Journey (with Arnel Pineda) – ‘Faithfully’ (video, 2/21/08 – Chile)

Here is the video of ‘Faithfully’, from Journey’s set at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Viña del Mar, Chile on 2/21/08. As you may have heard, Arnel Pineda is the new Journey frontman.

(I thought this was the opening song but it’s actually in the middle of the set. You can see the full show, from YouTube here.)

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  1. Terrible. First of all where did they find that guy? Was he playing in a Journey tribute band? He sounds just like Steve Perry and choosing someone like that just shows they have no interest in doing anything other than cashing in on nostalgia. Second, who opens with a ballad? Anyone with ears should be asleep before they even get going.


    Give the kid guy a break… the reason why the world is in chaos because there are people WHO CANT ACCEPT THINGS THE WAY IT IS… ITS REALITY MAN…. PEOPLE CALL IT TRADEMARK…JOURNEY IS JOURNEY ..IT IS WHERE PEOPLE RELATE…

    I suggest you go to the moon..

  3. Richard, unfortunately, you’re right. Journey is Journey. All these years later, they’re still doing the same dull, corporate crap they were when they were big. Have fun living in the past. I think I’ll go stir up some more chaos, because if anything is going to bring about Armageddon, it’s people like me who don’t want to hear Journey do the same crappy thing they were doing 25 years ago.

  4. bob_vinyl, you are living in the past. The concert is not in the USA. Latin countries love passionate music. It doesn’t matter to them if it starts with “A Whiter Shade of Pale” Maybe you will fall asleep but not them. This shows you don’t have diversity and never been away from where you live. There is a different world out there to explore…more diverse than where you are confined. Every nostalgic band plays their classics in their concerts. Have you watched Chicago, Three Dog Night, Boz Scaggs, etc. Good classic songs are there to stay and are meant to be played over and over again like your vinyls as what you call yourself. Try digital world in the 21st century, maybe you’ll like it. Or maybe, just sit down in your couch, suck a beer and listen to your vinyls and your old tube amp with Steve Perry because he ain’t the same as what he was 20 years ago.

  5. This guy is good and his voice really fits with the band, I think Bob_vynil
    not giving this guy a lot of credit is ridiculous. What does journey have to
    lose for giving this guy a chance? I think they are being resurrected from the
    grave. Bob_vynil, I suggest for your to search more videos of Jorney’s concert in Chile, just watch him perform and watch the crowds reaction.

  6. I don’t even know who this band Journey is until I heard this guy Pineda sing. He stands out by himself nothing personal against Steve Perry who at age of 50 or so can’t have the same dynamics of his young voice now.

  7. to betong:

    If you have a PC to Video Componet box (inexpensive, less tha 100 bucks–by grandtech, etc) connect this between to your computer and stand alone dvd recorder, open you tube, maximize the screen, then record. I hope this helps.


  9. Hey Rich, how am I living in the past when I actually like bands that have done something in the last 25 years. Journey was never great and definitely not important. At this point, they’re a caricature of their boring AOR selves. I keep stressing this on posts like this, but I’ll say it again: If music doesn’t move forward, it ceases to matter. Why do you want to hear the same old thing over and over again for the rest of your life?

    The fact that I think “Faithfully” is a lousy opener isn’t because I’m narrow-minded, but because the song is a bore (more than most of Journey’s crap). The fact that you can get a stadium full of sheep to get excited about the past doesn’t make the music good. Britney Spears and Hannah Montana sell out shows too. Does that make them good? If you say yes, then I know why you like Journey.

  10. Hey Yagut, I’d thank you for the dedication if it wasn’t a crappy Foreigner song.

    You know, I think a lot of people misread my point. It isn’t that I find it awful that Journey has a new singer. It’s that I find it awful that Journey is still around. I can understand how this commercial AOR stuff had its day in the sun, but come on, there’s a lot out there to hear. AOR was the dawn of a dark day for rock n roll where it ceased to break down barriers, where it became safe. Getting caught up in it at the moment is forgivable, but over the years, everyone should have learned better. It’s more pathetic that it’s a new singer, but it’d still be pathetic if it was Steve Perry.

