Picture Perfect: Warrant reunion with Jani Lane

Warrant 2008 with Jani LaneWe all knew it was going to happen again sometime! Warrant has reunited with original vocalist Jani Lane. Now all the original members are back together and Lane is back on the mic replacing Jaime St. James (Black ‘N Blue). I’m not really sure what is going on hear but it’s obvious that the newly reunited original Warrant will be touring because this photo comes courtesy of their booking agent, The William Morris Agency.

I guess this a good thing for Warrant fans, I could care less. I saw the band in the ’80s, I saw the band with Jani Lane on the Poison tour back in ’01 and I wasn’t impressed, especially with Jani. The guy left out in the cold is Jaime St. James. Jaime put in a great performance on Warrant last record, BORN AGAIN (2006), and I was digging the new sound. Now I get to hear ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘I Saw Red’ and how Jani hates singing the “hits”. 

Look out Rocklahoma! Here comes Warrant! And I thought the Pretty Boy Floyd reunion was news, wow! (sarcasm on heavy)


UPDATE – 8/12/2011:

R.I.P. – Jani Lane (1964-2011)

Jani Lane, former lead singer of Warrant, found dead at age 47.

Jetboy – The Glam Years Movie DVD & CD (2007)

Jetboy - The Glam Years Movie and CD (2007) DVD

Jetboy – The Glam Years Movie DVD & CD (2007, Deadline/Cleopatra)

Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go 1986 DVD:

  1. Fire In My Heart
  2. Car Sex
  3. Rockin’ And Reelin’
  4. Quick Draw
  5. Shout It Out
  6. Cut Me Down
  7. Bad Disease
  8. In The Alley
  9. Little Teaser
  10. Don’t Mess With My Hair
  11. (If You Don’t Wanna Fuck Me Baby) Fuck Off!

DVD Bonus Material: Slide show photo movie, Interviews & Footage from the re-recording of ‘Feel The Shake’

(Region 1, NTSC, DVD Running Time = 110 minutes)

CD tracklist (rare demos + 2 new recordings):

  1. Little Teaser
  2. In The Alley
  3. Don’t Mess With My Hair
  4. Car Sex
  5. On The Lips
  6. Fire In My Heart
  7. Bad Disease
  8. Quick Draw
  9. Losin’ Streak
  10. Cut Me Down
  11. Feel the Shake 1987
  12. White Rock Devil
  13. High Gear
  14. Bullfrog Pond
  15. Moonlight
  16. Groove Tube
  17. Crank It Up
  18. Slowgrind
  19. Folsom Prison Blues
  20. Feel the Shake 2007
  21. In The Alley 1991 (bonus track)

CD Total Time – 1:18:23

Jetboy official website
Jetboy MySpace page
Cleopatra Records

Back in ’80s, there were so many talented bands coming out of California that the scene began to get overcrowded and diluted. Bands got signed by big labels one day and promptly dropped the next. a string of sold out shows would be played in L.A. and then going on the road wouldn’t be as kind. So many bands went through this fate but still cultivated a strong fanbase that is still alive today…..Jetboy is one of these bands.

I remember hearing about Jetboy through music magazines, they were an up and coming band that took their influences from Punk, Hard Rock, and Glam and had a connection to another new band, Guns ‘N Roses. How could you not get into a band that had a connection to GNR? GNR had just taken the rock world by storm in ’87 so I had to check out Jetboy on affiliation alone. I also knew of the band by the unfortunate death of Todd Crew (bass), who was a good friend of GNR, the guys in Guns went out of their way to mention Crew in interviews. I picked up FEEL THE SHAKE (1988) when it came out and DAMNED NATION (1990) right after.

