Two Year Blog-versary: Still Addicted!

Today marks my second full year of blogging and I’m going strong! I thought that the first year was a good one but I never imagined that the second year would grow the way it did. It’s been a fun way to talk about heavy music online with like-minded people, I don’t have that outlet offline. I’ve made a few friends around the U.S., and around the world, and I’m glad to hear from everyone. So let me give you all an idea of what has improved with Heavy Metal Addiction and how the site has changed/grown…..

The first thing that happened in 2007 that made me take notice that people were reading was hitting 100,000 readers on July 6th. That was a cool milestone to hit but it was even cooler to hit 200,000 just before Christmas! Readership doubled in five and a half months and I’m not sure how it’s happened but I’m glad it did. There are people coming in from all over the world but it is still my core readers that are doing all the commenting. I hoping for more interaction and comments this year and I’m dying to see when I hit 300,000!

Taking a look at the blog stats, it looks like the Addiction has grown every month. In 2006, I averaged 2000-3000 readers a month with the exception of August 2006 when I posted the video of Poison fighting onstage. That post alone boosted the number of readers (almost 24,000 hits!) that year but major news stories in 2007 like Gene Simmons’ facelift, the Van Halen reunion, and Arnel Pineda taking the Journey singer slot really made the readership rise. Reviews are bringing in the masses as well. Many people are still coming for my reviews on Iron Maiden’s A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH (2006), Ozzy’s BLACK RAIN (2007), and Quiet Riot’s METAL HEALTH (1983)…..while taking in some of the more recent ones as well.

So what does 2008 bring?

Well, I must be doing something right because I am getting noticed by labels, distributors, and bands and they are sending me CDs and DVDs to review. I have a ton of promos sitting on my desk now and many more are coming so there will be an abundance of fresh, diversified music coming. Add that to all the CDs & DVDs I buy in a year and I’m hoping to have a lot of reviews coming. Problem is I have to find time to listen to it all!

I’m going to revive a couple of features that seem to be very popular: Ebay Madness and Band Week. Ebay Madness gets a ton of hits and comments when I post a new entry and I started to get a little more active on Ebay towards the end of the year so that fire is back. My intention was to have a Band Week every couple of months or so but that stopped after some of the weeks became multiple weeks! I think my features on Quiet Riot and Black Sabbath lasted 2 weeks each. I’m looking into a streamlined version of this with for 2008. Another idea I have is to bring back the Metal Trivia but I’m not sure and the WANTED! column is definitely going to get more attention. One thing I am finally going to do soon is fix the About Page because it’s a jumbled mess!

So now it’s back to business, listening to all types of AOR, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal. Hopefully everyone will enjoy what’s in store as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. A happy, healthy, and safe 2008 to everyone!

—– Steve

9 comments on “Two Year Blog-versary: Still Addicted!

  1. Congratulations on making two years. I try to pop by your site regularly. My comments have gone down lately, but my site hits have gone up considerably so I don’t know what’s going on.

  2. Its just great that you are already 2 years kicking ass with your blog. For me its still the best around because you and me are very alike. We like to buy, we like many of the same metal music etc…and we respect each other like if we were brothers. I am happy you get all those promos and dvd´s to review because like that i will descover new stuff to buy later.
    Thanks steve for the last two years and keep this alive forever.
    HAIL TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Steve! First, congrats on your site’s 2nd anniversary. I come here quite often and it’s always a joy to read your articles. I especially like the ebay madness portion of your site.

    Also, I would like to thank you again for all the support you gave our small project. You don’t know how much it’s appreciated. Thanks to you, we were on the front page of kissonline for the first time back in 2006.

    I want to wish you and your family the best year 2008 possible. And long live Heavy Metal Addiction.


  4. I’ve enjoyed your news topics and Ebay Madness. You’ve introduced me to some cool music (Twisted Christmas!) that I may otherwise have never known about.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your writing in 2008!

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