    So, I’m not living in the past, hoping for a “real” Journey reunion. I’m sad to see that so many people are excited about a new singer for a band that had very little rock n roll fire in them 25 or 30 years ago.

  11. bob –i think some people are just racist….if they just heard pineda without seeing he was asian, they’d be impressed; sad that some ppl cannot accept diversity

  12. IBelieve, are you suggesting I’m racist or just that it is a hurdle for Pineda in general? Honestly, I had no idea where he was from. My issue isn’t with him, but with how pathetic it is that Journey continues to live on their past success, by choosing a singer who can do a pretty good Steve Perry imitation. Of course he can sing. The question is the material worth singing? I’m not sure that it was 25 years ago and I’m sure it isn’t now?

  13. Journey is not only Arnel, just listen to Neil’s Guitar, the piano, Bass and drums also, so together make excellent music, also Journey is not living in the past, with Augery made a really good song, listen “a better life”. And with Arnel Im sure will make better, he gives energy to the band!!
    If You dont know much about Journey’s , please dont say anything.

  14. Bob, Maybe to you and the very few the material is not worth singing. Diversity is what we have here. They are now going global as they did not fully penetrated it 25 years ago. But now with the technology, they are far reaching. Good classic songs and power ballads are still revered in other countries just like people here in the U.S. keep listening to the oldies, classics, whatever you may call them. I have to tell you that the most materials are still worth and even maybe more at present. The fact is…even if it is old, the fans still love it and the new older and younger fanbase is growing. I respect your opinion or what you felt about the band but I believe you are not totally right, just see the trend especially outside the U.S. I know the Americans are hard to please and cannot accept the truth sometimes. That is why some artists become popular in Europe first just to penetrate the U.S. market. Jimmy Hendrix has to go to England because most people in America during that time doesn’t believe a black man cannot succeed like most non-black guitar gods. To be honest with you, Europe is more diverse and lesser prejudice. Besides, the group has to re-introduce their classics to the younger generation and these young people liked it. It is just going in cycles–it’s been over 20 years and it is coming back. To a lot of people, their songs are immortal. It is not like MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, or some that it is so hot at first then totally forgotten. Journey is one of the bands that won’t just disappear that quick. It is like a classic movie that people will be playing it over and over again, 20+ years ago, now, and in the coming years.

  15. Rich, now I agree with you about American audiences, because they are subject to the force feed perhaps more than anyone in the world and one look at the UK charts versus the US charts over the last 30-40 years tells quite a story. I also have no problem with bands from the past still having appeal. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Clash, the Who. These bands have generation after generation of fans for a good reason: Their music can be heard in good current bands as well. AOR was never like that. Bands like Journey and Foreigner were good at what they did, but it’s rock lite. It’s watered down for the least common denominator. A few years later, you had Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. In the 90s maybe it would be Stone Temple Pilots and Third Eye Blind. None of these are bad bands, but they define nothing and their influence isn’t felt today, because they never pushed any limits. I’ll give you that Neal Schon is a good guitarist, but he’s doesn’t break a lot of new ground and I never hear his playing in other’s music.

    As far as the younger generation goes, I don’t understand the interest in Journey or the interest in hair metal which also seems to have grown among those too young to remember the first time around. I didn’t understand other kids when I was younger being more interested in classic rock instead of Husker Du or another band that was doing something new. Don’t get me wrong, the past is important and I too like a lot of old bands, but not over the present. I want music to change and move forward and be exciting. I can’t understand why kids would want to join in the nostalgia fest of a bunch of old people.

  16. Bob,

    First of all, this is NOT the opening song. The fact that you keep harping on it really shows your prejudice against Journey, without having seen the start or the rest of the concert. Secondly, there are songs that are such a hit in the past people still want to hear them regardless. Journey recorded a lot of songs before and after “Faithfully” and those are equally good songs, but not as famous, just like any other band who made many songs but has only one hit. Journey BTW has more hits.

