The 5 Worst Albums of 2007

It’s been another solid year for new releases, hundreds of bands have released new albums in 2007 and it’s been very hard to keep up. I can’t buy everything and the money I put aside for my music fix has to be spent wisely. Unfortunately, I’ve had the misfortune of spending my hard earned cash on some really bad albums. So here is my list of the 5 Worst Albums of 2007:


Manowar - Gods Of War

Manowar – Gods Of War

Absolutely the worst album I bought this year! I am a big Manowar fan and I have been since the early ’80s but this tests my loyalty. One look at the deluxe packaging and everything looked promising, the band really put a solid visual package together for the fans. I wasn’t big into translating the whole booklet but it gave me something to do while I listened. Unfortunately, the music was long and boring. Concept albums are hit or miss, for every OPERATION: MINDCRIME there are many subpar efforts. Even though the concept falls in line with the Manowar line of thinking, it’s hard to follow. How many orchestral passages does one album need? How many sound effects? Half the albums was instrumentals and narratives, for an album over an hour long, that’s a complete waste of time! The other half of the album was proper songs but even then they were too over the top and that’s saying something because everything Manowar does is over the top. Even the accompanying DVD (available on the limited edition) didn’t help.


Vixen - Live & Learn Vixen – Live & Learn

What could you really expect from Vixen in 2007 anyway? Somehow, the nostalgia of my youth and the $9.99 price tag got the better of me and I bought this the day it came out. My big problem with this was that it just didn’t sound like Vixen. All the members are different except for guitarist Jan Kuehnemund and the mix is awful. Maybe if Janet Gardner was still on vocals then LIVE & LEARN could have escaped this list but the record would still need better production and better songs. Oh well, you live and you learn (pun intended)!


Peter Criss - One For All (2007) Peter Criss – One For All

At least I knew going in that this wouldn’t be a Rock ‘n’ Roll album, that takes some of the pain away! This album was a must for me because I am a KISS diehard but I didn’t get value for my dollar. Overall, the music isn’t bad but the vocals are…..he’s not Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett no matter how hard he wants to be. Knowing this album would be mellow and light with no Rock, I knew what I was getting.


Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain (2007) Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain

This is not an Ozzy album. This is a Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society album. Don’t believe me? Spin this CD once and compare it to any BLS album… get the idea. It’s obvious that Ozzy is out of ideas and he needs as much help writing as he does from ProTools with his vocals. Obviously, Zakk Wylde is the driving force behind Ozzy’s music even though the writing credits say different. Ozzy’s vocals are enhanced by studio trickery more than ever and the overall packaging of the first pressing leaves a lot to be desired, even with the code for two free Ozzfest tickets. Ozzy had the opportunity to make a real kick ass record and he didn’t. As I wrote in the review: “…’s (the album) decent but it doesn’t blow me away. And I expect to be blown away by Ozzy.”


Sebastian Bach - Angel Down (2007) Sebastian Bach – Angel Down

You wait 9 years and release this? I think the five songs on BRING’EM BACH ALIVE (1999) are much better than these songs and having Axl Rose as a guest star on three songs doesn’t make it any better. So why did I buy it? Simple…..hope. I had hope that Bach would make a good solo record, especially considering he had plenty of time to write good songs. I think my biggest disappointment here is the vocals, they are not good. Sebastian Bach has been considered to have one of the better voices from the ’80s and he just doesn’t show it. If the vocals were better, I would have kept it out of the Worst 5. I have yet to properly review this album but I’m definitely done listening to it.

13 comments on “The 5 Worst Albums of 2007

  1. I like Sebastian Bach’s new one and thought the vocals were fine. Ozzy’s album stunk, but he hasn’t done anything good since No more tears. Supagroup Fire for hire was horrible. Roadkill’s album was very bad and a guy named Paul Epic did a really terrible album whose title I can’t recall at the moment. Those are the worst albums I can think of for 2007.

