Reissue Report: The Stuff – s/t (1993) possible re-release by band to be “affordable”


A Piece of Indie CD History!

The Stuff - s/t (1993)

You’ve seen the FRENZY on Ebay for original copies of this rare CD. Now is your chance to own a new, high quality, re-issued CD at a bargain price! We’re scrambling to produce enough to keep up with demand, but we’re NOT cutting corners on quality!

With an intro track called “The Hunt” similar to “Ginger Snaps” from Danger Danger on the Screw it! release, you know this one will please all.

Includes some great rockin’ tracks like “Open Season”, “Touch Me”, “Learn By Living” and the massive Dokken like epic closing track “Castaway”. Don’t worry no hair rock indie would be complete without some killer tear jerkin’ ballads like “Someone New” and “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

The vocals, lead and harmony, song writing and the blistering guitar work make this one a must.

Once we produce them the price will be $15 plus shipping!


Works for me! Just like the Surrender CD, this CD by The Stuff has brought a ton of money at auction and the band members took notice. I would always like to have an original CD but when the band puts the effort into reissuing it themselves, you know they care about the music and the fans. $15 is very reasonable no matter what the shipping will be. I’ll pick up a copy.

There are samples at their website for everyone to check out.

—- Steve

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