CD Scavenger Hunt – Ebay Edition – 11/28/07

There are so many 2007 releases that I haven’t picked up yet, a lot of them are out now around the world but will be released in the U.S. in early 2008. I decided to take a look at Ebay and some online shops last Wednesday, I found two auctions ending Thanksgiving so I watched, waited, and won! Considering the holiday weekend, both CDs were shipped Friday and arrived today.

Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild (2007) – $18.50 (includes shipping): This was a deal I couldn’t beat anywhere! The seller was from the U.S. and he had low shipping ($4). I’ve been waiting patiently on this CD to either show up at my local record store or find a deal at a couple of my favorite online shops. I haven’t found this for less than $20 plus shipping…..until now. I had a high bid of sixteen dollars and won with $14.50. So far, an excellent record.

Primal Fear – New Religion (2007) – $11.51 (includes shipping): Another album high on my want list for a few months but still commanding no less than $17 plus shipping at online stores. I got lucky as this seller had four separate auctions for this CD ending within an hour. I watched all four and got the best deal at $7.01. The shipping was about the same as Airbourne ($4.50) and it was another U.S. seller so that meant faster shipping. My only disappointment was that the auction listed the “limited edition digipak” and I thought I was getting the limited edition digipak with the two bonus videos. Unfortunately, no videos but the digipak is actually available in both versions, I just have the regular one. No worries, I’m still psyched at getting this for a bargain. So far, another solid album.

Totals – $30.01 for 2 CDs that are currently imports.

5 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – Ebay Edition – 11/28/07

  1. Very good prices STeve. I still have to buy the new PRIMAL FEAR album. I bought yesterday the limited edition new HELLOWEEN album, REAL TO REEL 2 by TESLA and MOTHERSHIP(2CDS+DVD) by LED ZEPPELIN.

  2. I like the Airbourne CD and I think they are going to get a serious push when it comes out here in the states next month. However I think they are a little overhyped because although it’s good, it’s nothing new because it’s so AC/DC.

  3. Rob – Airbourne’s album is great, so is the new Primal Fear.

    Rene – Great buys there, get that new Primal Fear, it’s good.

    Metal Mark – People love AC/DC and they are slow to follow up STIFF UPPER LIP. Airbourne may be a bit over-hyped but they are good at what they do.

    Rene – Look for my review and the videos I posted.

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