Fury UK – Salvation E.P. (2008)

Fury UK - Salvation (2008)

Fury UK – Salvation E.P. (2008, Rocksector Records)

  1. Salvation
  2. Manslaughter
  3. Lost In Forever

Band Lineup:
Chris Appleton – Vocals & Guitars
Martin McNee – Drums
Adam Cropper – Bass

Total Time = 14:25

Fury UK official website
Fury UK MySpace page
Rocksector Records

If you read my review of Face Of Adversity, Fury UK’s second album, then you know that this Manchester trio plays some serious Heavy Metal influenced by bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC. There’s been a lineup change with mainman Chris Appleton adding Adam Cropper and Martin McNee to the band to shore up the backline but there has been no change in the band’s musical vision.

Right away, ‘Salvation’ kicks things into high gear with an early D’ianno era Maiden influence crossed with Metallica, very NWOBHM. I compared Appleton’s vocal style on FACE OF ADVERSITY to that of Paul D’ianno but there is less of a strain this time around. I think Chris sounds better vocally and he surely shreds like a madman on the solo. New members Cropper and McNee add a solid backbone and the song is really great, a Metal feast. ‘Manslaughter’ is another heavy track that sounds like it came from the NWOBHM. I like that main guitar riff and the backing vocals on the chorus. The drums seem a little higher in the mix and they add a serious power to the song. ‘Lost In Forever’ sounds like a Black Sabbath song with it’s moody bass and subdued guitar until the chorus kicks in and things get heavier. It’s a mid-tempo song until about 3:45 in and it picks up the pace and I realize that it sounds like a Tony Martin-era Sabbath song. I didn’t make a connection before but Appleton’s vocals have a touch of Tony Martin to them as well, Tony is one of my favorites. Great solo again, Fury UK builds around solid guitar work and that will always produce really good songs.

Bottom Line:
Three solid songs with my favorite being the last one, ‘Lost In Forever’. Too bad this isn’t a full length album because I would like to hear more. Guitar work is great, solos fantastic, and the vocals sound better as well. I’d have to really sit back and compare the two albums but I think the bass and drums are heavier on this CD. There’s a rawness, an “in your face” delivery, that really suits the band well. It gives them power and the music reflects that. I’m looking forward to the next full record…..

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