    I for one was anxious of how Arnel will eventually pan out. I have been a fan of Journey for a long while, and no, I was not very thrilled about Steve A or JSS. So I was worried that Arnel is going to be just another so-so singer for Journey. Vina del Mar proved that he is THAT good. And yeah, Journey is recording new materials with Arnel, so no, they are not living in the past.


  18. Bob, it’s just a trend and will go away in a few years. A usual cycle that is happening every 20 years or so. These new generation of younger kids are just going with the flow or what is popular at the moment especially a well-advertised flick on the TV. Depending on groups, they are separated by type of bands they usually listen. Nowadays, college kids like Coldplay, and Nirvana when Kurt Cobain was still alive. Very few listen to the worthless rap (IMO). AS for me I am very diverse, I listen to all kinds except rap –from classical to heavy metal depending on my mood that day. I listen to original Bach and Bethooven to Don Dorsey’s electronic version. Hell, there are times that I listen to country music. If the song is well-made, I don’t care wether it’s a new or old group or who singing. I even like Vanessa Mae’s version of the classicals. One of the Rock groups and heavy metal band’s success is spike their heavies with powerful ballads. But keep in mind that if they don’t play musical instrument while performing or know how to play, I don’t really consider them real musicians–talented musicians who can play or know how to play the instruments is the real stuff. You are right about Neal Schon, he is a very good guitarist but he limits himself to his choice of playing. He use to play with other greats like Jan Hammer, HSAS, etc. He can probably play Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker, and Frank Marino styles but he is comfortable with his style and don’t want to go further–he wants to keep his “trademark” if that is what it is being called. Neal is a very diverse person. He is a U.S. Air Force brat and gew up and exposed with people of different background. I can say that Air Force brats are well-mannered like their parents because it is the truth (no disrescpect from other branches of service). Led Zeppelin songs are here to stay forever and so as the immortal “The Beatles”. The only disadvantage of British Bands is… if they are good, it takes them longer to become filthy rich compared to them residing in the U.S. because U.K. tax them so heavily. PEACE!

  19. For people who you don’t like journey…. don’t listen to their music … go to other sites. We want journey music…. they’re timeless. whoaaaaah.

  20. to bob_vinyl:
    I so respect your opinions but there are a lot of people here who likes journey music. I’m 19 years old but I would say that I am now addicted to their music.

  21. bob_vinyl, what’s with the elitist and holier-than-thou because I listen to so and so attitude? Too bad your opinion is in the minority. Keep trolling and think your opinion will matter in people’s lives. The moment they post their reply, they will forget about your so-called change the world music. Who are you to say which music should matter? Music doesn’t have to be a world-changing-mind-altering experience. There’s a reason why Journey’s music is still being listened to and considered classics and bring in new fans–because they connect to the primal feelings of love, longing, and hope among other things. Music can be as simple as that. If you had been open-minded enough to listen past the first song of the embedded Youtube clip, you’d hear that Arnel sounds like Steve P. but not quite–he brings with him his own unique style that people appreciate. Now you called people that listen to the band that they like as sheep. Using that argument, aren’t you then one of the sheep that listens to the music of the bands that you named? You forget that the beauty of freedom of choice is that we choose to pick things we like. Hmmm, seems to me that the 960,000 viewers of one of Arnel’s original Youtube clips, and the 30,000 fans in both concerts in Chile were exercising free will. Have you ever considered that maybe the reason the other kids listened to the other bands and not to Husker Who(?) is that maybe they weren’t odd, you were?

  22. banzai arnel pineda we like you, even if i am japanese i am an asian and you are a representation of us all asian,,,banzai again long live and may you come to japan soon

  23. We may disagree but still let’s rock and roll. People have different taste of music. Like beauty, music is in the ear (eye) of the beholder.