THE GLAM YEARS MOVIE is split into two parts: the Whiskey ’86 concert and the interview documentary. The concert footage is straight from Billy Rowe’s archive and is obviously a home video. The video is decent but the sound is rough…..your basic, one camera, raw bootleg that’s a nice time capsule of where the band was in ’86, pre-label. Jetboy is energetic and having fun on stage while entertaining a packed house. Yes, I said “a packed house”, you don’t get that today for an unsigned band. What makes the DVD is the interview portion where the surviving original members (Mickey Finn, Billy Rowe, Fernie Rod & Ron Tostenson) talk about life in the band: the formative years, Tod Crew’s death, getting signed, getting dropped, and the future. There’s insight into the band’s history as told by the members who lived it without regret but with full appreciation of the era with an eye on the future. I enjoyed the interview section the most.

The accompanying CD is an added bonus. Mostly comprised of rarities and demos, some released in the mid to late ’90s on independent labels, the album is a look back at the early Glam days of the band. You can feel the Punk vibe mixed with the hard Rock flair that the band easily created. Somehow it all sounds fresh 20 years later. It’s also nice to get to new recordings: the Johnny Cash classic ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and a re-work of the band’s first single ‘Feel The Shake’.

Bottom Line:
A great package overall with the highlights being the interview segment of the DVD and the accompanying audio disc. I liked the Whiskey concert, it was OK, but it could have been better if the audio was re-touched a bit. All in all, a solid historical release on Jetboy…..here’s hoping that the band puts out some new material in the future.

CD Scavenger Hunt – 1/25/08

Two hunts in one week! Life is good!

I had a coupon for 15% off 3 used CDs at Newbury Comics that expired end of this week so I had to use it. There were also a few new releases that had to be bought: new Brainstorm, Pagan’s Mind, and Gamma Ray.

Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free II (2007)Gamma Ray – Land Of The Free II (2007) – $10: Had to pick this up because it’s been out in Europe and Japan for a couple of months already and this was the official U.S. release date. The sale price was a bargain and waiting paid off rather than paying import prices. You can’t see it in this picture of the album cover but mine has circle in the lower right corner that announces it’s a new studio album, the band members, and Gamma-Ray.com. It almost looks like a sticker that is usually on the wrap but it was incorporated on top of the artwork. A small disappointment for the artwork.

Pagan’s Mind - God’s Equation (2007)Pagan’s Mind – God’s Equation (2007) (2 CD set) – $10 used: Another album that was released in Europe late in 2007 but just received it’s U.S. release this month. Originally, I had a brand new copy in my hands for $12.99 sale price but I found it used for $3 less…..another bargain! How can you go wrong getting a 2 CD set for ten bucks? Plus I had the coupon for 15% off!

King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul… Please (2007)King Diamond – Give Me Your Soul… Please (2007) – $10 used: I passed on this when it came out because there were other albums I wanted that weren’t as readily available. I knew I could get this CD easily as there’s always a healthy stock of the King at Newbury Comics. Stumbled upon this mint used copy while I was trolling the bins, easily five bucks less than the regular price. Add the 15% off coupon and it’s another bargain.

Benedictum - Uncreation (2006)Benedictum – Uncreation (2007) – $14: I got shut out of the new Brainstorm album, the store only stocked two copies and they were all sold out. I decided to pick up Benedictum because I have been meaning to check the band out and I wanted to get a feel for the band before their new album’s U.S. release in March (it’s out now in Europe!).

Y&T - Black Tiger (1982)Y&T – Black Tiger (1982, Japanese import) – $15 used: Bargain of the week! Nothing is better than when the record store decides to clean shelves and markdown CDs and put them in the used bins. This CD was SEALED with the OBI strip, everything in perfect new condition. It was labeled “used” just to move it because it had been there for years. I checked the date on the original price tag and the CD had been sitting there 7 years at the standard import price of $29.99. I’ll take it for half off plus my 15% off coupon. A steal!

Total (after coupon & w/tax): $53

WANTED: Dio – Intermission (1986)



Dio - Intermission (1986)

Dio – Intermission (1986)

I took a look at my Dio collection late last night and I noticed that Intermission is missing in action. I have no idea why I never picked this up back in the day because Dio was, and still is, one of my top bands. I think I probably bought a studio album by another band instead of this live album back in the day.

