Ebay Madness – Tora Tora – Revolution Day (1994 unreleased 3rd album) studio master reels end at $2136!

Tora Tora – Revolution Day (1994 unreleased album) studio master reels sells for $2136!

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Someone out there just got an early Xmas gift! And an expensive one at that! Bidding started at $9.95…..under ten bucks! There were 49 bids.

Let’s read the acurate description from the auction:

This auction includes:

1) The ACTUAL studio back-up MASTER REELS for the 1994 UNRELEASED 3rd CD (titled Revolution Day) from Melodic Rock outfit Tora Tora!!! What makes these reels so interesting is that until I discovered them in a box five years ago, no one even knew Tora Tora recorded a third CD. Wikipedia says “Revolution Day, was recorded in 1994, but it was never released due to label restructuring. After missing the due date, the band folded.”

Both reels are on ¼” tape and these are 2 track stereo masters. For those of you that may be wondering exactly how rare these tapes are; when a band recorded albums on analog tape, three sets of masters are made. A master and a back-up master which are kept by the record company and then a third back-up mixed master which is either kept by the studio or the producer of the album. Luckily, I obtained a box of various reels from music biz veteran/Tora Tora producer-Tom Werman about five years ago with several additional Melodic Rock Masters. These are a one-of-a-kind set. Reel 1 contains Side A of the album and Reel 2 contains Side B. Good luck!

Both reels should play back perfectly although I would strongly recommend having them professionally transferred. Please email me when you bid just so I can have a record of the bid.

A little research suggests that the band had the album ready to go and it got lost in the shuffle when A&M Records went through a restructuring. The tracklisting I found online included:

  1. “Memphis Soul”
  2. “Candle In The Stone”
  3. “Rescue Me”
  4. “Shelter From The Rain”
  5. “Out Of The Storm”
  6. “Me and You”
  7. “Blues Come Home To You”
  8. “Mississippi Voodoo Child”
  9. “Revolution Day”
  10. “Livin A World Away”
  11. “Little Texas”
  12. “Time And The Tide”

I’d be interested in hearing this release.

— Steve

11 comments on “Ebay Madness – Tora Tora – Revolution Day (1994 unreleased 3rd album) studio master reels end at $2136!

  1. I remember reading an interview with Tora Tora’s bass player at least three years ago. He said the album was ready to go, but the label shelved it because of the changing music trends. He also said he didn’t think it would ever get released, but he didn’t say why. I liked their two albums a lot. I saw them in 1992 in a club where it must have been a hundred degrees, but they were very good live as well.

  2. The price s steep, but at least that’s a pretty rare piece for a serious fan. I liked Tora Tora, but not enough to pay that kind of money. I was at that show at Hammerjacks in Baltimore with Metal Mark. It was a good one.

  3. I too saw Tora Tora live when they toured for their first album. I would love to hear the third album. They ought to sell this to a label like Retrospect that can give the tape proper treatment.

  4. Memphis Musik, where did you get the cd? I am very interested in purchasing a copy. I sent an email to you.
    I saw them on several occasions, stuck with me for over 20 years now.
    Whenever I am in Memphis I try to go out to the bars, just in case.
    Freekin ebay.

  5. Hey there, I would LOVE a copy of Revolution Day. I was a big fan of this band and am very curious to hear this record. Let me know if you still have on available.

  6. Wow, I would love to have a copy right off of these masters. I’ve seen various bootleg posts that have it availalbe, but it sounds like it came from a cassette demo and has hiss in it. I wonder if these masters would produce a good / quality CD? How do we make that happen???

  7. I have a copy of this cd that was made directly from the original recording. There isn’t any backgroung hissing sound on it at all. Anyone that might want a copy can email me at troyblok@gmail.com and we can work out a trade. It really is a kick ass cd. Rock on fellow metal heads.

  8. Hi, I have listened to this album, and it is awesome! Anyway, I’m just writing to say that I have downloaded the entire album for free, and I have a link that can get you to it for free also. THIS IS NO SCAM! It may not sound perfect, but that is because someone, can’t remember who cleaned up a bootleg copy with new software. Enjoy, and I hope I have helped you,

    P.S.- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XUQ69N58
    There’s the linnk

  9. just downloaded a torrent encoded as a .rar do a search for tora tora revolution day in google. Christmas in January here!

    • The bootleg copy floating around was shot from cassette to CD and it sounds like crap it plays too fast.Be patient everyone it is going to be released by FNA records maybe in late 2010 so wait and get the real deal. :)

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