What’s coming this week…..

Holy smoke! Did anyone notice that I kept an actual schedule and wrote 13 posts? If I keep this up then more content gets added, readership goes up, more promos get sent in, I fall behind…..it’s a vicious circle but it’s fun as hell!

I’m going to try and keep up my momentum so here’s what happening this week:

  • Current playlist
  • Metal Mixtape
  • another album that’s WANTED, maybe two
  • Wicked Stick album review
  • American Speedway album review
  • Lana Lane album review
  • The Sword album review
  • Ebay Madness
  • CD Scavenger Hunt

I was going to post a Hunt this past week but I wanted to wait until my Ebay and Online purchases came through. They should all be here this week plus there are some new releases coming Tuesday. I would also like to get the new Anvil and the Tank box set reviewed but time has to be on my side.

Just a heads up…..the Whitesnake banner in the upper right corner is a link to the Amazon pre-order for GOOD TO BE BAD. This is the limited edition 2 CD version coming 4/22 and it’s only $9.99 in the U.S.! I figured it would be a cool thing for many of you to check out.


— Steve

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