In my travels to record stores, there used to be tons of copies of Intermission on CD. Now I barely ever see it! I could easily get this on Ebay on vinyl, there are lots of good vinyl copies ranging from $4.99 to $14.99 but I want this on CD. There is one seller that has 2 copies available but the price is too high: $16.50 BUY IT NOW with $3.75 shipping. That’s just over $20 for a disc by a very popular band, I’d rather pay at least half.


Update – 2/10/08

Just picked this up off Ebay, read about the purchase here. Take another one off the list.

CD Scavenger Hunt – Ebay Edition 1/23/08

Helix - The Early Years (1991)Helix – The Early Years (1991) – $19: This was a reissue of Helix’s first two albums, Breaking Loose (1979) & White Lace And Black Leather (1982), all in one package. I wanted to buy these from Brian Vollmer himself at Planet Helix but they are sold out. I’m on a major Helix kick since I picked up the new album a couple weeks ago and I didn’t want to wait. I’m on a quest to finish my Helix collection.

Surgeon - The Sign Of Ending Grace (1991)Surgeon – The Sign Of Ending Grace (1991) – $8: Don’t ask me to explain why I wanted this obscure piece of German Metal but I wanted it badly. I think I read an article years ago on forgotten German Metal bands and I had it in my head to track this down. Sometimes I get focused on an album and do everyting I can to track it down. I lost an auction for this CD a couple of months ago so this shot to the top of the list and I haven’t heard any of the music!

Q5 - When The Mirror Cracks (1986)Q5 – When The Mirror Cracks (1986) – $9: This is the reissue on High Vaultage from 2000. This purchase was made because I wanted to complete my Q5 collection and it’s another CD off my High Vaultage list…..I’m trying to collect everything they’ve released because they are excellent reissues with bonus tracks. If you’ve heard the first Q5 record, Steel The Light (1984), you’ll like this record.

Total = $36

Reissue Report: The Stuff – s/t (1993) possible re-release by band to be “affordable”

From TheStuffMusic.com:

A Piece of Indie CD History!

The Stuff - s/t (1993)

You’ve seen the FRENZY on Ebay for original copies of this rare CD. Now is your chance to own a new, high quality, re-issued CD at a bargain price! We’re scrambling to produce enough to keep up with demand, but we’re NOT cutting corners on quality!

With an intro track called “The Hunt” similar to “Ginger Snaps” from Danger Danger on the Screw it! release, you know this one will please all.

Includes some great rockin’ tracks like “Open Season”, “Touch Me”, “Learn By Living” and the massive Dokken like epic closing track “Castaway”. Don’t worry no hair rock indie would be complete without some killer tear jerkin’ ballads like “Someone New” and “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

The vocals, lead and harmony, song writing and the blistering guitar work make this one a must.

Once we produce them the price will be $15 plus shipping!


Works for me! Just like the Surrender CD, this CD by The Stuff has brought a ton of money at auction and the band members took notice. I would always like to have an original CD but when the band puts the effort into reissuing it themselves, you know they care about the music and the fans. $15 is very reasonable no matter what the shipping will be. I’ll pick up a copy.

There are samples at their website for everyone to check out.

—- Steve

Sunday Playlist – AFC Championship Edition 1/20/08

As many of you may know, I am a New England Patriots season ticket holder (Section 143, Row 18, Seats 1 & 2), I’ve been one since 1992. Every Sunday from September to January, I am consumed by the NFL and my beloved Patriots.

Of course, yesterday was Championship Sunday and my best friend and I were in the parking lot tailgating promptly at 11am (gametime was 3pm). Normally we listen to the pre-game shows on the radio but we decided to bust out the tunes and crank’em loud! We had our MP3 players so we each picked one song from the bands we had, sort of like a duel!

