Matt Barlow replaces Tim Owens in Iced Earth

 Matt Barlow

From Iced

Hello Dear Friends!

Once again the winds of change are upon us, and this time I can say that I am very happy about the result.

While out on the European tour I had several in depth discussions with many loyal Iced Earth fans. A common theme of these discussions was how much Matt is missed. I agreed with the fans that things were not the same and that it was a very special period in Iced Earth’s history.

When I heard several months ago that Matt was going to be doing a project in music again, I was thinking about contacting him and seeing what his intentions were. I didn’t act on this because I was so focused on the writing of the new epic, and frankly, it just didn’t seem realistic.

Well, after getting out on the road and speaking with many of you directly, I decided to call Matt and see how he was doing and if he was interested in working together again. I am proud to say that he is coming back to Iced Earth and we will be getting back to work in the studio very soon.

Matt will be singing on Part 2 of the Something Wicked concept CD and we will be looking forward to getting out on tour and delivering a series of Iced Earth shows that will rival any in the history of the band. And there will be a proper DVD filmed from this period, something we’ve all been waiting for.

I want you all to know that it was you who made this a reality. I have missed Matt’s presence onstage and in my personal life in a big way over the past few years, so I appreciate your honesty in our discussions. It did help me realize the decision to move forward with pursuing this. The fans have spoken and we have delivered!

You true fans know that I’m a straight shooter, I say what I mean and mean what I say. And though I value your opinions greatly, you must believe that this is a decision that comes completely from the heart and is not motivated by anything other than what feels the best for Iced Earth. This is the way that things have always been dealt with, for better or for worse, but always honestly and from the heart.

Tim Owens is a great and talented singer and I wish the best for him and his future on a personal and professional level.

There will be more news soon as to further developments and plans. This will push back the release of Part 2 a bit. Not because we couldn’t be ready to record in time, but because of a new addition to Matt’s family in early 2008!

I am very happy to announce that Iced Earth is truly BACK!

Have a great holiday season. We’ll be in touch very soon with more details.

Jon Schaffer


Wow! Can’t say I saw that one coming. Tim Owens is out of Iced Earth and former vocalist Matt Barlow replaces him. It’s a puzzling move in the fact that the band just released FRAMING ARMAGEDDON (Pt.1) this year and it’s a solid record from what seemed to be a solid partnership. Barlow is the Iced Earth sound but his return is confusing because he left to pursue a career in law enforcement and it was a tense split. Not sure what all the reasons are but Iced Earth just got better. No offense to ‘Ripper’ Owens, he did an excellent job vocally on two Iced Earth albums but he has put himself into two bands replacing a unique voice, if I were him I would concentrate on a solo career. No doubt he would have an excellent one just take a listen to the Beyond Fear debut. I wonder how long it will be until Jon Schaffer re-records FRAMING ARMAGEDDON (Pt.1) with Matt Barlow’s vocals…..that’s something I’d like to hear.

—- Steve

19 comments on “Matt Barlow replaces Tim Owens in Iced Earth

  1. Just as I was really getting used to Ripper in IE. Framing Armageddon is a favourite of mine. Oh well. Maybe Ripper will join Annihilator or something…. Waters needs a better singer. Or maybe it will just be Beyond Fear for Ripper now, which would be OK.

  2. Barlow is one of my favourite metal vocalists and I’m estactic that he’s returning! That said, Tim Owens was nothing to shun, he did a spectacular job too, but c’mon! Barlow!

    Falconer made a similar move by asking back their original vocalist Mathias Blad after using Kristoffer Göbel for 2 releases. Kris was good, but not as folk like as Mathias and that effected the sound of the Grime vs Grandeur album.

    This is fine news indeed!

  3. I never realy liked Ripper owens, specialy his live attitude(on stage) but now i feel a little sorry for him. First JUDAS PRIEST now ICED EARTH but IE just went downhills with Owens. He doesnt have the carisima like BARLOW. I still liked the last ICED EARTH album because i never have been a Barlow fan but i still understand that he is the number 1 singer of IE.

  4. WOW!!! man, Iced Earth seems to be a revolving door for musicians. Just when I think the band has ANOTHER solid line-up this happens. By NO means am I dissappointed but I am beginning to think that Jon isn’t loyal to his fans or the musicians that have given us GREAT music for 15 plus years. There seems to be a kink in this Iced Earth chain. For our sake, letz hope that this ICED EARTH line-up embraces the fans
    BLESSED ARE WE !!!!!!!!!

