Picture Perfect: Warrant reunion with Jani Lane

Warrant 2008 with Jani LaneWe all knew it was going to happen again sometime! Warrant has reunited with original vocalist Jani Lane. Now all the original members are back together and Lane is back on the mic replacing Jaime St. James (Black ‘N Blue). I’m not really sure what is going on hear but it’s obvious that the newly reunited original Warrant will be touring because this photo comes courtesy of their booking agent, The William Morris Agency.

I guess this a good thing for Warrant fans, I could care less. I saw the band in the ’80s, I saw the band with Jani Lane on the Poison tour back in ’01 and I wasn’t impressed, especially with Jani. The guy left out in the cold is Jaime St. James. Jaime put in a great performance on Warrant last record, BORN AGAIN (2006), and I was digging the new sound. Now I get to hear ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘I Saw Red’ and how Jani hates singing the “hits”. 

Look out Rocklahoma! Here comes Warrant! And I thought the Pretty Boy Floyd reunion was news, wow! (sarcasm on heavy)


UPDATE – 8/12/2011:

R.I.P. – Jani Lane (1964-2011)

Jani Lane, former lead singer of Warrant, found dead at age 47.

20 comments on “Picture Perfect: Warrant reunion with Jani Lane

  1. I’ll agree with the “I could care less” part. They were pretty lame in their “prime” so they are probably far worse now. The reunion announcements of bad bands will probably just snowball as it gets closer to Rocklahoma.

  2. Shame because i realy liked BORN AGAIN. St. James was great on it and the songs were good too. I even bought the dvd that the band released last year or so playing all the songs of BORN AGAIN and with extras.

  3. Few things are more sad than Jani whining about how much he hated “Cherry Pie” and saying he now wishes he never wrote it. Yup, Jani–you really have hated the lifestyle that song brought you, haven’t ya? Like you, I’m uninterested … I couldn’t care any less about this reunion.

    — david

  4. let me throw my hat in also. warrant sucks. the only reason why they were successful aside from the fact that chicks back then would bang any guy with long blonde hair was the fact that they had that hot chick bobbi brown in their cherry pie video.

  5. This is great news! Say what you want about Warrant, but off all “these” bands, they are the ones that had really good songs. Jani Lane is a real talented song writer. Yes some of his on stage antics and rants have grown tiresome, but the best Warrant songs are the ones you probably never heard on the radio. Dog Eat Dog may be one of my favorite all-time albums, just because the songs rock and there isn’t a track I’ll skip. Hope they play Connecticut!

  6. So you guys don’t care about the reunion eh ? Well big up to y’all. But I wonder if any of you ever saw these guys live ? Probably not because its not your thing. Having seen a copious amount of live metal groups I can honestly say that these guys ROCK to an extreme.
    Yes the Cherry Pie video was an eye catcher but that was far far from the whole deal.
    This news that Warrant are reforming is welcomed by lovers of REAL music, maybe you knockers of Warrant should put your KNOWLEDGE aside and “waste” a night watching this fantastic group live.
    Or if that is too much effort then simply listen to the albums DOG EAT DOG or ULTRAPHOBIC if you still think Warrant are lame then at least you would have opened your minds rather than letting other peoples view influence your views.
    And before any of you point out that ULTRAPHOBIC was made without the full original line up, well….Yeah ! I know that !
    But I am simply pointing out what the group as a fraction could produce, can you imagine just how good the next albums will be now that with maturity and experience and real talent, this fully reformed group will make? I would honestly say….MIND BLOWING

  7. I always liked Warrant best out of all of the 80’s metal groups…Jani is a great songwriter. His talents are best featured on Ultraphobic, as well as various gems on Dog Eat Dog and Cherry Pie. He is also one of my favorite all time rock vocalists. There is a quality in his voice that reminds me of Brad Delp of Boston. I for one am looking forward to the reunion. For those who are open minded enough to have their view on Warrant changed check out these songs from Ultraphobic:
    #1 – Family Picnic (my absolute fav on the disc – the guitars rock)
    #2 – Ultraphobic (just a good song period)
    #3 – Stronger Now (great showcase of Jani’s writing talent and voice on a song he wrote about his break-up with Bobbi Brown)

  8. I always thought they were one of the better crafted 80’s hair bands.
    Granted, ‘Cherry Pie’ didn’t help their credibility much. But I thought they were certainly a lot better than bands like White Lion, Trixter and Firehouse. (Yikes!)

    I’ll admit I haven’t heard any of their material with Jaime St. James on vocals and I’m sure it’s decent. But let’s face it, how much new ground is an 80’s hair band really gonna break in 2008? Especially with new material and without their original singer? …just ask Skid Row.

    At the end of the day, when you’re a musician, you gotta give the fans what they want and I think Jani Lane’s return to Warrant will certainly bring a lot of the old fans back that maybe haven’t followed them in quite a while.

    Good luck, Guys!

  9. Thanks for the write up and posting the pretty picture. But please get your facts straight if you’re going to pose as a journalist. You couldn’t have seen the ‘reunited’ band on tour with Poison 07, because the reunited band hasn’t played live together since 1994. I have always thought it best to be hated or loved musically, the middle ground sucks! See ya on tour this summer with your other favorite bands Cinderella & Lynch Mob. Cheers!

  10. E Rock – Typo fixed. I saw Warrant perform live in ’01 with Poison at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA with Enuff Znuff and Quiet Riot. I also caught that tour in Hartford as well with Dee Snider coming out during the Poison set.

    As far as being a journalist…..I’m not one. I am a music fan with an opinion and I write to express it. I don’t get paid to do it.

    As far as being hated or loved, I agree, there should be no middle ground. When I was in high school, I dug the first album. I do like a few Warrant songs but I prefer different bands. My tastes and opinions though and they don’t jive with many that read this blog.

    And Cinderella and Lynch Mob ARE two of my fave bands from back in the day. If this tour comes anywhere near the RI/MA area, I will attend.


  12. Warrant was the first tape, yes cassette tape, that I owned as a little girl. Heaven was my first favorite song and I still LOVE that song to this day. My question is…if you are so disappointed about the “reunion” why would anyone in their right mind waste their time on this site!?!?! Find something more productive to do with your time (get a job, an education, or a FUCKING LIFE)!!!!!!!!!!! Whinny little bi#*@es!! You’re sick of Jani’s “whining” well I’m sick of yours!! YAY!!! Warrants back!!!!!! :)

  13. Very dissapointed this didn’t all work out with Jani. Warrant went with another singer but was also looking at the singer from Redd Barron. They have similar rock ballads (another broken dream and too good to be forgotten). Would have been good to see him do the warrant songs. Im sure the new singer will be great. Loved him in lynch mob. Get better Jani, we all miss you

  14. Sorry, people please dont email me anymore. For info on redd barron u can search them on youtube. I dont want to respond to all the inquiries. you can see for yourself why they concidered the singer – similar voice

  15. Sorry, people please dont email me anymore. For info just search them on youtube. I dont want to respond to all the inquiries. you can see for yourself why they considered the singer for replacement – similar voice

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