Here’s a sampling of some of the songs we played while we pigged out on buffalo wings, shrimp, bacon cheeseburgers, and Samuel Adams Lager:

  1. AC/DC – ‘For Those About To Rock…We Salute You’
  2. AC/DC – ‘TNT’
  3. Ozzy – ‘Crazy Train’
  4. Ozzy – ‘No More Tears’
  5. KISS – ‘Rock And Roll All Nite’
  6. KISS – ‘Shout It Out Loud’
  7. Iron Maiden – ‘Run To The Hills’
  8. Iron Maiden – ‘Can I Play With Madness’
  9. Judas Priest – ‘Grinder’
  10. Judas Priest – ”Love Bites’
  11. Van Halen – ‘Ice Cream Man’
  12. Van Halen – ‘Panama’
  13. Twisted Sister – ‘The Price’
  14. Twisted Sister – ‘Burn In Hell’
  15. Guns ‘N Roses – ‘Mr. Brownstone’
  16. Guns ‘N Roses – ‘Paradise City’
  17. Scorpions – ‘Can’t Live Without You’
  18. Scorpions – ‘No One Like You’
  19. ZZ Top – ‘Legs’
  20. ZZ Top – ‘T.V. Dinners’
  21. Black Sabbath – ‘Paranoid’
  22. Black Sabbath – ‘The Mob Rules’
  23. Dio – ‘We Rock’
  24. Dio – ‘Stand Up And Shout’

We also picked one song each from a new album we were enjoying:

My friend picked: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Radio Nowhere’

My pick: Primal Fear – ‘Fighting The Darkness’ (all 3 parts)

This duel looks to be a continuous thing so I’ll have to post each week’s next season. Go Patriots!

Ebay Madness: The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD sells for $1125.01!

The Stuff - s/t (1993)

The Stuff – s/t (1993 independent release) CD sells for $1125.01!

Seller – mistdiscs
Starting price = $4.99
Number of Bidders = 33

Here’s the auction description:

This is an original copy of the ultra hyper rare and obscure 1993 hair rock indie release from THE STUFF. Going on a cd hunt and finding this type of killer release is what dreams are made of. With little doubt this has to be one of the very best finds I have ever come across in my 5 plus years of selling on Ebay. The sound, the look and the attitude of this gem is what brings fans of the genre to their knees. Fans of Firehouse, Danger Danger, Tyketto, Dokken, Jailhouse and Blind Date and every other catchy Hair Rock band that have a melodic AOR touch will love this indie.

 The Stuff #2 The Stuff #3

With an intro track called “The Hunt” similar to “Ginger Snaps” from Danger Danger on the Screw it! release, you know this one will please all. Includes some great rockin’ tracks like “Open Season”, “Touch Me”, “Learn By Living” and the massive Dokken like epic closing track “Castaway”. Don’t worry no hair rock indie would be complete without some killer tear jerkin’ ballads like “Someone New” and “I Will Always Be There”. The vocals, lead and harmony, song writing and the blistering guitar work make this one a must. With one bid, a lucky collector will have the chance to own one of the rarest and very best hair rock indies out there. I have never seen or heard of this one and I doubt many collectors have as well, so make you bid count because this is the one and only cd I have to offer. Includes 11 tracks and is in mint condition.

I was watching this CD the whole week and I just knew that this one would go for big bucks. I’ve never heard of The Stuff and I can’t talk about their music but I can talk about the seller: mistdiscs. I watch this seller’s auctions all the time because there is always a rare regional indie (like The Stuff) that goes for large money. Mistdiscs has a 99.9% rating and is always a big player in the collector’s market.

One thing I’ve always noticed is when a CD like this one sells for a lot of money, copies come out of the woodwork. As of this post, there are four new auctions for The Stuff CD:

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD with a $250 reserve

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD that is being sold by a student of the guitarist

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD with a starting bid of 99 cents and a BUY IT NOW of $899.99

The Stuff – s/t (1993) CD with a BUY IT NOW of $599.99

People smell blood money, so I’ll bet more copies come out in the coming weeks. Just for the hell of it, I put in a 99 cent bid on auction #3!

Odin – Human Animal E.P. (2007)

Odin -Human Animal E.P. (2007)

Odin – Human Animal E.P. (2007, independent release)

  1. Human Animal
  2. Helpless
  3. Let The Show Begin

Band Lineup:
Randy ‘O’ – Vocals
Jeff Duncan – Guitar
Aaron Samson – Bass
Shawn Duncan – Drums

Produced by: Odin

Total Time – 11:35

Odin official website
Odin MySpace page

Remember the cult classic movie, The Decline Of Western Civilization Pt.2 – The Metal Years? There was a Sunset Strip band featured that has gotten more recognition for the movie, and their antics n the hot tub, than their music…..Odin.

