CD Scavenger Hunt – 12/5/07

I promised myself that I would cut down on the spending with the holidays getting closer but I keep going. The deals are really good, especially on Ebay, and the new CDs & DVDs are still coming.

Saxon – To Hell And Back Again (2007) (2 DVD) – $19: I’ve been looking forward to this since the Summer. Saxon is one of my favorite bands, and if this is half as good as the Chronicles DVD set was, I’ll be a happy metalhead. The sale price was $10 off and there were three copies and I knew that there wouldn’t be any past the weekend.

Sebastian Bach – Angel Down (2007) – $9.60: How can you beat that price?! One of my favorite sellers had five copies up for grabs, all starting at $4.99. I won mine at $5.60 + $4 shipping. Better than the sale price at the store!

Motorhead – Better Live Than Dead: Live At Hammersmith 2005 (2 CD) (2007) – $8.99: Again, how can you beat that price?! When this came out a few weeks ago, the record store had this on sale for $13.88, it’s regular price is $17.99. Same seller as Sebastian Bach, same starting price at $4.99 and the guy had two copies. It comes out to a 2 disc set for half the regular price. Too bad this guy doesn’t combine shipping but it’s a minor complaint.

Total = $33.59

3 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – 12/5/07

  1. Saxon I don’t listen never…Sebastian Bach is a excellent singer,seem at Axl Rose,but Bach is better than Axl.The Sebastian CD’S is a great album only for content his voice…And the Lemmy Kilmister CD’S I have!,is a excellent disc…long live to Aerosmith!

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