Making the List: My project for 2008

I have a lot of CDs but I have no idea how many I actually have. I probably own somewhere between 2500 and 3500 but not having an actual count, and inventory, bothers me. I’m a very anal person when it comes to my music collection, so much so that even my wife thinks I’m crazy!

As many of you have read before, I bought a house and moved in on Halloween 2006. When I was in my apartment, I had three beautiful wood CD cases that showcased my collection. Those cases didn’t fit in my new master bedroom (low ceilings) so they lie on the floor and keep things organized to a point. Before that, my collection resided in the moving boxes.

Everything is organized meticulously so I know where everything is but sometimes the mind fails and I forget what I actually have. The last few times I’ve gone out on CD hunts, I’ve brought my Want List but I didn’t have a “master list” of what I own. I can spend hours in a record store finding hidden treasure but sometimes I forget if I have some of the things I’m finding. I used to have a list that I made in 1998 using Microsoft Works, I updated it everytime I acquired a new album. Unfortunately, that list was deleted and I would have to start from scratch, an ominous task with thousands of albums and so little free time. Nontheless, I have decided to make a “master list” of my collection.

Late in 2006, I purchased the Collectorz Music Collector software and I actually started putting CDs into the database. I’m up to 256, a small fraction of what I have! So I have decided to make this my project for 2008 and my hope is that I will be able to post a full and complete list here at Heavy Metal Addiction.

I’m wondering how many readers out there have done the same thing. How many of you have a list of what albums are in your collection? For those who know how many, let’s hear those totals!

9 comments on “Making the List: My project for 2008

  1. I have no idea how many cds or albums I have. They are not in any order either nor will they ever likely be. I wouldn’t spend the money just for cabinets to put them in. I figure I can find what I need well enough as it is.

  2. I have my LPs and CDs in a database and I remember how difficult it was to get them all in there. I have just over 1300 CDs and just under 4000 LPs/EPs, but I’m dreadfully behind in entering the stuff. It’s a huge task and even keeping up with it is a pain, but when you have a large collection, it’s hard to remember what you have and what you don’t sometimes. It’s a worthwhile endeavor though. At one point, I even exported the database as a spreadsheet and kept it on my PDA so I could look stuff up while at the record store, but the PDA was slow and the spreadsheet wasn’t a good tool for searching something that large. My new hope is to eventually convert from MS Access to MySQL and put it on the web so I can search it from anywhere, but I seem to have thrown some bad characters in there somewhere and the conversion tool doesn’t work. Bummer.

  3. I have started organizing my collection in alphabetical order. It has been a daunting task to do that much, with so many CD’s. I hope to catalog mine as well. I have purchased duplicates on hard to find discs a couple of times, as I forgot that I had somethings.

  4. I have many cds, lps, tapes, picture discs and singles too but i have two books were i have written everything down. For exemple, i can tell you exacly what albums i have for exemple of SAXON(lps, cd´s, tapes etc…) just by looking in the book. I dont have it written on my computer because i am always afraid that something will go wrong with it in a future, thats why i also have everything original, no stupid mp3 and shit like that. Its a very good idea for you to make a master list of everything you have and each time when you buy something, you should write it down.

  5. I’ve finally got my cds onto shelves in the spare room, and got shelf space to sort out my live bootleg collection too. The vinyl lives in the sitting room with the turntable. All tidy and alphabetical now but no list – probably something I’ll do this year when I’m stressed!

  6. I have this software as well and really like it. I have over 4000 cds and it took me months to enter it in. I have a lot of live recordings as well, this is what took the longest to enter in. Since external hard drives are so cheap now, my latest project consists of ripping all the cds to a TB drive. Tons of fun!

  7. My collection resides in bins in the basement. I couldn’t tell you how many I own due to complete lack of organization. I have everything on my iPod (160GB) so that if I’m browsing a store I can quickly reference my ipod (which I have with virtually all the time.

    I’m currently at a little over 13,500 for songs on my ipod, but some of those are downloads (until I can find CD copies).

    One day I shall have it organized … one day.

  8. A bit late to comment here … but I’m using the same software and have reached CD numero 1000 the other day. It’s a real drag, especially since I also indexed my DVDs before getting started on the other silver platters.

    After 1000 I have the feeling I haven’t even started yet.

    I’ll sure as hell need all of 2008 to finish that list … if I ever get around to doing so.


  9. … and putting several 1000 CDs into my PC drive is goin g to kill it, plus a few others I have yet to buy. If I want to submit CDs not in the DB, the CDs need to be read by a PC drive. :/ Stupid.

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