  24. I like the Journey no matter who the lead singer is!!!!!!
    All the band members are superb. They are great!!!
    Just enjoy the music. PEACE

  25. Bob_vinyl,

    Why not shut up and just listen or watch them performing with the crowd on these videos. You are a fuckin racist, maybe you’re just jealous because you don’t know how to sing or whatever because you don’t have talent.

  26. I never moderate the comments but the Journey posts are heating up so I wanted to clarify some things:

    1. My original post said that ‘Faithfully’ was the opener, I had my information wrong and I edited the post to reflect that. I also posted the entire concert in order on the post after.

    2. Keep the responses from being personal. Accusing people of racism and/or other negative comments about another reader will just get the comment deleted and the user banned.


    Heavy Metal Addiction

  27. Let me weigh in on this topic…..

    Let me start off by saying I like Journey and I like AOR. That said, I think that bringing in Arnel Pineda is the WRONG move if Journey wants to move forward as a band with new material. There is no doubt Arnel is talented and has a great voice but it’s also obvious that he is a Steve Perry clone.

    Journey already tried that on ARRIVAL with Steve Augeri on the mic. Augeri sounded very similar to Perry but there was a difference – Perry had more power and range. The good news was they put out three albums worth of material, the bad is that they didn’t sell in the U.S. even with sold-out tours (that I attended).

    The correct move was to keep Jeff Scott Soto and create new material. Schon and Cain have already said that they want to play the music that people enjoy rather than play new music that no one knows. Soto wanted to make new music, an obvious difference in philosophy. They sacked him, much to the outcry of diehard fans who saw the tour with JSS, and tried to entice Perry back in the fold. When that happened, they became a nostalgia act like my beloved KISS and took in Pineda to “give the fans the songs they know”.

    Many people are missing Bob_Vinyl’s point. He is not denying Pineda’s talent, he’s challenging Cain’s, Vallory’s, and Schon’s drive to continue Journey as a band with new ideas/songs and becoming a “greatest hits” act. Obviously, the money is in the old hits, and I can’t blame someone for making more money. It’s just obvious that aside from touring every summer, Journey will live off past glories with a new singer that sounds like the guy that made them famous.

    Personally, if Journey makes an album with Pineda, I will buy it. If they continue to tour without new material, I won’t attend. For the record, I prefer Soto on the mic…..I saw the tour twice.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  28. I have never heard of any Journey songs before i saw them on Youtube with their new guy. I love what I heard and became an instant new fan. I love their music not out of nostalgia so i will never see Journey as a Greatest Hits Band. I guess i will be enjoying Journey’s songs (old and new alike) as manifestations of great talents and great music. Love reigns..!

  29. Bob_vinyl

    15,000 people in the concert cant get wrong.. its in youtube and we see keep ur racist comment to urself and shutup!!!!

  30. Every singer started with someone to idolize (a famous one or not) until one came one day emerging with his/her own evolved style. Even SP have some influences where he started from. The only problem with AP is that it is SP who is one of those he idolized, and it just came too good that it now came his time to be actually be there. I guess nothing would be more difficult than that because there’s a legend who started and came famous with all those songs whom AP will be compared with. These old songs are identified with SP and no one can take that away from him – not even any far out ultimately greater singer. For one, not even a great SP can take away Bon Jovi’s nor Bryan Adam’s identity with their songs . AP surely has a power and phenomenal talent of his own, but one thing is for sure, he isn’t there to battle SP nor take identity of these classic songs. As a matter of fact he is there just to continue and relive the songs and embrace it not just as a fan but now as a legitimate part of Journey until one day they could come up with a new material with which AP will be personally identified with. That of course remains to be seen.

    Having these said I think its best to give both AP & SP a break, they’ve not done us any wrong- in fact best. I want to give credit to all these singers and the group as a whole – I must admit i am pleased with SP, SA and AP but others are please with JS and its not bad, Journey still continue to please fans out there one way or the other. There are millions of fans to please and each with different ideas so no matter what the band does, there will always be one or many opposing something.

