Reissue Report: Metal Mind Productions to reissue first two Crimson Glory albums

From Metal Mind Productions:

Metal Mind Productions present re-release of two Crimson Glory albums – the self titled debut album and the follow-up “Transcendence”.

Crimson Glory emerged on the 80’s metal scene as quite a phenomenon, delivering a groundbreaking mixture of glam and power-metal, with a progressive twist to it. Their debut album “Crimson Glory” from 1986 has brought them a huge acclaim from the fans, to whom they would refer to as The Crimson Militia. The album’s success was not surprising – the unique collaboration of heavy, yet melodic guitars, brilliant drumming and amazing vocals brought a true masterpiece onto the prog/metal soil. But the band did not rest after the release of their debut and immediately begun working on a follow-up. And so in 1989 Crimson Glory’s finest achievement was born… “Transcendence” took almost two years to create, but the result was simply astounding. Crimson Glory managed to come up with an album that featured all the unique elements found in the debut and took them to the next level.

Both titles include a bonus track and will be available on the 4th February 2008 in Europe and on 15th April in US (via MVD). Classic material from Roadrunner Records archives in a new digipak edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.

Crimson Glory - s/t

Crimson Glory – s/t (remastered + bonus tracks)
1. Valhalla
2. Dragon Lady
3. Heart of Steel
4. Azrael
5. Mayday
6. Queen of the Masquerade
7. Angels of War
8. Lost Reflections
Bonus track:
9. Dream Dancer
Crimson Glory - Transcendence
Crimson Glory – Transcendence (remastered + bonus tracks)
1. Lady Of Winter
2. Red Sharks
3. Painted Skies
4. Masque Of The Red Death
5. In Dark Places
6. Where Dragons Rule
7. Lonely
8. Burning Bridges
9. Eternal World
10. Transcendence

Bonus track:
11. Lonely (remix)

One comment on “Reissue Report: Metal Mind Productions to reissue first two Crimson Glory albums

  1. I think that METAL BLADE records does better jobs when they rerelease old classics, puting beside the album, demos and even a live dvd(i am thinking about classics by HALLOWS EVE, LIZZY BORDEN, SACRED REICH, FLOTSAM&JETSAM etc..).
    They should have put those two first CRIMSON GLORY albums together with a great dvd with a live concert, video clips etc…I have them on vinyls still and this rereleases are not going to make me buying them again.

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