Twelve all original songs compose Red Planet Boulevard. The heavy rockers “Into the Fire”, “Capture the Sun” and “Angels and Magicians” along with the power ballad “Jessica” harken back to Lana’s 1995 debut release, Love is an Illusion, while in contrast, the anthemic “Shine”, “The Frozen Sea” and “No Tears Left” have a distinctly 21st century sound that fits perfectly with today’s iPod generation. The uptempo “Stepford, USA” re-tells the story of the quiet rural town with a dark secret, while “The Sheltering Sorrow” is a heart wrenching ballad that is epic in scale with links back to the late 60s majesty of early symphonic rock. The album concludes with the finale and title track, “Red Planet Boulevard”, where themes from each of the album’s songs is reprised in a grand orchestral rock style.

Lana Lane & Erik Norlander (2007)

Artwork is once again provided by Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka who has painted the covers for Lana’s many past masterworks. Photos for the album were shot by noted San Francisco photographer Mark Leialoha who brings his own style and vision to the Lana Lane production team. Fans of melodic rock, symphonic style and the amazing female rock voice, your light is green: make the turn onto Red Planet Boulevard!

Album tracklisting:
Into the Fire; The Frozen Sea; Capture the Sun; Jessica; Stepford, USA; Shine; Lazy Summer Day;  No Tears Left; Save the World; Angels and Magicians; The Sheltering Sorrow; Red Planet Boulevard.

Weblinks: / /


Just a quick comment here.

I’ve been a Lana Lane fan since 1996 when I picked up her second album CURIOUS GOODS. If you like good symphonic/power/progressive Rock then Lana Lane is an excellent band to check out. I haven’t heard a bad album yet from the band and the songs and music have always been top quality, even the covers albums! I suggest everyone check Lana Lane out.

— Steve