    Music is the language of the soul and supposed to be universal , so Kudos as well on this global idea of Journey. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of seeing someday, a band composed of members from different continents of the world (or probably a Martian –hehehe ).

    I have long been a fan of the OPEN ARMS song and had been a singer myself, now I am becoming a fan of the whole JORNEY band and learning to appreciate the other songs as well both SP and AP versions alike. I will definitely buy the new album come its release this summer. Long live journey and their Music.






  32. To all,

    We all love Journey. I would suggest leaving it that way. We don’t need to mention “I’m proud Neal is american like me” or “I’m proud Arnel is filipino like me” and so on. Of course, whatever your origin, you must be proud of it at heart, that’s just natural. But to mention here causes divisiveness. It alienates the africans, the canadians, the malaysians, etc from the universal identity of Journey. PEACE!!!

  33. roy is right. Come on, people, why not enjoy life and listen to great music. Stop this bickering. If we feel we don’t like a person, we don’t need to voice it out, because we might offend those individuals who like and love that person. After all, feelings are relative. What is ugly to one may be beautiful to others. Let us respect each other. You love Journey? Fine. You don’t love Journey? Fine. But don’t go freaking around as if you want to destroy the entire human civilization.

  34. Arnel Pineda introduces Journey to the younger generations globally. I’ve never heard of Journey before, I’m a YouTube addict and this was how I discovered the name of the band, tho’ I’m familiar with few of their songs i.e. open arms and separate ways. This guy gave life to Journey!

  35. Saw them in Planet Holly in Vegas … Great concert – although I noticed that he needs to conserve his voice from their grueling repertoire – although it’s great to hear Dean Castronovo take on a couple of songs while Arnel recoops … Arnel was not going for the high notes in the last few songs they sang … he also went off key in one of the last songs – I think that’s why they had to re-do a couple of songs in the end after the show – they had to call the people to come back in as they were recording this for the DVD release … but overall it was a blast!! The new songs were not so popular yet for many of the audience as they try to absorb it for the first time but the song “Wildest Dreams” should be a kick ass hit!! Can’t wait for the disks to come out in a few months …

    As for me, I also liked SA but never really liked Sotto – saw some of Sotto’s vids with Journey and personally, he can’t really hit those notes and mostly made a mockery of himself – SA was more refined but lacked power though . . . But AP has the range and power and I think Journey will be more successful this time again!!

  36. steve perry man is an icon and a legend and it’s injustice to the man if u put arnel pineda on the same breathe with steve. But you can’t just go home and sleep without noticing the talent of AP. What a voice. And the journey lives on. I’m so excited with the thought of the market they’re trying to penetrate not just in america or europe but man can u fathom the impact of Arnel Pineda to the Asians? Perhaps thats the reason they get AP they’re going global, like the Houston Rockets getting Yao Ming…

  37. rod_mist, you hit the nail right on the head, man. Journey got a great package in arnel: marketing (to new generation, to the Asian market, to the Asian Americans, and even to the old fans– Arnel can sing old Journey songs as you have witnessed). If you want to go global it is hard to ignore Asia. Asia is the biggest market. People say Asia is financially poor– but that is what pushes asia to work harder to earn more money, produce more and sell more products. And do you see that impact of that? Asia is the biggest seller and buyer in the world.
    Journey knows how important Arnel is to them. Arnel, as Kevin Shirley said, is “The Business”. Arnel, as Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon said, is “The Real Deal”. And Dean Castronovo had to vow to Arnel after their show in Chile, indicating that Arnel is indeed the man. And you see how Ross Valory enjoy perfoming with this man? You have never seen a happier Ross Valory on stage. Now look at Ross Valory on stage! Journey are happy on stage with Arnel. Arnel rocks the house and people can’t help it but rock along. This is what Arnel brought to this band.

