Metal Mixtape – 3/30/08

As sick as I have been, I went to bed relatively early thanks to a combination of NyQuil, Chinese food, and the kids falling asleep early. Of course, early to bed means early to rise and I was up promptly at 8am! So much for sleeping in. I got up and sat in front of the CDs and started spinning different songs…..

Whitesnake – ‘Slide It In’ (1984): Everyone forgets that Whitesnake made albums before 1987! SLIDE IT IN is a great album and the title track still gets airplay on the local Rock station.

Motley Crue – ‘Too Young To Fall In Love’ (1983): I remember the video for this song, the guys fighting a gang of ninja-types in a ragtag “Chinatown” setting. It was cool back then and the song is still one of my favorites.

Fastway – ‘Say What You Will’ (1983): Saw the tail end of the video on VH-1 Classic the other day. I remember the hype on this when the band was in the studio, Fastway was supposed to set the world on fire! I always liked Dave King’s vocals.

W.A.S.P. – ‘L.O.V.E. Machine’ (1984): I pulled out the first W.A.S.P. album so I could play the whole thing later but I needed a teaser track to get back into the band. I’m still not happy with the two NEON GOD albums and I haven’t listened to DOMINATOR yet so I’m hoping some old school will get me going.

Helix – ‘Rock You’ (1984): “Gimme an R…..” This is an anthem if I ever heard it. I miss fun Hard Rock like this.

Judas Priest – ‘Locked In’ (1986): I always like the TURBO album because I worshipped at the altar of Priest in the ’80s. There are some good songs and some bad but I always thought ‘Locked In’ was the best song off the album. It was the first single too even though most people think it was ‘Turbo Lover’, which went higher on the charts.

Rainbow – ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ (1979): DOWN TO EARTH is my favorite Rainbow record because of Graham Bonnett’s awesome voice. This is a catchy single that is so unlike where Rainbow was with Dio. To this day I have to remind myself that this is a Rainbow song.

Impellitteri – ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ (1988): I had to compare this version to the original and I still prefer the original. Graham Bonnett is at the mic here too, probably the reason for it’s inclusion, but I just never dug Chris Impellitteri’s guitar heroics.

Dream Theater – ‘Pull Me Under’ (1992): Hard to believe that this came out in ’92 and it’s still Dream Theater’s highest charting tune. This band has consistently put out high quality records and is still signed to a major label (Elektra). Heard this the other day on the radio, this was a big tune here in Rhode Island back in the day.

Y&T – ‘Don’t Stop Runnin’ (1984): I’ve been on a Y&T buying spree lately and I saw this video the other night on VH-1 Classic. I hadn’t heard the song in years but I still knew all the words.

Sammy Hagar – ‘Mas Tequila’ (1999): Sammy always puts out fun tunes and this one is no exception. BTW, the Cabo Wabo Tequila is damn good! If I was off today, I’d have a drink or two!

Sammy Hagar – ‘Both Sides Now’ (1997): I got in the mood for more Sammy after ‘Mas Tequila’ so I went to the MARCHING TO MARS album for this single. “Both Sides now’ got a ton of airplay here in RI and this would have been a great Van Halen song.

6 comments on “Metal Mixtape – 3/30/08

  1. >> Rainbow – ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ (1979)

    I got that for my birthday when it came out (my birthday is in August and I distinctly remember that it was released around that time … plus minus 4 to 6 weeks? … in Denmark where I lived at the time).

    Upon first listen I thought it was crap, especially because we hard rock fans did not go for “pop” at that time … and today I feel much like you do: Bonnet was an excellent singer (I checked a few videos recently on youtube and he is, unfortunately) only a shadow of his former self.

    I saw the tour that time and they put on a good show (although one of two that I saw sucked because of Blackmore throwing some odd tantrum again).

    I bought the only compilation the other month that has some decent sonics, the problem being that as far as I know each and every release of any Rainbow album or remaster sucks, sound-wise. Pity.

    >> Whitesnake – ‘Slide It In’ (1984)

    The Whitesnake album is a good one, but my fave is the outrageously macho (hence:stupid (lyrics)) “Come an’ Get It”. I just LOVE “Wine, Women & Song” and, especially “Girl” with that infectious groove. Call me stupid, but it’s one of my all-time favorite albums. Also that one sounds like shite (I heard a Japanese edition might be better, but I’ve given up).

    CD mastering just ain’t what it used to be … was it ever for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal?

    Maybe you should write a post discussing some decent to great-sounding releases/remasters of 70s/80s and 90s stuff that many people might not be aware of (the Deep Purple Box – “Listen, Learn, Read On” – comes to mind? Great stuff, nice compilation, good sound. Etc.


    I’m two hours past my bedtime here. ZZzzzzzz

  2. I have to agree, the remastering on some of these re-releases is total crap. The thing is that they put the bonus tracks and B-sides on there to entice you to buy and then they sound horrid. A lot of times I keep the original releases and pick up the remasters for the bonuses. Good thing because Polygram killed the KISS, Scorpions, and Rush catalogs with terrible remasters. Another shit job was the WASP releases back in ’98 or ’99, they sound awful. Sad thing is I needed cash and I sold my original Capitol pressings. I’m currently searching for them again. Usually the Japanese remasters are superior.

  3. I remember buying Turbo when it was released and being it shock over how bad it was. My opinion on it has not changed over the years even though I have given I play it every so often just to be sure.

  4. ‘Rock You’. What a great anthem! I heard this a few years ago for the first time thanks to XM Radio’s The Boneyard.

    ‘Slide It In’ is another classic song, I actually don’t own any WS pre-’87, but I’ve been meaning to get my hands on some of the earlier works. I have heard a few tracks here and there though.

  5. Mark – The problem with TURBO is that the synthesized guitars are way too overblown. I’ve heard live versions of ‘Locked In’ and ‘Turbo Lover’ that are excellent. My guilty pleasure on this one is ‘Private Property’.

    Misfit – Run to you local store and track down a copy of SLIDE IT IN, it’s essential to any collection.

    Rene – Feeling good now bro!

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