  2. I didn’t hear 1-3, but I’m totally with you on 4 and 5. Ozzy is just embarrassing himself at this point. He should hang it up. The new Sebastian Bach got a lot of positive reviews. On first listen, I thought it was okay, but with each subsequent listen, the sheen began to fade and I could see it for what it is: Bach going through the motions rather than putting any passion into his music.

  3. I nearly got away with missing all 5 of these but unfortunately weakened on the Ozzy release… and what a load of rubbish it was. Unfortunately he’s trading on name alone now and hasn’t produced an album worthy of his legacy since No More Tears imho.

  4. I avoided Ozzy’s due several bad reviews, Bach’s I’m still weighing in on, but will probably buy. I’m indifferent on Vixen and and although I like Kiss and Peter Criss, I avoided as well because it sounded like an album I would listen to alot.

    I tend to listen before I purchase CD’s nowadays and so avoid most crap, but c’mon Manowar, that would have been disrespectful… however, I was rather dissappointed and will not make the same mistake next time.

    You’re right, just too damn much orchestration.

  5. Mark – I really wanted to like Bach’s album, it just didn’t click for me. I received a copy of Roadkill’s album, thanks for the heads up!

    Bob – Don’t bother picking up the first 3, just not worth it. I totally agree on Ozzy and Bach: here are two guys that could strengthen the scene in the mainstream and the laid a huge turd.

    Bill – Well, you’re lucky you only caved on the Ozzy, I bought all 5 and looked forward to hearing them.

    DPTH – Manowar is doing a full series of these concept albums, looks like I’ll have to go back to the classics than move forward with the band.

  6. I have the new BACH album coming my way on the post. I hope my opinion about that cd is better then your Steve lol.
    I dont agree about MANOWAR Steve. Okay, you get 6 instrumental tracks but you also get 9 complete songs. A lot of times a album only have 9 songs and now you get 6 instrumentals for free. I have to be honest and say that i hate those instrumental shit but i just go to the songs only, without listening to those instrumental and narrations.
    I didnt buy the OZZY, VIXEN and PETER CRISS albums because i listen to some 30 seconds samplers and didnt like them at all. I AGREE WITH YOU, THOSE ALBUMS SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
    Happy new year brother. HAIL TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,.

  7. I liked the Ozzy album, but because it sounded like Black Label Society. I haven’t been much of a fan of the Ozzy/Zakk combo, but I love each one of them separately. I think this album finally brought the two together…but that’s just me.

    I’ve only listen to Bach a couple of times, and I didn’t hate it. I gave it an honorable mention on my list, but really haven’t spent much time with it yet.

    My biggest disappointment this year was Poison’s covers album. Poor song selection and not enough new recordings.

  8. Wow, we’re definitely of two different opinions on the Bach album.

    Luckily, I surfed the net for reviews on the Manowar and Criss releases when they were released… Every single one of those reviews said the albums were terrible. I was really looking forward to both. Oh well.

  9. To the extent that the Manowar album is a bit overwrought with instrumentals and narratives I can understand some disappointment. Yet, I found myself liking it, and in some strange way I have always known they were working toward this type of Grand concept CD. Maybe the orchestras should have been mixed with the band more like the Therion way of doing things insteaD of seeming like a separate intrusion.
    Still, when Manowar busied themselves with being Manowar it gets quite good. I don’t think I could ever have listed it as #1 worst.

  10. Sure we can’t compare Bach with his earliest Era, but through his New Age of American Heavy Metal musical approach, compared with A7X or other younger generationx, those can’t beat him Down… And ‘Falling into you’ is the greatest power ballad in ’07

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  12. I am sorry but I have to disagree with you. Angel Down brought back memories of the heavy sound Sebastian had with Skid Row in Slave To The Grind. I thought it was pretty awesome to hear the screaming competition of voices between Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose in this album. I still think Sebastian has one of the best and most flexible singing voices in metal history.

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