WANTED: Boss – Step On It (1984)



Boss - Step On It (1984)

Boss – Step On It (1984)

I remember opening up either a Circus Magazine or Hit Parader back in grade school and seeing a full-page ad for this album. Not long after, I found a copy of STEP ON IT on vinyl at Good Vibrations…..but never a cassette copy. Back in ’84, I had a turntable but I never picked this record up because there was always something else to buy. I am still fascinated by this album to this day even though I don’t really know much about the band. Boss were from Australia, released the one album on RCA Records, and then some members continued on to record as BB Steal.

This album has never been officially released on CD. There was a CD release on Retrospect Records sometime in 2006 but there was some controversy whether or not it was a legit release with rights obtained from RCA or a bootleg. (NOTE: Retrospect Records is actually a legit reissue label that I have bought from in the past and will continue to in the future.) The vinyl sells on Ebay for around $10 so it’s easy to obtain…..I just need a turntable!


Update – 1/25/08

Metal Mark over at the Heavy Metal Time Machine was nice enough to send me his copy of the Retrospect Records issue. Thanks to Mark for helping me acquire this CD.

9 comments on “WANTED: Boss – Step On It (1984)

  1. I have the Retrospect CD and won it on ebay for a low price. It’s very average really though, think second rate early Def Leppard. The cover is the best thing about it.

  2. I like the cover alright. I don’t know what the back of the lp looks like, but there is a woman standing by a motorcycle on the back of the cd card. That picture is a lot better than the cover.

  3. It’s one of those albums that I remember reading about as a kid and wanting to get but never did. I’ve read countless reviews/comments on this record and it’s not very favorable but it’s an album I’d still like to hear for myself.

    I remember drawing the band logo on my notebooks!

  4. Hi there guys!Yes i would be the first one to admit that the record suffered from a lack of Producer Talent.The songs actually sounded awsome a Demo’s back then,which got us a record deal with RCA.We were kids around the 18 and had know idea about recording back then.We were Railroaded into using morons as Engineers and Producers that equally had know idea,hence the crap sound.Live was a different story and Boss filled Venues across Australia for many years.The band changed it’s name to BB STEAL in late 1988 and is still performing and recording to this day.A Remastered Step On It record will be released,along with On The Edge,Produced by my good friend Phil Collin from Def Leppard.Hope to hear from you all soon.Cheers from Craig Csongrady,BB STEAL Australia.

    • I love this album. Strange games is still one of my favorite songs. Side one has all the killer tracks. I actually bought a MP3 converter to get this album in dig form

  5. Hi All, I’m with Shane I love this album, dug out my LP’s today, what great memories.
    My mates & I use to follow this band around the Sydney pub circuit in the 80’s, now they were the days, Sydney was really pumping in those days, also saw them support Iron Maiden & a few other top liners & held their own! Anyhow the album…..
    Certainly agree not the most polished album in the world, but kick arse drums, great vocals, thrashing guitars, they always pllayed hard & gave their all ( couple of recent int’l acts could learn a thing or two, DP) what more can u ask for, just good Sydney pub rock, “That Woman”, “Kick ass”, good to hear your still active and motivated Craig, miss the band dearly, Sydney just “ain’t the same”


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