  38. Proud to see Arnel Pineda together with Journey Band. It’s true they got a good package with Arnel. It’s good that Journey gave him the chance to be in the band. Let’s all support Journey as they go along for the new era. To those who can’t appreciate the band please be nice and be respectful because there are others who will feel hurt by those nasty remarks let’s just be respectful that’s all it counts. Journey is the best no matter who is the lead singer. KUDOS TO JOURNEY!!!!

  39. i am not a hard rock fan nor a journey fan. but i listen to a wide array of music from jazz, disco, to light rock. i watched some of their numbers in the chile concert over youtube but i must admit i didn’t like some of them (too hard rock i guess). i can tell from the video that the audience were not as receptive from the start as well, most likely because the songs the band played were not the popular ones. it was only when they belted the more popular ones did the crowd started getting wild. i listened to ‘faithfully’ ‘open arms’ ‘don’t stop beleiving’ a couple of times and they just keep playing in my head over and over again. i have started to like them a lot. i guess those kind of songs have mass appeal and they should be dissected carefully by the band and tell why. and that’s where journey should focus on without loosing much of their identity.

    there’s no denying the new journey is off to a good start considering the passionate exchange of opinions re AP,SP,JSS, ASS, etc all over the net. i bet its exactly what the band wanted before releasing their new record. they got an asian ‘underdog’ who happens to be very talented and this is generating a lot of posts from them, we all know how big this market segment is, in the u.s. and worlwide. and this will have a wide ripple-effect on the market. whoever thought of this must be a genius! now, if only they can get their creative juices flowing towards the RIGHT song directions…

  40. I love ur voice and ur new songs journey is for you Arnel Pineda u are the one. Hanep ka chong ang lupit mo isang simpleng vocalista ngayon pang international na sana d ka mag bago para d ka pag sawaan. You are so cool Arnel………………………………….

  41. I agree with Rogan and the others regarding the market potential. All this controversy regarding Arnel is generating a lot of curiosity. This day and age with so many talents competing and so many types of media available to the masses a band/aritst that can generate so much attention has already won half of the battle. Like Rogan said whoever thought of it must be a genius from a marketing standpoint. Only thing remains is for Journey to capitalize on this momentum by releasing new material that will appeal to the newer generation.

  42. Truly, Journey is one of the best and Arnel is one of the greatest.
    More power to you guys, and to you Arnel… a blessing to always count on, so please don’t forget to pray and be thankful to the only one up there who gave you the gift to sing.

  43. I like hearing the band journey with arnel moving on to their new album..although i only heard their one song open arms a long time ago… its great and nice decision to have arnel in your band…I hope that anybody will not make bad comments but instead you must learn to know what music really is…it’s about rhythm and a gift..and it is for everyone…

  44. Bob’s holier than thou attitude irks me a lot, heard it a lot, sanctimonious claptrap and a foolish argument, my music is better than your music etc.

    The reason this music is still popular today Bob, is the quality of the songs.

    Mention bands like Def Leppard, Foreigner, etc and you will find most people can not only name some of their songs but sing them to you.

    Caan you say the same about bands such as Husker Du, etc…

    Have you ever been to a Journey concert Bob? It is almost a religious experience, it really is an awesome sight to look at the audience and see 1000’s of people connecting with each other and the band and singing the songs.

    I’ll take that over some introspective band playing in a cold hall to one man and his dog……

  45. I just pains me to know that there are people like Bob_vinyl who act like they can impose their personal standards and preferences to other people. Bob, don’t you realize that some of your favorite foods can be considered junk by other people? Some of the books you like to read and some of the internet sites you want to visit may be considered trash by others? The same is true with music…..your favorites my be horrible for other people. THAT IS NORMAL. EACH ONE HAS HIS/HER OWN PREFERENCE/S. THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE IS SIMPLY EVERYBODY’S RIGHT. YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE OR JUDGE SOMEBODY JUST BECAUSE HE/SHE HAS DIFFERENT PREFERENCES. You don’t have the right to say something is bad simply because you don’t like it. You need to respect other people’s preferences.

