American Speedway – Ship Of Fools (2008)

American Speedway – Ship Of Fools (2008, Prophase Music)

  1. Ship Of Fools
  2. American Speedway
  3. One Foot In, One Foot Out
  4. Far Behind
  5. Drinkin’ And Drivin’
  6. Cocaine
  7. Don’t Tread On Me
  8. Make Some Noise
  9. No Control
  10. Same Old, Same Old

Band Lineup:
Michael Thursby Speedway – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Johnny Griswold – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Billy Angry – Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Callahan – Drums

Total Time = 31:08

American Speedway official website
American Speedway MySpace page
Prophase Music

American Speedway hail from Philadelphia, PA and they play “high-energy, Kick ass Rock ‘n Roll”. Sounds good! Isn’t that what Rock ‘N Roll is all about?

So I put this album on having no idea what to expect and what comes blowing out of my speakers is one high-powered, angry, Motorhead styled assault! The opening of ‘Ship Of Fools’ is pure Motorhead with an AC/DC edge. Guitar blazing, cymbals crashing, the track screams irreverance. ‘American Speedway’ is a total Punk blitz while ‘One Foot In, One Foot Out’ continues the Lemmy worship. This is as far as I get…..

I could go through each track individually but I would be saying the same thing over and over again: “Motorhead meets AC/DC with and extra dose of Punk”. And that is really what the band, and the record, sounds like! Every track is high energy, every track has solid guitar, and that distorted and contorted voice. The comparisons can’t be overstated because they are obvious…..OK, I’ll add Nashville Pussy in for good measure but they have a Southern Rock flair to them as well.

Bottom Line:
Motorhead + AC/DC + Punk Rock = American Speedway

It’s not the most original music ever written but it is satisfying 3 chord Rock that tears it up with power, speed, anger, and sweat. The band plays with absolute fury – the rhythm section is a solid backbone, the guitar is driving, and the vocals are coarse and hoarse. I’ve heard it all before but it never seems to get old! Favorite songs here: ‘Ship Of Fools’, ‘American Speedway’, ‘No Control’ and the Lemmy-ish ‘Same Old, Same Old’.


5 comments on “American Speedway – Ship Of Fools (2008)

  1. I just heard these guys again on Sirius and they remind me an awful lot of Gang Green. While it doesn’t make them very original, it does make them fairly fun.

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