I just lost a brand new CD!

Seriously! I know it seems a little odd to post something like this but I had a CD come in the mail over the weekend that I won from Ebay and now its gone!

Night Sun – Mournin’ (1972)

It’s a rare album, especially on CD, and I paid a couple extra bucks for it. I just went to grab it to pop it in and its not with the other new CDs. I went through all the trash with plastic gloves, checked the laundry and I’ve gone thru the cars. I’m starting room by room and looking systematically.

I’ve never lost a CD……until now! If you see it, let me know!


6 comments on “I just lost a brand new CD!

  1. Mike – Dude, first place I checked. Behind the couch, in the couch, under the cushions…..

    Mark – Thanks, me too.

    Volkher – I’ve read that article. While I am obsessive and I just went thru all the bags of trash, I will give up the search and find another copy. It’s just the point.

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  3. I wish i had that CD. how dare you loose it. Good look finding it. ill get it one day. lol when i went to see them they were selling cd’s i couldnt afford it. :(

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