Update on the missing CD

I haven’t found it.

I cleaned every room in the house, top to bottom, in the last 24 hrs. I checked every crack, crevice, and crease of the furniture. I looked in every drawer, looked in every bag. I went to the basement and checked all the laundry. I looked in both cars, the garage, and the fireplace.

Its not in the house.

I missed the trash pickup Monday AM so my crowning moment was sifting thru four bags of trash on the kitchen floor yesterday evening and I couldn’t find it. Then again, I was in a form of hysteria/haze.

There are many things in this world that are way more important than this Night Sun disc. The odds are that I will find another one and I will buy it. It’s just the point – I had it and now its gone.

The last place I looked at it was at my desk in the master bedroom. The last place my wife saw it was on our kitchen table over the weekend. The thought is that it went out into the trash with the Sunday newspaper. It’s the logical choice.

My wife just emailed me from work and she is going to go thru all the trash again after the kids go to bed. My oldest daughter told her the story of how “daddy was on his hands and knees looking thru the trash for his new CD and it was gross”. My wife has taken pity on me and will join the search.

This happens all the time: I put my wallet down somewhere and I panic. My car keys, cell phone, the checkbook…..even the remote! That is why I put things in the same spot and get upset when they are moved.

I have never lost a CD, they are like my private treasures that I don’t let anyone touch. I have an obsessive compulsion about my music collection, can any of you tell?

So has this ever happened to any of you?

4 comments on “Update on the missing CD

  1. No, this never happend to me Steve and i am sorry that this happend to you knowing how much you love your cd´s. Still, it was a very nice read. I like this personal posts of you Steve, the ones when you go to the record store and you talk about how you walk in, the moves you make etc….those posts are my fave of your blok. This post was nice too because it was a realy personal and cool post. Keep them coming sTeve but dont loose more cd´s ha ha ha. Take careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. Oh man that is a bitch. I can’t think of any CD’s I’ve lost (Mind you, I have been looking for my copy of Kermit Unpigged that my wife was listening to. It’s actually a fun CD.)

    I get pretty protective of my collection as well.

    Have you sold any CD’s since you got it? My buddie accidently sold a loner cd from his Uncle in Law with his own cd’s.

    Good luck, It’ll probably show up after you get another copy. That’s fate.

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