    In short, if you don’t want the food–don’t eat it; if you don’t want the book–don’t read it; if you don’t want the music–don’t listen to it. BUT NEVER IMPOSE YOUR PERSONAL WANTS AND PREFERENCES TO OTHER PEOPLE. PERIOD!

  46. Personally, I believe that Arnel is God’s gift to this crazy world that we live in right now. It’s interesting just to read about how he grew up, how he’s humble and respectful, how he just wants to sing. And to watch him in YouTube with his renditions of these great ballads and rock songs, well, it’s just too uncanny. It gives me chills and how often have I heard this from other people. Then to see him in those videos in Chile when he’s singing “Faithfully” and “Open Arms” with his eyes closed, he’s like in another world or something. And then the few times that he opens his eyes, he looks like he’s been hypnotized. To tell you the truth, I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t go to church or even consider myself religious but gosh, he has a hold on me. Could it be that maybe God is working his mysterious ways thru Arnel? Hmmm…..

  47. Journey has always been my all time band. I am absolutely greatful that they are back. Thanks to Arnel Pineda for having being blessed with a great voice. He is a true talent and is humble too. Journey’s songs and type of music just gets into your soul and makes you feel good. Bands today doesn’t do that for many people. They come out with a hit or two and you never hear from them again. Journey however, lives on with many great hits and albums. More power to them as they continue to make new songs. They have made thousands of people go back to their roots of music of the good old 70’s and 80’s and bring along new age group. No other band have done that. I too love BonJovi, Heart, Aerosmith, Byan Adams and more…and their songs also are here to stay. Listening to Arnel cover these bands were just amazing. He has a great voice. His intention has never been to replace Steve Perry who I think is phenominal. Arnel idolizes the guy…Arnel too enjoys his music like the rest of us and if he brings the fire back to Journey, why not? He is having a great time and he and the rest of the Journey band are making a lot of people very happy and excited. There hasn’t been a great concert out there in the last 20 years that create this kind of effect on people….Jouney continues to move on with new fans and its getting bigger everyday. They are on a Journey and they have taken me with them. I am excited about their new album and new songs…To all the fans out there ENJOY THE “JOURNEY”

  48. What I can’t understand is this: Why people are still comparing AP to SP when AP doesn’t sound like SP. AP sounds like Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams!!! Just listen to the new song “Never Walk Away”. So I expect the band to come up with NEW materials which are mixture of Bon Jovi-like and Journey-like songs. I think the band is giving us a good treat!!! Journey even sounds more like Def Leffard with AP fronting them!!! Id like to think that Journey is now the melting point of some of the bands!!

  49. Frankly, I’m just amazed of what he can do w/ his voice. Call him mimic, imitator, clone, whatever. The fact that he can sound like any of these great rockers is pretty freakin’ amazing enough. When I thought I knew what his true singing voice was, he sends me for a another loop. Check him out in AATY. Who’s voice is that? No one that I’ve ever heard.
    I tell you one thing, he sounds pretty damn awesome.

  50. Don’t be too hard on bob_vinyl. I too was rolling my eyes and thinking ‘here we go again another Perry clone’. Not until I heard the newbies AATY and NWA , I realized that Pineda’s voice is different from Perry. This is so evident on the 30 secs clips of the re-records of the GH. Perry does not have Pineda’s KICK or Ummph. IMO, they should tour less and try to record new material to take advantage of Pineda’s voice. Remember, he is not a kid anymore at 40 and Journey’s catalog takes a toll on anybody’s voicebox. I wish Journey well.

  51. Actually, comparing the two is not at all fair because the technology we have now is far more advanced than that of the 80’s. And it is AP’s advantage. But boy even if AP sings a cappella, you can feel the goosebumps!

