The 2007 Awards now online

Since I went online in the Fall of 1998, has been my first stop everyday for updates and news on many of the bands I grew up with. Melodicrock covers it all: AOR, Hard Rock, Metal, Melodic Rock, and Modern Rock…..anything and everything I need to know is usually there.

The best part of the year is when Andrew posts his end of the year awards. Unfortunately, this year’s awards were delayed but not forgotten, they were posted online yesterday (Wed. 4/9). Andrew always has great diversity in his picks and there are always some surprises. Read The 2007 Awards now.


3 comments on “The 2007 Awards now online

  1. I looked at the TOP 2007 but dont realy agree. Anyway, we are all different and i understand the guy is more into hard rock and just rock and we are more into metal.

  2. Rene – I go to and first everytime for the latest in news, both sites do a great job in covering many different areas of hard music. I don’t agree with all of Andrew’s picks but I pay attention because he always has something up there I missed. I’ll look at his list and pick up a few things I didn’t get the first time around. I’ll check out the Loverboy album just to see if it’s worthy of #1 but I have heard good things on Eden’s Curse. Remember, Andrew is heavy into AOR, Melodic Rock, and Hard Rock but he sprinkles in the Metal.

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