Missing Night Sun CD – Day 3

The search continues into Day 3.

While I was at work last night, my wife went through the garbage again to see if it was thrown away. She didn’t find it but she went back out this morning and checked again. Now that’s a woman! Even she is stumped.

I have looked everywhere and I can’t find it. My thinking is that it was put in something that was put away. If it’s not in the trash, it has to be in the house because my CDs do not leave home. I have no one to lend them to, and I wouldn’t anyway, that’s what a burner is for. I have no CD player in the car and I have only been to work and home.

It’s somewhere. Somewhere taunting me because it’s probably in plain sight. The search continues!

4 comments on “Missing Night Sun CD – Day 3

  1. I had a Slik Helvetica disc that I couldn’t find for like a year. I didn’t look that hard for it though at first. It was a promo in one of those thin plastic slip pockets. Eventually I found it because it had fallen into a bag with some old hats.

  2. yep – this happens to me frequently.

    there are typically two places i end up looking. first, the back of my cars – i usually at some point have to scramble to clear out space in the front passenger seat and everything goes into boxes that i have in the back. second – i often mistakenly put a CD in the wrong jewel case.

    good luck finding your CD!

  3. Shit Steve, that cd is a bitch lol. Anyway, better for people like me because like this we can nicely read updated posts. Still i hope you will find it soon, maybe at day 6.

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