Ted Nugent – Love Grenade (2007)

Ted Nugent - Love Grenade (2007)

Ted Nugent – Love Grenade (2007, Eagle Rock)

  1. Love Grenade
  2. Still Raising Hell
  3. Funk U
  4. Girl Scout Cookies
  5. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
  6. Geronimo & Me
  7. Eagle Brother
  8. Spirit Of The Buffalo
  9. Aborigine
  10. Stand
  11. Broadside
  12. Bridge Over Troubled Daughters
  13. Lay With Me

Band Lineup:
Ted Nugent – Guitar, Vocals
Barry Sparks – Bass
Tommy Clufetos – Drums
Jack Blades – Bass

Produced by: Jack Blades & Ted Nugent

Total Time – 57:58

Ted Nugent official website
Ted Nugent on MySpace

It’s been a long time since I’ve really enjoyed a new Ted Nugent studio album. I started on my journey to the wild with Uncle Ted back in 1986 with LITTLE MISS DANGEROUS and I went backwards into the discography. While the older material is classic, Ted and company seemed to go downhill from ’86 on as the Hard Rock scene got a little softer and glammier. Comebacks abound, CRAVEMAN (2002) was a leap into a return to form but Ted has saved his best, and all the fun, for the explosive LOVE GRENADE.

The album kicks of with the fiery title track and you realize right away that Uncle Ted hasn’t lost the fire at 59 years young. Opening with a hard guitar intro that blends into the main riff, you know the man means business. Parts of this song sound a bit similar to the classic ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ but you have to really listen for it. ‘Still Raising Hell’ kicks things up a notch and gets the party started with a blazing riff and catchy chorus. It’s a barnburner of a track that states Ted’s back on the attack.

Put the title aside, ‘Funk U’ is another hellraiser speed track that Ted screams all over. Should a guy pushing 60 still sound so good? Solid solo and the band is tight as hell, of course Ted put’s in a great chorus that bound to be a crowd favorite. My favorite song on the album is the blues-based ‘Girl Scout Cookies’. Slow, bluesy, and very ZZ Top, the song takes two All-American products (Girl Scout Cookies & Ted) and becomes a Nugent tongue in cheek, innuendo filled, classic song. Ted never hid his tastes for very young women and you just have to laugh at the man’s audacity. Best lyric of the album: ‘I like the Thin Mints, ’cause nobody likes a FAT mint’…..priceless! I could do without the redone Amboy Dukes classic, ‘Journey To The Center Of The Mind’ but it’s done well. It gallops along the a harder main riff but it still retains it’s ’60s roots, most noticeably with the background vocals.

Looking at the titles ‘Geronimo  & Me’, ‘Eagle Brother’, and ‘Spirit Of The Buffalo’, you kind of get the idea of where Ted the Hunter is going. The man likes the young ladies but he likes his hunting and freedom even more. The three songs form a concept of sorts, all being separate but an extension of each other. ‘Geronimo & Me’ is fast paced and is all about Ted’s independence compared with his American Indian brothers, the man could continue to make album after album just using this topic alone. It’s got a good hook and the chorus is catchy, the title may give the wrong impression because it’s a good song. The song flows right into the instrumental ‘Eagle Brother’ and it’s a good way for the band as a whole to show off it’s chops. How many songs does Nugent have with the word “buffalo” in it? ‘Spirit Of The Buffalo’ continues in the nature, freedom, American Indian, frontier themes but there’s something to the song that keeps it from being filler. It’s a mid-paced track and Ted does a sad bluesy solo while naming all sorts of Indian tribes. If you can get by the title and subject matter, it’s a good song but not great. I guess you could also throw ‘Aborigine’ in with these three because the theme is the same. Another Nuge barnburner with the basic riff mirroring the chorus. This is a fun tune actually, Ted doing some different voices on the chorus. It’s simple, basic and primal and I guess that;s the point.

‘Stand’ is another soapbox for Ted’s views on people, politics, and the world. Another rocker but the subject matter may turn some people off. I like it, sometimes Ted is at his best when he lets his beliefs guide his creativity. ‘Broadside’ is another rockin’ tune with a cleaner guitar line and a major hook. Almost sounds like a Damn Yankees cast-off, not surprising with Jack Blades involvement.

Does anyone write songs about nailing young women better than Ted Nugent? Maybe Gene Simmons? ‘Bridge Over Troubled Daughters’ is the partner to the previous ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ but it’s not as good. I get the parody on the Simon & Garfunkel title but the song has filler written all over it. More filler with the bluesy ‘Lay With Me’, it sounds like bad ZZ Top and bad ted Nugent. A few good solos in ther but I could have done without it.

Cover 2A nice little extra that came with the pre-order was the inclusion of the limited edition artwork. Of course, I paid a little more for the CD ordering direct from TedNugent.com but I did receive my CD day of release. Inside there is another picture of the same woman in a school girl outfit on a platter on the tray card and the artwork on the CD is a cartoon version of the above picture.

Bottom Line:
The Motor City Madman is back and full of attitude and guts. I didn’t expect this album to be bad or good, just middle of the road. My expectations were exceeded and I really enjoy the whole album, aside from the last two songs and the instrumental. Actually, when you listen to the album as a whole, those songs blend in well and really aren’t bad, more like average filler. This one is a surprising contender to make my Top 10 of 2007 on the strength of the sneak attack Ted engineered. Favorite songs: ‘Love Grenade’, ‘Girl Scout Cookies’, ‘Funk U’, ‘Geronimo & Me’, and ‘Stand’.

6 comments on “Ted Nugent – Love Grenade (2007)

  1. Ted is an American Icon, walks it like he talks it! Though he’s often been a bit hit and miss, Blades’ involvement looks like its help guide him to a very definite hit!

  2. Still on my ‘might buy sometime’ list this one. If always found one or two tracks on Nugent albums that I enjoy but have yet to rally enjoy a complete album. I like the idea of him collaborating with Jack Blades though as I enjoyed the first Damn Yankees album a lot.

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