What’s coming up?

I have a schedule for the upcoming week, I just hope I can keep to it. Work has been a bitch lately and things at home have been hectic with the flu making the rounds from my kids, to my wife, to me finally. Allergy season has started early for me, probably due to all the dust I shook up looking for the Night Sun CD. When I get my allergies, my head hurts and my sinuses get stuffed and it becomes exhausting to even breathe. I take prescription medication, and it helps, but the side effect is drowsiness. Between my Rx and NyQuil, I have been in a state of sleep for close to two weeks! Not much has gotten done music wise…..

I have piles of albums to listen to: new purchases and band submissions. It’s getting hard to find the time to go through them all and give proper listens but I have benn able to listen to some of them. Here’s what I have planned for the week (in no particular order)…..

  • Current Playlist & Shuffle (which will now be called the Metal Mixtape)
  • a new WANTED
  • Bangkok Five album review
  • Black Tide album review
  • Helix album review
  • a new CD Scavenger Hunt

I might throw something else in if I can find some energy.

— Steve

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