I’m not going to dwell on the movie because Odin is back and this E.P. is just a taste of what the band has in store for 2008. There are only three songs on the CD but each one features a tight musical machine and one hell of a voice in Randy ‘O’. The music reminds me of old school, early ’80s, Metal…..maybe a touch of Armored Saint (Jeff Duncan) mixed with Judas Priest and ’80s L.A. Hard Rock. It’s full on Heavy Metal, the band is going straight for it with a huge guitar sound and big-time wails from Randy’O’. I admit to being surprised at Randy’s voice, it sounds bigger and stronger now than it did before.

Bottom Line:
Forget the movie and take a listen to this E.P., each song is strong and power packed. Odin looks to come back in a big way in 2008. Check out the Odin MySpace page (link above) to hear these songs and place an order.

Def Leppard – Songs From The Sparkle Lounge release date announced

From Def Leppard.com:

Songs From The Sparkle Lounge release date and U.K. competiton

Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (temporary artwork)

With March 27 being the start date of the band’s World Tour to support their upcoming album SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE, many of you have been wondering if the album will actually be released before the kickoff show. We can hereby tell you that as of today, the album is scheduled for release on MARCH 17 in the UK and MARCH 18 in the rest of the world. That’s right — in about two months the band’s new album might be in the shops! Please note this is a TENTATIVE date and therefore may change.

Furthermore, the first single off the album will be called “NINE LIVES” and will feature a guest appearance by country star TIM MCGRAW.

As a special promotion around the album release, Amazon is offering UK fans the chance to win a very special prize! One lucky winner (and friend) will get a trip to Miami to see Def Leppard’s second show on the tour, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami on March 29 (two hotel nights included). All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, is enter some of your details on Amazon.co.uk and you’ll be entered into the prize draw.

Pre-orders for SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE are now also accepted at Amazon.co.uk.

The Great Kat – Beethoven On Speed reissue (1990/2007)

The Great Kat - Beethoven On Speed (1990)

The Great Kat – Beethoven On Speed (1990/2007 reissue, Metal Mind Productions)

  1. Beethoven On Speed
  2. Ultra-Dead
  3. Flight Of The Bumble-Bee
  4. Revenge Mongrel
  5. Funeral March
  6. Kat-Abuse
  7. God!
  8. Made In Japan
  9. Sex & Violins
  10. Beethoven Mosh (5th Symphony)
  11. Gripping Obsession
  12. Paganini’s 24th Caprice
  13. Worshipping Bodies
  14. Guitar Concerto In Blood Minor
  15. Total Tyrant
  16. Bach To The Future: For Geniuses Only!

Produced by: The Great Kat, John Matthias, & Monte Conner

Total Time – 32:39

The Great Kat official website
The Great Kat on MySpace
Metal Mind Productions
Roadrunner Records

Three years after her debut, WORSHIP ME OR DIE!, the Metal goddess, The Great Kat, is back with her vision of bringing Classical Music back to the public eye by bludgeoning them with her guitar! BEETHOVEN ON SPEED is billed as “the LP of the 21st Century”, the ultimate album by the ultimate musical genius of out time. The Great Kat is talented, there is no question about that, her degrees from the Juilliard School in NYC speak volumes of the musician she is (or should be). One has to wonder why, with all the talent and training, Kat has decided to uses Thrash Metal as her forum rather than her natural Classical talents.

The Package:
Metal Mind Productions has a great reissue series going right now, licensing many out of print titles from Roadrunner Records and making them available again to the Metal masses. All reissues in the series are strictly limited edition to 2000 copies, each CD is numbered (mine is #1995). Metal Mind provides a nice full color digipak and booklet (with liner notes) and the CD is fully remastered. Like the first Kat album, there is no bonus material, a small disappointment as I can’t see any bonus tracks making the overall musical content any better.

