WANTED: Mad Margritt – Cold Sweat (1997)



Mad Margritt - Cold Sweat (1997)

Mad Margritt – Cold Sweat (1997, Rock Hard Records)

I came across an ad for COLD SWEAT in a fanzine back in the late Summer of 1997. I knew nothing about Mad Margritt, never heard their music, but I wanted to pick this album up based on the album cover. Black & white newsprint didn’t do the cover justice but I figured that an image like that was inspired by the Hard Rock music from a decade earlier. Two months later, and I got a dial-up connection to the Web via AOL and I looked for more info on Mad Margritt. Based on the positive reviews I read, I decided to pick this CD up.

My first encounter with the CD was on this new site I discovered called Ebay. There was a copy of it at auction but I was unfamiliar with Ebay and afraid that I would pay way too much, I passed. My second encounter with COLD SWEAT was at my favorite record store in Warwick, RI…..2 Guys Music. I found a single copy of this on CD but it was $25! Even though the band was from the U.S., the album was priced as an import because it was a limited independent release. I passed on it and I went back for it the next weekend…..gone! There have been many scenarios like this over the years: see an album you want, pass because of the price, and it’s gone by the next trip. That’s why I just buy it now because I’m afraid CDs like this won’t be there the next time around.

So I’m still on the hunt and I still haven’t picked up a Mad Margritt CD yet. The band has released three albums since COLD SWEAT and they have a website and MySpace page to preview songs and buy CDs. I just haven’t gotten around to it, I want to start from the beginning…..


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