Weekend Playlist – 1/5/08 & 1/6/08

Here’s what I’ve had playing this weekend:

After Forever – s/t (2007): A great pickup this past week on the hunt! I like the give and take between singer Floor Jansen’s operatic soprano voice and guitarist Sander Gommans death metal growls. Add the choir and atmospheric Metal and you’ve got a great package.

Lordi – The Arockalypse (Special Edition) (2006): I’m digging it! I like KISS and Gwar so Lordi is right up my alley. I’m kicking myself for passing this up for two years.

God Fires Man – A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun (2008): A promo copy of God Fires Man’s new record in stores on 2/19/08. A review is coming…..

Roadkill – God Bless America (2007): Another promo I got late in ’07 that I’ll have a review of soon…..

Primal Fear – New Religion (2007): I have really been enjoying this album, I’m glad I picked it up late in ’07 rather than waiting for the U.S. release in early 2008. Power Metal done with melody…..Ralf Scheepers proves why he is one of the best singers in Metal.

Queen – The Game (1980): One of the most WANTED. I finally got it so I’m listening to it a lot.

Fight – War Of Words (1993): I remember thinking how good this was when it came out and it still holds up today. Rob Halford came out of the ashes of Judas Priest with a great album.

Manowar – Gods Of War (2007): I’ve gotten a lot of email from Manowar fans regarding my placing this album at the #1 slot for The 5 Worst Albums of 2007. I figured I would listen one more time and decide if Manowar truly deserved the crown…..I was right!

3 comments on “Weekend Playlist – 1/5/08 & 1/6/08

  1. Good call on Ralf Scheepers. I was thinking about his early albums with Gamma Ray too recently whilst listening to the new Land Of The Free II album (review up today!). Always enjoyed Primal Fear but haven’t got this new one yet – must put that right!

    Queen – The Game is probably the first Queen album I heard thanks to my Dad having bought it on cassette (I was 9 when it came out!). Decent album but from that late 70s period I prefer “Jazz” nowadays.


  2. When you listen to the last MANOWAR maybe you should just listen to the 9 songs and not to the 6 instrumental/narrated tracks. Thats the way i listen to GODS OF WAR.
    Anyway, some good albums Steve. I like FIGHT debut album too.
    My playlist today(i took a day free from work):
    SACRED STEEL:REBORN IN STEEL(I am going to see them live soon)
    You can see a lot of different music, but all part of our movement. Take careeeeeee.

  3. I hesitated on Lordi for a while, but finally got it last fall and thinks it’s pretty damn good. I’m trying to get their earlier work, but I’m relunctant to pay import prices ($30).

    I agreed with your Manowar review. It was a nice idea, but it’s too much orchestration and not enough metal. The balance was way off.

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