Reissue Report: EMI Records to reissue UFO albums Phenomenon, No Heavy Petting, & Force It with bonus tracks 1/28/08

From the official UFO website:

EMI is set to re-issue UFO’s first three Chrysalis albums, with a provisional release date of January 28th, 2008.

The albums will contain the following bonus tracks:

Phenomenon: ‘Sixteen’ (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds}, ‘Oh My’ (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds), ‘Give Her The Gun’ (German non LP Chrysalis single A-side), ‘Sweet Little Thing’ (German non LP Chrysalis single B-side), ‘Sixteen’ (Previously unreleased studio track), ‘Doctor Doctor’ (Recorded live 06/06/74).

No Heavy Petting: ‘All Or Nothing’ (Previously unreleased studio track), ‘French Kisses’ (Previously unreleased studio track), ‘Have You Seen Me Lately Joan’ (Previously unreleased studio track), ‘Property’ (Previously unreleased studio track), ‘Sunset Lights’ (Previously unreleased studio track).

Force It: ‘A Million Miles’ (Previously unreleased studio track produced by Leo Lyons at Morgan Studios, Dec 17th 1973), ‘Mother Mary’ (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75), ‘Out In The Streets’ (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75), ‘Shoot Shoot’ (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75), ‘Let It Roll’ (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76), ‘This Kid’s’ (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76).


I’ve been a member of the SITN (Strangers In The Night) Yahoogroup for years now and there has been a lot of talk in recent months of this project getting a proper release date. Finally, UFO’s back catalog will get a proper reissue with many bonus tracks, something collector’s like me really enjoy. The last really good CD reissue was the Japanese collection that came out on Toshiba-EMI/Chrysalis in 1999/2000, those are high quality and now out of print. Of course, I have all but two of them: Making Contact (1983) & Misdemeanor (1985)…..these are the two that command the highest prices on Ebay, etc. Of course, being a huge UFO fan and collector, I’ll buy them all again!

To keep up on UFO, please check out the following links:


Strangers In The Night (SITN)

SITN Yahoogroup

—– Steve

12 comments on “Reissue Report: EMI Records to reissue UFO albums Phenomenon, No Heavy Petting, & Force It with bonus tracks 1/28/08

  1. Interesting stuff… there is a lot of decent bonus material there. Of course, I’m still trying to collect the vinyl issues of the UFO albums (again!) but I can see these getting bought at some point too.

    Been a fan since picking up a copy of the double LP collection “Headstone” back in the 80s…

  2. Great specialy NO HEAVY PETTING and FORCE IT because they have many bonus songs that never have been release but PHENOMENOM already have two bonus songs that we know about of couse and that you can find on that single or on TIME TO ROCK, BEST OF SINGLE A´S&B´S double cd. Steve, if you dont have this double cd you need to buy it. Its realy great and was released back in 1998 on REPERTOIRE RECORDS.

  3. Bill – That HEADSTONE compilation goes for big bucks on Ebay for the CD version. The Lp is easier to find. I will be picking up these reissues and hoping the 2 Japanese ones from 2000 drop in price and climb in availability.

  4. Rene – I don’t have that compilation but I can get it anytime as its at the local shop. I’ll be grabbing all the UFO CD reissues.

    Rob – UFO is a great underrated classic band, buy’em all!

  5. Yep, I like them. Schenker played a mean guitar for UFO. They seemed to be a lot bigger in Europe than the U.S. Glad they are being reissued.

    Between these, and the new Lillian Axe releases…looks like my music spending is going to through the roof.

  6. First witnessed the Power and Majesty of 5 distinct characters known to all as U F O,in 1977. Winterland Arena,San Francisco,California. Rush headlines,and then…U F O cuts through the ethereal fog left over from the Opus 2112. And at that point,I was forever changed musically speaking. Saw them again on the Obsession tour in 1978. Tahoe Carson Speedway opening for Blue Oyster Cult. Another fantastic gig in which the band lost power just as the opening strains of Love to Love were bleeding out into the evening sky. The show took place outdoors,and I was there with camera in hand. Many pictures later,many great numbers afterward,I followed the group to the Ormsby House Hotel and casino and hung out with the boys. Great band,fantastic music,wonderful memories. Amen

  7. The UFO emi remasters with extra tracks are GREAT!!. Now it’s time to remaster/extra songs for LIGHTS OUT AND OBSESSION DO A GOOD JOB BOYS !!!!

    Gregory Reese/Houston,Texas

  8. The next batch of UFO reissues will be released in the US on 07/08/08,
    one week after the UK release date.

    (2008 REMASTER + BONUS TRAC / 214565

  9. Any of you UFO fans be able to help me?

    I downloaded a live version of “Lights Out” back in the Napster era. It was a smokin’ cut, started off with a crushing crescendo.

    It sounded kind of like a live radio recording, like in a radio studio.

    Anyone know where I might find that?

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