Ebay Madness – Black Death vinyl LP with bonus EP (1984) for $172.50

Black Death – s/t vinyl LP (1984, Auburn Records), with bonus EP, sells for $172.50

Seller – valveater
Starting Price = $9.99
Bids = 39 

Here is the item description from the auction:
Black Death’s classic LP plus the bonus EP including “Here Comes the Wrecking Crew” and “Retribution” on Auburn records 1984.  Black Death was a Cleveland-based Metal band produced by the legendary Bill Peters and is notable for being the first all African-American heavy metal band.  The LP cuts are:

Night of the Living Death
The Hunger
When Tear Run Red
Fear No Evil
The Scream of the Iron Messiah
Black Death

Personnel: Siki Spacek, Darrell Harris, Greg Hicks, Phil Bullard

The jacket has light wear.  The vinyl is excellent with a few light surface marks.  The LP does not have a sleeve. This album is a historical milestone in metal, but was produced in very limited quantities mostly for the local market and is thus very rare.  Get it now while you can!

This was an auction that I was watching very closely. I have started to make a list of rare Metal albums that were only released on vinyl and Black Death have been high on the list. Auburn Records is supposed to have a CD reissue of this album, the EP, and bonus material but it has been delayed for almost two years. Supposedly it’s the next Auburn release but I’m not sure of the timetable.

I’ve seen this record go for $75+ twice without the EP twice in the last year but I didn’t have the extra money to throw around. This time I had $100 marked for online purchases and I was going to pool it for the album. Unfortunately, some bidders on this auction kept bidding the price up. These people had very low feedback (between 0 – 2) so I figure they were really new to Ebay or shill bidders. Either way, the winner is a collector but he had to pay through the nose.

More info on Black Death can be found at Auburn Records, BNR Metal Pages, Encyclopedia Metallum, and The Corroseum. You can listen to the record in RealAudio at Vibrations Of Doom.

9 comments on “Ebay Madness – Black Death vinyl LP with bonus EP (1984) for $172.50

  1. I have this on vinyl with the ep. I bought it many years ago, maybe in 1990 or 91 and didnt pay a lot for it at all. Pure US METAL that i love so much. One of my fave all black guys members band together with SOUND BARRIER and STONE VENGEANCE.

  2. Mark – I’ve been in contact with Bill from Auburn for a couple of years about this release. I’m sure he’s sick of my emails asking about the reissue, LOL!

    Rene – If you ever see this over there, grab me a copy and I will send you the money!

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  4. i remember when this came out – it was in our local rock music shop but nobody could take it seriously. eventually my friend bought it. i then spent the next 23 years trying to find the bloody thing. i actually really like it, especially the ballad, which is shocking as i am normally not a fan of ballads. evil heavy metal with true soul. there may be a connection between Black Death and the late 70’s rock band simply named Death, which were also all black and from Cleveland. happy hunting!

  5. Funny story about this LP. Back in 92 or 93 a guy had a bunch of old 80’s metal records at work. A friend and I were about 14 and he gave them all to us. There were a bunch of Metallica and ozzy, sabbath, maiden, venom, and all kinds of other stuff. Then we stumbled upon this record and we laughed at it and how cheesy it looked, so we fought over the other stuff and threw it aside. My friend wanted to smash the LP for fun with a sledge hammer but I said no I want it. After awhile down the road I was big into collecting Misfits/Samhain vinyls and began talking to a guy that collected old school metal LP’s. anyways i told him about the Black Death LP and he nearly shit! He gave me a hundred dollars for it immediately. I kind of wish i still had it though but I guess it meant more to him.

  6. Hello bangers! This is Greg Hicks of black death telling you that Bill Peters WILL be putting out the CD in summer 2009 (we are told), and get this, WE ARE BACK!! On the Attack!, streetwalkin’ and breaking the chains of hell, once again! Check out our OFFICIAL MYSPACE at myspace.com/blackdeathcleveland .
    We will be doing a memorial show for Phil Bullard (R.I.P), who passed away in 2008. The CD is supposed to be released the same day as the show in Summer 2009 Cleveland, Ohio. Visit us at: at myspace.com/blackdeathcleveland .

    Until we Rock!

    Greg Hicks

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