  5. YES!!! I knew this day would come. We are the children of the night, and I’m proud to say Matt is the best singer ever. A question of Heaven on Alive in Athens touches my soul, not because it is written masterfully, It is Matt’s vocals that make my soul scream for more. Iced Earth is and has alway’s been my favorite band. Matt and Jon are like Ping to Pong. They are friggin awesome. This news just made my year great, It’s been a shitty one. This message is for all true I.E fans, but it is really meant for Jon and Matt and the band in whole. You are the one’s for which we’ll die……. Because without you we would have never known how to truly live .

  6. Well, I can’t say I like Ripper. I call him the Ted McGinley of metal: I wonder which band he will ruin next. Anyway, I liked Barlow in Iced Earth, but I was looking forward to the Pyramaze album he was working on. I wonder if he will stay in both bands

  7. That definitly is not fair with Owens. I must say that what he did in the song Framing Armageddon is far from Barlow’s reach, and that song is a kill. Anyway, everyone missed Matt’s voice, and it came back at last. If things were done correctly there would be a public “I’m sorry” from Schaffer, and there would still be no way for Tim not feel betrayed, although then maybe he could forgive. On the other side, now is his opportunity to make a thing that is his own, without the shadow of someone like Halford or Barlow lurking to cloud his talent. Songs like Framming Armaggedon, Waterloo, Hold at all Costs, Red Baron/Blue Max and his lives perfomances with JP proved that he is talented and absurdly good metal singer, but to him himself be one of the Gods he has to craft the path himself, no shortcuts.

  8. The Barlow era of Iced Earth was great, but Schaffer seriously needs to get his head examined for parting ways with Tim Owens. Tim could sing all the IE classics, brought a powerful new voice and style to the band, and certainly has a lot of class and loyalty. I think that Jon will come to regret letting a vocal minority of fans cloud his judgement about what was in the best interest of the band musically…

  9. I don’t listen much music of Iced Earth but I know what Matt Barlow is a very good singer…Iced Earth is a good band,”Sometimes…” is a good album and ”Waiting over me” is a espectacular song!…

  10. Well, i just got the news. A lil late, but fuck it. I’m, like all you IE fans, a huge follower of IE’s work. I must say that by reading those puzzled words “Matt is Re-joining IE” i was really moved. Its been what, 6 years or more since Ive been listening to false metal, praying that Matt returns to aid IE. Now with his return there will be no reason to not listen to their trully Icy Work. I know that Matt will clean up and reshape IE to the way prior to his departure. Welcome back, Puto!

    Now, someone must make a couple of phone calls to Christy, to do whats best and Rejoin ALSO!!!! Fuck Howard…In Fact, someone should call the Stern Show when its live and request to talk to Richard and put him on the spot.

    it’ll be good ol’ times. Peace.

  11. Some one should call James too. I anticipated that he would rejoin IE when he quit MegaDeth, but it didn’t happen. He’s the best freakin’ bassist on the globe and also a great backing vocalist (which is missed live). Who knows, IE might be heading for the best line-up ever!

  12. Matt Barlow is an excellent vocalist. So is Tim Owens. Though different, They are equally great. It’s great to see Matt back. But by the same token, It sucks to see Tim go.
    If I had my way, Jon would keep them both. Matt Barlow doing the songs suited to him(IMO) like Dante’s Inferno, & The Coming Curse. Tim Owens doing the songs suited to him(IMO) like Ten Thousand Strong, & Travel In Stygian. But we don’t always get what we want, But we can dream.
    Personally, I think working exclusively on his own thing, is the best thing he could do for his fans & himself.
    Another thing also, Engaging in a pissing contest on who’s better, is foolish waste of time & effort.

  13. the only one who ever successfully pulled off replacing a singer with another was Bon Scott replaced by brian Johnson in Acdc.

    if the story of bon drinking himself to the sky didnt get published, nobody would have batted an eye when back in black came out.

    saying that, nobody sounds like EITHER of those two. Brian pulled it off flawlessly.

  14. well i think owens should go back to winters bane where he first started, thats where he fits the most ,if don’t beleive it go to amazon and buy the cd winters bane ,heart of a killer and you’ll hear the best of tim owens. for iced earth congrats matt for being back about time.

  15. I was so happy when I listenned to the album 2008 Iced.Earth-The.Crucible.Of.Man and I found that Matt Barlow is returned to the band the former of Iced earth and the greatest voice of the band without him I didn’t like the albums 2003 and 2007

  16. He let Ripper go on what grounds ? The fans said so ? So he made a gents agreement where it said if the fans say so, you’re out ? It was the sales. I love the fact that Matt’s back
    but please don’t give us that emotional crap. Not so straightforward after all…

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