Judas Priest and Scorpions to tour North America together in 2008?

From ScorpsNews:
Lead singer/Guitar Player Joey Eppard of the Rock band Three says about 10 minutes & 15 seconds into this interview (http://www.dv-metal.com/entrevues/3151007.html) that Three might be involved in a Scorpions/Judas Priest Tour in 2008 in the States. Three was the opening act on 12 Scorpions shows this past fall in North America. I’m contacting both Judas Priest and Scorpions mangement for any confirmed information. I know that in the past I have posted 100% correct information and not rumored information in this news section. But I thought this was very important to post ASAP. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this news topic. This could be the Tour that would put the Scorpions on the map in North America again. When this news story is 100% correct or false I will post with all details on this site. SO STAY TUNE!!!!!

From Melodicrock.com on Nov. 1st:
Scorpions and Judas Priest looks likely to pair up for a full North American tour in 2008.


At this point, it’s all rumor but…..

The Scorps News site was one of the official outlets promoting the Scorpions U.S. tour through the band’s management AND Andrew at Melodicrock.com has tons of reliable contacts in the industry. Andrew doesn’t post a news bit or rumor unless there is serious information, his track record is impeccable.

Let’s hope this tour happens, it will easily fill good sized arenas indoors and outdoors because both bands could headline separate package tours. I will go to this one multiple times. Look for more info here as I find it…..

—- Steve

7 comments on “Judas Priest and Scorpions to tour North America together in 2008?

  1. Great news for the USA. This bands and tour will bring a lot of new people to the world of heavy metal and for older people this will be a dream.

  2. This would definitely be an arena tour…..if it comes to my area, I could possibly see this show 3 or 4 times. If the opener is a new band, it will help bring the younger crowd to the show but there are already a lot of young people going to these type of shows.

  3. I hope that if they come In the U.S.A, they’ll come in Quebec…
    I’am only 17 but Scorpions And Judas Are my 2 favorites bands.

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing The Priest live 10 times back in the day…Early to late 80’s. This run will definitely reel in number 10 and quite possibly 11 or 12! Anyone who has seen them crank out The Sinner or Beyond The Realms Of Death live on stage will call in sick that day and dig out the old concert shirt. I know nothing will keep me away. I have even got my wife who has never seen them psyched about the show! Can’t wait to see the dates released….What a great June birthday present that would be.

  5. OMG!!! This would be my absolute dream come true!!! I am a die hard fan of both bands and have been since I was about 12 years old. I am now almost 38 and still listen to my two favorite bands of all time! Rob & Clause are the God’s of metal and no one has or ever will compare to their range of vocal talents, lyrics and kick ass sound. I love both bands and would definately get VIP tickets to this show. What would be even cooler, is Doro Pesch as an opening act… she did a cover of JP’s breaking the Law and I believe she briefly toured with them once, also like the Scorpians, she is from Germany. Gosh, I hope this turns out to be true… so far I have only heard of the Metal Masters tour for 2008. Maybe we’ll all be surprized in 2009???

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