The Music:
The whole point of the album is so Kat can take the music from her main inspiration, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and re-invent it through the ear-splitting shred of her guitar. I enjoy Beethoven and to hear the Kat’s interpretations of his compositions at least made the album mildly interesting. It’s important to note that The Great Kat tightened up her sound a little, there are some actual basic riffs that sound decent enough. It’s not all frantic, out of control, shredding for the sake of shredding. The good news is that I found a few songs that were actually listenable: ‘Ultra-Dead’, ‘Funeral March’, the acoustic half of ‘Sex & Violins’,and parts of ‘Beethoven’s Mosh (5th Symphony)’.

Bottom Line:
For disciples of The Great Kat, it’s another great package by Metal Mind, the music made available again after a long hiatus being out of print. BEETHOVEN ON SPEED is a marked improvement compared to Kat’s debut, WORSHIP ME OR DIE!. The songs are tighter, sound better musically, and Kat’s shouting vocals are improved. What is obvious is that Kat has talent but it’s possible she is going in the wrong direction. It’s obvious that she can play and arrange Classical Music but it’s a mystery to me why she wouldn’t want to pursue her calling in true Classical form. Pairing Heavy Metal/Hard Rock and Classical influences has been done by some of the best guitarists of the genre: Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth…..the difference is that they do it better than The Great Kat.

The Great Kat – Worship Me Or Die reissue (1987/2007)

The Great Kat - Worship Me Or Die (1987)

The Great Kat – Worship Me Or Die (1987/2007 reissue, Metal Mind Productions)

  1. Metal Messiah
  2. Kat Possessed
  3. Death To You
  4. Satan Goes To Church
  5. Worship Me Or Die
  6. Demons
  7. Speed Death
  8. Kill The Mothers
  9. Ashes To Dust
  10. Satan Says
  11. Metal Massacre

Produced by: Kurt Shore & The Great Kat

Total Time – 30:15

The Great Kat official website
The Great Kat on MySpace
Metal Mind Productions
Roadrunner Records

I took notice of The Great Kat when this album was released back in ’87 but I never paid much attention. Here was a virtuoso musician that graduated from the Juilliard School in New York City that decided to incorporate her love of Classical Music with the power and fury of Speed Metal. Right away I knew it had to be a gimmick, from the over the top “metal goddess” image Kat uses, to the pairing of two specifically different styles of music at such an extreme. One look at this album cover and I knew that I wouldn’t like The Great Kat, I thought of her as a speedy rip-off or Lita and Doro. Never bought the album and never heard a note until now…..

The Package:
Metal Mind Productions really has a great reissue series going right now, licensing many out of print titles from Roadrunner Records and making them available again to the Metal masses. All reissues in the series are strictly limited edition to 2000 copies, each CD is numbered (mine is #1863). Metal Mind provides a nice full color digipak and booklet (with liner notes) and the CD is fully remastered. The only complaint is that there is no bonus material but, after hearing the album, it’s not a big deal.

The Music:
There really isn’t much to say, the songs are fast, over the top, and…..bad. What I heard coming out of my stereo sounded more like a really bad demo from a talentless early ’80s Thrash band than a classically trained, and self proclaimed, musical genius. The songwriting is juvenile and Kat’s guitar is very fast but it’s nothing special or amazing, I’ve heard faster shredding, and better songs, from many bands in today’s Black and Death Metal scenes. Add Kat’s wailing shriek that she calls “vocals” to the music and it’s a total disaster. Lucky for me the album clocks in at just over 30 minutes because this was an unbearable listen.

Bottom Line:
If you’re a fan of The Great Kat, you will like the reissue, Metal Mind puts out good product and her music is readily available again. To the uninitiated, the music is shocking because it’s so bad. To think that Roadrunner actually signed The Great Kat to a deal is amazing in itself, I can’t imagine future albums being any better. It’s a good thing to have a gimmick and exploit it for self-promotion, KISS has done it for years, but if the music doesn’t hold up then it’s all a big waste. Listening to this record was 30 minutes of wasted time.