Freddie Mercury – R.I.P. 16th anniversary

Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, Switzerland

Freddie Mercury – R.I.P. (1946-1991)

Sixteen years ago, my favorite singer, Freddie Mercury passed away at 45 years young. To this day, Freddie is remembered by family, friends, and fans and his legend continues to grow. I never had the chance to see Queen live with Freddie at the mic but the music they created is just as special now as it was when I first heard it. Rest in peace Freddie…..

Queen official website

14 comments on “Freddie Mercury – R.I.P. 16th anniversary

  1. Since the very first time i hear him , i lover him, then i knew he was death, by the time i borned, oh , he is my soul, such a good an d fancy singer

  2. I remember when I god the bad news, I start criying like he was my family. I called sick to my work and returned 2 days later. Freddie I hope you stilly rocking in heaven. FYI. Every time I listen to “The Show Must Go On” I can feel and understand the pain you were suffering. R.I.P. THE BEST ROCK SINGER EVER!!!

  3. Freddie still is the greatest performer of all time. I go n see Queen + Paul Rodgers in 10 days, n I can’t wait.
    Freddie we miss u, we love u and we will never 4get u!
    Forever, Sami X X

  4. Freddie is a a real Genius as a singer and composer . And with Roger and Brian and John, I believe they are the God’s of all Rock Bands and Singers that will walk on the face of the earth.

  5. Wow I recently saw a Queen in concert DVD at a friends house and just fell in love. I had heard a few songs before but it was amazing to and feel the energy of their concerts. Freddie was soooo charismatic and just full of a magnetism beyond words.
    You live long in many hearts Freddie.


  6. i’ve always liked Queen’s music since I was in my teens, now I’m 45 and I’ve recently discovered on the net a lot of stuff about their concerts, interviews and documentaries I had never seen before. It has been a true revelation. I’m astonished!!!!!!!!!! I bought all their albums and listened to so many beautiful songs I didn’t know…I’ve cried and rejoiced and gone almost crazy and now…They are and will be part of my life forever!
    And what about Freddie? I’m not a plain fan…I’m definetely DEVOTED to Him…Holy Freddie God bless you.THANKS A LOT DARLING R.I.P.

  7. freddie mercury is the best i wasnt even born when queen where around but i still listen to the music they are the best and there music is timeless its so sad that he died but he lives in his songs and im just thankful that he did them.

  8. I completely missed Queen, I’m the same age as Freddie was and I did not know Queen existed, until this year. I feel the same way you all do. He was a God, and the band members are Gods. Most amazing music and most amazing soul, spirit and heart that ever lived. Changed my life. Love, love, love.

  9. Me, again, I wrote the previous comment. I just want to say I overstepped, how could I possibly know everyone who ever lived? Let me just say that he had the most amazing soul, spirit and heart that I’ve ever known.

  10. I may be 11 but me and me year 6 teachers and class mates did WE WILL ROCK YOU or SCHOOLS WILL ROCK YOU. Freddie mercury was what we talk about all of the time Freddie you live in in my hart R.I.P bye Freddie. Your the best

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