Weekend Playlist – 1/12/08 & 1/13/08

A lot went on this weekend, mostly football! I was at the Patriots playoff game Saturday night, I’m a 15 year season ticket holder. In between football games, I listened to a lot of music…..

Primal Fear – New Religion (2007): Haven’t tired of this album yet, probably the band’s best to date!

The Donnas – Bitchin’ (2007): This is my first Donnas album and I picked a good one to start with. Sounds like Joan Jett mixed with ’80s Hard Rock and a dash of Punk.

Armory – The Dawn Of Enlightenment (2007): If I expanded my Top 15 of 2007 to twenty albums, this one would make it. Solid Power Metal that compares well to the leaders of the genre. And they’re local guys from Massachusetts!

The Great Kat – Worship Me Or Die! (1987 orig./2007 reissue): I remember reading about The Great Kat back in the Summer before my freshman year of high school, she was supposedly the next big shredder. Well she shreds…..and shreds…..and shreds!

The Great Kat – Beethoven On Speed (1990 orig./2007 reissue): Kat shreds Beethoven…..and shreds…..and shreds!

The Darkness – Permission To Land (2003): Remember the hype on this band? I bought into it and I liked it at the time but it didn’t have the staying power…..time to revisit this to see if it was worth the hype.

Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears (1991): I wanted to hear a great Ozzy album.

Ozzy Osbourne – Ozzmosis (1995): I liked this record when it came out and I still think it’s a good solid album, a notch below No More Tears.

W.A.S.P. – The Neon God (Pt.1): The Rise: I wanted to give this a fresh chance because I thought it sucked when it first came out…..I was right!

Michael Schenker – Thank You 4 (2004): Michael Schenker is one of my favorite guitarists and his Thank You series of acoustic instrumental albums is really great. My youngest daughter was a baby when I bought this from Michael’s website, I used to put this on, press REPEAT, and my daughter would nap until I stopped the CD. I played it and she fell asleep, she’s 4 now!

2 comments on “Weekend Playlist – 1/12/08 & 1/13/08

  1. I like those NEON GOD cd´s too Steve but we can not like always the same stuff lol. THE GREAT KAT was a crazy bitch but knew how to fuck her guitar lol. Love NO MORE TEARS too. OZZMORE was much less but still not bad. I think i need to buy the new THE DONNAS album too. Never liked them but after listening to some samplers on the net, its realy a 80s sounding album.
    HAIL STEVE!!!!

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