CD Scavenger Hunt – 1st Hunt of 2008 – 1/2/08

Here we are…..2008! I hope everyone had a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year’s. I took about a week off after posting my 2007 year end lists and now I’m back…..and on the hunt.

As usual, I spend the beginning of the new year catching up on releases I missed from the previous year. I make a list for 2007 releases I missed and add it to the main Want List. 2007 had hundreds of new releases and I couldn’t afford to buy everything so there are some big name bands that released albums this past year that I didn’t get. There are also many new bands I wanted to check out. Many new albums were released in late November and December, those albums had to wait as holiday shopping took over.

I don’t get many gifts because Christmas is for the kids but I do get a few, usually gift cards for the local record store. This year, almost all of the gifts I received were gift cards and my want list is big…..very big! My Mommy gave me $150 in cash and a $25 gift card to FYE and my in-laws gave me $60 in gift cards to Newbury Comics, all very good gifts. I waited until the holiday return rush was over and I made my way out to burn those gift cards (The $150 in cash is for online ordering).

Let’s start with the FYE trip ($25 gift card and a $3 off coupon)…..

FYE is a major music chain but their selection is terrible. The location near my house used to be a Strawberries Records & Tapes but that chain was absorbed by FYE. In Rhode Island, there were many Strawberries but their numbers went down as big box retailers and malls took over business. The one a mile from my house used to have superb selection but FYE has turned it into a joke. I trolled the bins and I couldn’t find anything I really wanted so I decided to get whatever I could and get out of there…..I came up with two good albums:

Queen – The Game (1980) – $15.99: I had every intention of picking up THE GAME with my gift card bonanza. This album was a feature of my WANTED column and it’s at the top of my want list. The price was way too high ($18.99) but I was armed with a $3 off coupon so I bit the bullet and picked it up for $15.99.

Rainbow – Bent Out Of Shape (1983) – $7.99: A great price for a sealed brand new copy of the Joe Lynn Turner era classic, featuring the big hit ‘Street Of Dreams’. This CD was a part of the Rainbow remaster series from the late ’90s and it’s usually around $10. I figured that this CD’s price made swallowing the extra few dollars on THE GAME easier.

Total (with tax/after coupon) = $25.18
Final Total (after gift card) = 18 cents

Now we move on to the Newbury Comics portion of the adventure:

Newbury is my favorite record store and it’s my usual spot. The closest location is a few miles away, about 5 minutes from the FYE, so it was an easy ride down the street. Newbury is a bigger store, has better selection, and better prices. I went mostly for 2007 releases that I had missed. There were a few that had multiple copies so I went for the albums that had that one copy that would be gone by my next visit…..

After Forever – s/t (Ltd. Ed. CD/DVD) (2007) – $14.99: I’m a sucker for female-fronted Symphonic Metal. I like bands like The Gathering, Within Temptation, Epica, Leaves’ Eyes, and Tristania, so After Forever was a band I wanted to check out for a long time. There were two copies of this CD: the regular CD with the bonus track for $15.99 and the CD/DVD with the bonus track for $14.99. Not sure why the CD/DVD version was a dollar less but I took it.

Helix – The Power Of Rock (2007) – $14.99: Always been a big Helix fan and I just read Brian Vollmer’s book Gimme An R! (2005) again just before Xmas so I was ready for this new album. I was surprised to see it stocked because releases on Perris Records are few and far between in my area so this was going to be an online purchase. If you head to Planet Helix, you can listen to the whole album and order it there.

Lillian Axe – Waters Rising (2007) – $14.99: I passed this CD up in the beginning of December figuring that no one would buy it…..I was wrong, it was gone the next week. This album came up on many 2007 “best of” lists so I had this on the radar today. One copy back in stock, it was mine no matter the price.

The Donnas – Bitchin’ (2007) – $14.99: The album cover is pure ’80s and I read some good reviews online so I figured I would take this opportunity to pick up mu first Donnas album. If it sucks, I didn’t pay for it, my in-laws did with the gift card. A nice surprise inside: a code for free downloads from the Donnas’ website. If I like it, it’s great value.

Lordi – The Arockalypse (Special Edition CD/DVD) (2006) – $13.99: By this time, my gift cards were used up but I figured I’d treat myself to one more CD because there was a used copy of the new King Diamond album at a decent price. I went to see how much the brand new copy cost compared to the used copy when the Lordi logo caught my eye. Lordi has been on my list for awhile but I always looked at them as a Gwar rip-off so I always passed them up. Great value here because there is a bonus DVD and three bonus tracks, I figured it was worth a shot and the new King Diamond had many copies in stock.

Total (with tax) = $77.65
Final Total (after gift cards) = 17.65

The first hunt of 2008 proved to be successful and full of value. My total for both stores was less than $18 so I think I did pretty well. While I was out, I was able to price a few things so I could compare online prices. The next installment should be another successful run.

7 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – 1st Hunt of 2008 – 1/2/08

  1. I discovered your site late last week and I’m really enjoying it. Our two favorite bands are the same, KISS and Judas Priest. I wanted to comment on your purchase of Lordi “The Arockalypse”. Man, I love this CD. I bought it in 2006 and it’s still spinning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I also recommend that you check out Norway’s Wig Wam, outstanding hard rock band. Their image is fun and their music is excellent.

  2. I wish I had known you needed Waters Rising because I have an extra copy. Lordi are alright. I thought they sounded like a cross between Raise your fist and yell Alice Cooper and UDO’s early solo stuff.

  3. Curious to hear what you think about the Donnas CD. It has a very 80’s pop metal feel to it. I like it quite a bit. Its still in my top 10 at HRH… may not stay there too much longer. Once the new releases start rolling in, that list is going to change.

    Rob Rockitt
    Hard Rock Hideout

  4. great great trip again to the record stores Steve. Very nice read, very relaxing and cool.
    Anyway, i still have to buy the new HELIX cd. I bought GET UP at the beginning of 2007, a 7 song mini cd, all of them later released on THE POWER OF ROCK cd. I realy love HELIX too but didnt want to spend money on THE POWER OF ROCK because i have already most of the songs on GET UP but at the end i will buy it of course. I am happy that HELIX is back kicking ass because ITS A BUSINESS DOING PLEASURE cd and ROCKIN IN MY OUTER SPACE cd were very very bad in my opinion.
    I love that RAINBOW album too. I dont know if you have RESCUE YOU by JOE LYNN TURNER but it came out 2 years after BENT OUT OF SHAPE and its even more aor/melodic hard rock.
    LORDI kick ass and i even helped them to win the EUROSONGFESTIVAL by phoning at the contest day lol.
    I hated THE DONNAS but i listen to some samplers(i liked the cover art, thats why) and like it. I still dont know if i want to buy it, same with the last LILLIAN AXE cd, i am afraid not liking it to much(even if i like their old albums).

  5. Jamie – Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy coming back. So far I dig the Lordi CD and it’s getting a lot of spins. I know about Wig Wam, they are excellent! Their last albym, WIGWAMANIA, is total ’80s Hard Rock and done extremely well.

    Mark – I appreciate the offer on Lillian Axe. That’s an interesting comparison for Lordi, I hear the Accept/UDO vibe as well.

    Rob – Only listened to The Donnas new record once but it sound pretty good.

    Rene – I know this is one of your favorite topics, mine too. Helix is like AC/DC, they just keep doing the same thing over and over because it works. Old school Hard Rock never dies! I have RESCUE YOU by JLT, it is excellent.

  6. Yes, HELIX is like AC/DC in that way. Same with bands like DIRTY LOOKS or before KIX. Always doing similar albums but always great. I have a lot of respect for bands like that.

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