  52. bob_vinyl i think ur just being ignorant fucking redneck who cant accept things as it is… if dont like journey??? then stop listening and stop watching journey clips simple as that..full stop and stop arguin coz it just making you look like a fool thats keep on and on and on bout it how journey is this and that… my advise to you is get life get a job and get gf/or wife perhaps that can take care of youfor the long years to come coz it seems to me u have a mental issue(hahahah).nway im no journey fans but when i heared heared it in australia bout new journeys lead singer i had to check it out and boy oh boy he can really sings and he really puts alot of emotions when he sings it…wish you all teh best journey in your journey to more success………

  53. perry’s gone! he’s gone! let’s all move on, shall we? would you rather lose the songs or the original singer?
    i still want to experience listening to those classics being sung live by somebody capable and lose myself in the songs.
    perry’s great but pineda’s awesome!
    let’s just continue supporting the band!

  54. Arnel IS a gift of GOD…his way to Journey is predestine and I give my prayer to god that music genius like Neal Schon had the eyes (and hear) to pick the diamond from the rough…imagine, Journey fans, if some other group has picked Arnel (like Boston, for example). I’m not crazy about Boston music, but if they picked Arnel, then I might have to be a convert so I can enjoy Arnel’s singing live on stage!

  55. Arnel is awesome. The similarities between Steve Perry’s voice and his is simply amazing. There is a video on youtube with only pictures that has “don’t stop believing” remixed with both of the singers. There are times where you can barely tell the difference. Hell, I couldn’t tell at all in some parts. The only reason people are so spiteful towards Arnel is because he is Philipino. People just do not like it when there is a change of this nature. Journey is the all-American band and they have made a huge change by hiring a Philipino. This is bad news for all of the closet racists out there. Oh well, cry and then get over it. Arnel was the best choice for this band and his voice is, again, simply amazing. @Bob, when bands like Journey change their style of music and vocals, they fail. There are very few bands that can do this. I don’t see you crying for Aerosmith to change. Maybe you’ll cry if Aerosmith hires a black lead singer that sounds just like Steve Tyler.

  56. Bob_vinyl go to walmart and pay $11.88 and listen to new music from Journey and voice of Arnel, they do make new music and all the songs are amazing, I appreciate other’s talents. If I can’t be talent like them I won’t put them down. Once the fans know the songs next tour around they will perform more of new songs.

  57. yes bob is one of the people who has crab mentality,hey guiy if u cant sing better than arnel will u shut up and go to ur steve perry and ask him to sing with ya,,ya jerk

  58. can steve perry sings like arnel? can he sing like survivor,sting,led zeppelin,heart,queen,aerosmith? and some well known band? wake up bob u should go to moon,arnel is energetic singer while perry sings like a robot..

  59. Absolutely terrible! for a filipino who can sing like steve perry…..i’m really proud of you Mr. Arnel Pineda, you’re truly an inspiration..KUDOS to all filipino talents!!!!

  60. After 2 years and much being said about Arnel Pineda of Journey, now the second album is at the works. The first tour Arnel Pneda with Journey was a success. See the list of concerts they had perform in different countries for 2 years as proof. Iam sure this Bob_Vynil followed Journey’s progress too.

  61. The singer is incredible. If they had found another voice, very unique, the audiance would have boo’ed him off the stage. Instead 1000’s roar approval. So the dorks who want purity just make me want to puke. Why? Because Journey has “a sound”. And Pineda is one of the few voices on earth who can successfully sing this lead vocally so concert goers are more than just happy. Their worries went away the moment he soars that high note and easily does the run down effortlessly. So they let him know by their response that he had “faithfully” sang it the way they hear it in their heads.

    The sniping is from people who want to be important in some meager way when in
    real life thay probably sell shoes or bag groceries and drive a 13 year old Honda Civic.

  62. There has never been a voice like steve perry till now. Journey wanted to continue but perry couldn’t. Not only does arnel sing with the same heart as perry his story is about dreams. I’m so glad they found him so their wonderful whole hearted music could continue

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